Weekend Recap: Work Baby Shower and Nursery Time

Weekend Recap: Work Baby Shower and Nursery Time

What a great weekend! (I know I say that a lot, but it takes a lot of not-great to ruin two days with my people off of work!).

When I walked into work Friday, I saw this ADORABLE set up waiting for our work shower. I wish I had gotten a pic of the table covered in gifts, but I mean, how stinking cute is this carnival table?

My coworkers don’t do anything small. We are GO BIG people. So this baby shower was no exception. Following the carnival theme, we had homemade cotton candy. Mark was spinning it up!

We had a great lunch with fun carnival foods and then opened gifts. After working for 4 years with most of these people, they know me. Got lots of practical things, but also some sequined bows. 🙂

So thankful for them, and to have another group of people anxiously awaiting baby girl’s arrival!

Friday evening, we were hanging out in the nursery doing a few things, and the dogs were trying to claim their spot on the glider. I forsee a very full lap soon- baby and two dogs!

Saturday I took Pip to the vet (poor bear has an allergy and won’t leave his paws alone!) and then we hung out at home doing laundry and such.

Saturday night, I went and walked around the mall with Tyler as he patroled during overtime. It’s nice that he has a job where I can spend a little time with him.  I just have to understand that we can’t always talk (when he’s watching a situation closely) and that sometimes he has to go handle things…but it’s great to be together!

Sunday morning, Mikey rolled in SOMETHING that stunk. So he got a bath before church for sure! Ick!

We did church and then some family downtime. Much needed rest. I’m more tired every day!

Weekend Recap: Baby Showers Round 1

Weekend Recap: Baby Showers Round 1

We had a full weekend where I felt SO loved.

We started by taking the day off Friday to go to Tulsa for a breakfast with Tyler’s family.  They do this breakfast once a month, but I have never been since I work on Fridays. However, this month, they were honoring us with a baby shower…so I took the day.

We were up early to head to T-Town and got to the restaurant and were greeted by these ADORABLE cupcakes. I LOVE that they gave Tyler his own police and gun cupcake!


They set out a cute spread for us (and a birthday cupcake for 88 year old Aunt Natha Dean’s birthday!).


After breakfast and after Aunt Natha Dean had her birthday singing, we opened gifts. It was SO fun to be in a room full of these sweet people. They’ve loved Tyler all his life, but they’ve taken me right in. I get hugs and love from them each time I see them. (I also joked that I’m glad this wasn’t a wedding shower because at least after being around for 6 years of marriage I know who they are!)IMG_3199

Several of them blessed us with things just for Tyler- OU baby outfits and this adorable camo and pink onesie! He was a little excited!


These are the sweet family members who threw the shower for us (minus Marcia, who already left before we got the camera out!). Anita, Candace and Jen have always been SO sweet to me.  Anita is Nancy’s cousin, and Jen and Candace are her girls. It’s wonderful to have so many people excited to love on our sweet baby.


And I was also so glad that they love on my momma now too- they always invite her and are so kind to her.IMG_3204

Saturday, I ran around with mom a bit and then dad’s friends came into town to visit him. It was SO great to see him laugh with these guys. They are men who have been in his life for a long time and they have so many memories.

We also went up to NWA to see comedian Kevin Hart. He was off color and a bit dirty, but SO funny.

Sunday, my sweet friend Brandy threw me a shower for Zumba friends (and some family too!). It was such a sweet time.

They did a circus theme and it was adorable!IMG_3208

Brandy’s friend made this cake! It was ADORABLE and so yummy!IMG_3211

Tyler worked on Sunday but was able to come by for a few minutes since it was in town. The shower was during his normal paperwork time, so he just did his paperwork afterwards.IMG_3215

He was HILARIOUS. We played a game where the word “Aw” was off limits. So he kept trying to get people to say it when we opened gifts!


My aunt and grandma got him this onesie. It says “My Hero wears a badge. I call him Daddy”  I loved that he was there with his uniform on!IMG_3223

My cousin Caitlyn, grandma and aunt came up to the shower and it was so special.IMG_3225

I’m so thankful for Brandy, Miranda, Sheila and Mary who helped throw this shower for me! It was such a blessing!IMG_3230

How was your weekend?

Our Gender Reveal Party: Pistols or Pearls?

Our Gender Reveal Party: Pistols or Pearls?

We decided to have a big gender reveal party to celebrate this sweet baby. Plus I love party planning and hosting – so it was perfect! Tyler actually had the idea to do more than a few close family and friends. He said “Women get the baby showers. I want to invite some people that are special to us.” So he invited some men and their wives who have mentored him over the years. Men he will look to as he learns how to be a great father. We invited people who hug us each Sunday at church who will be faithful to pray over this baby. People we love. It was Such a blessing to be in a room with 40+ people who love us, love this baby already, and who will be there for us.

However, I didn’t take a SINGLE picture with anyone- including Tyler!  We were having a great time and forgot to pick up a camera. However, I took a few shots when we finished setting up.

We had a Pistols or Pearls party. A stranger on the Internet said “Guns are a terrible way to celebrate a baby.” Well, we disagree.  While our girl will certainly grow up hunting with her daddy and shooting- it was a guarantee for a boy. Tyler is a police officer and a hunter and I’m a city girl. So pistols and pearls was all about our personalities and what we will pass on to this baby.

We had the party at a room at our church. It has a kitchen area, plenty of room for seating- and was ideal.

HUGE shoutout to my family and a few friends for helping set up, move tables, haul in food, and also help clean up! They made it easy to have such a big party.

I hung this glitter banner over the mantel. Bought custom here on Etsy.


Guests went to this table at the front.  It had our first ultrasound picture, some Team Boy and Team Girl stickers, some pistols and pearls, a Team Girl/Team Boy voting poster, and a print with my symptoms and the wives tales to match.  The printables (including our printed invites) came from AngelinaWorks on EtsyIMG_3068

At the end of the night, we had a TON of boy votes.  like 23 to the 15 or so girl votes.

I bought party stuff from Oriental Trading, including these cute tassel garlands hung over the doorway into the food area.IMG_3071

In the other room, we had food, including CUTE metal buckets holding the utensils from the Dollar Spot at Target! I also had a BabyQ Menu printed from AngelinaWorks.IMG_3073

We had a buffet of BBQ pulled pork, hot dogs, corn dip, beans, and veggies with dip. I made it all in the days leading up the party.

For dessert, we had pies, s’mores dip, cookies, and cupcakes. AngelinaWorks also made us ADORABLE little tags to go in front of each dish.IMG_3076

I beautiful sugar cookies made from Wild Flour Sweet Shop in pistols and I told her to make the other dozen pearls. She took ovals and made ADORABLE pearl necklaces complete with little clasps!IMG_3077

We also got some cupcakes from Sam’s and added little ? picks from Oriental Trading. All the kiddos loved the cupcakes. IMG_3078

We did the reveal with balloons.  We had a bowl with pink and blue balloons.  I had rigged the blue ones not to work- I just poked holes in them with a pushpin.  People could grab their ballon vote and at the same time, we blew them up! Only the pink ones worked. Sadly, the blue ones ended up popping since they were forcing them to blow up while they were compromised. ha! We got the idea from Cullen and Katie. We took a video. Check it out!

And to prove we were right, here are some pictures from the ultrasound. We did them at BabyFlix with my friend Brandy.  She teaches ultrasound at our college- so she knows what she’s doing. She made us feel comfortable where we could ask questions and not be nervous.

Baby girl gave us a GREAT shot to prove her gender right away.


She was comfy curled up so we didn’t get a great face shot, but here she is!LEE, BRITTNEY_8

So it’s a girl! We had a great time celebrating with our family and friends!

Also, if you want to see the entire gender ultrasound, we have a video. It’s posted here.

Weekend Recap: Christmas Parties!

Weekend Recap: Christmas Parties!

We had a full weekend of Christmas parties.  It’s a fun time to celebrate with friends for sure!

Friday evening was my work group party.  This was our second year to have this party and it was even more fun than last year.

I took the most fun date with me.  He wore his A Christmas Story hat.  You can’t see it because #blurrypic but the underside of the bill is Flick who got his tongue stuck to the pole! ha!

We ate a delicious meal (lesson learned…last year we had it catered and it wasn’t that great.  This year, we all brought potluck and it was GREAT.  We have some good cooks in the office.)

Then we played.  Chad brought a vintage video game console thing and we played fun games all night. 

We also karaoked.  Man did we sing. We just had like 4-5 microphones connected and kept the hits coming, passing the mics around.  It’s SO fun.  

We got home pretty late (even though we were the first ones to leave since Ty had to work….it’s AWESOME to have coworkers you want to spend time with).

Saturday was a day of party prep.  I cooked and cleaned (and took a little break to hang with dad while mom got a massage).

On Sunday after church, we had our 5th annual cookie swap Christmas party!

I set out tons of yummy food that I love cooking.  Everyone always makes a big deal about the fuss it must be to cook it all.  It really isn’t.  I choose easy make-ahead recipes and just preheat it all before the party.

These BBQ  cups were the hit of the party. SO easy. Puff pastry, storebought BBQ, and cheese baked in muffin tins.

We invite our friends and their kiddos over.  They all bring cookies to share and trade. Sweet Ian was double fisting cookies the minute he walked in the door!  

I love seeing these babies!  This was Claire and Sadie meeting for the first time!

We all spread out over the house and eat and talk.   

It’s SUCH a huge blessing to have a house full of friends and family.  I told them yesterday that growing up my parents always invited people over. If we had a BBQ and a neighbor was outside, they got an invite to come eat ribs. On holidays, some of my dad’s workers would come over and share in the day with us.  When dad built my house, I know he would have wanted it to be a place where we could open our home to others. It’s one of my favorite days of the year.

We have another Christmas party tonight with all my Wizard of Oz people from this summer. I can hardly wait!

How was your weekend?  Any fun parties?