Weekend Recap: Snow and More Snow

Weekend Recap: Snow and More Snow

So at Friday at around 3, it started snowing.  And not flurrying.  Like every flake was sticking kind of snow.

And not only were we NOT prepared for it (they had originally forcasted it going south of us), so they hadn’t pretreated the roads at all.  Thankfully, I made it home ok (after a few slips and scares)…but my Friday night plans got canceled.  I was supposed to have a craft night with my life group.

And instead, we had a big group text going all night.  And I ate the snacks for the party alone on my couch.  With a dog on my head. #Pippinlovestosnuggle




Tyler had to work Friday, so we just hunkered down and got cozy at home alone. I watched lots of Gold Rush (we LOVE Alaska shows!), snacked, and went to bed early.

Saturday, we had like 3-5 inches of snow. The roads were covered and slick.  But I had to get out to make a banner for a baby shower Sunday.  So we trudged over to mom’s (where my sewing machine lives), I made the banner, and we watched a movie (Whiplash.  Had lots of language, but was interesting to me the music nerd).

I didn’t take any pretty snow pictures this time because I am #overit, but here is an iPhone pic to show you the snow.



It cleared up enough Sunday to go to church…and after we had a baby shower for my friend Lyndsay and her baby boy.  Everyone loved the ribbon banner I made.  Tutorial coming soon!



We came home, food prepped, cleaned house, and got ready for the week.


I love how pretty the snow is, but I don’t love that it cancels my plans.  But I guess a weekend of rest, naps, and doing nothing isn’t all bad. 🙂

Weekend Recap: Parties Galore!

Weekend Recap: Parties Galore!

We were partying fools this weekend.  We had a lot going on…and I loved every minute of it!

Friday evening, we started with my work Christmas party.  Our department (of 17 people) got together with spouses and significant others downtown at the Riverfront Pavillion.  We had dinner, drinks, karaoke, arcade games…and a GREAT night.  We got semi-fancy too- so I had an excuse to curl my hair and wear a new dress.



The karaoke was the highlight of the evening for me (duh).  Some of my favorite moments were doing a duet with my friend Devin, singing “Part of Your World” with three of the wives, doing Britney Spears with a coworker and some wives, and they even played MMMBop for me – and Devin’s girlfriend knew every “Oh” and sang it with me.  LEGIT.

Also legit, Shane and Jeremy doing Snoop Dog.




Saturday, we had one of Tyler’s police buddies and his wife over because Tyler was teaching him to shoot a bow. She and I sat outside by the fire pit drinking hot cocoa while the boys played.  It was fun.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon posted on the couch watching Christmas movies while Tyler went hunting.  He got a pretty big deer (yay!) and I watched the Grinch.



Sunday, we had church, then I spent the afternoon at mom’s sewing.  I finished Gram’s quilt!  I love it! (this was Quilt #8 for me!)



Sunday evening, we had my life group Christmas party.  I am SO thankful for these ladies.  Love them.  We had a fun time eating, having a scarf exchange, and then crafted snowflakes out of clothes pins.





So that was our party-filled weekend!  Lots of fun and laughter and friends.  We are blessed.


How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Prep and Party!

Weekend Recap: Prep and Party!



I gotta be a little honest…Tyler working nights stinks.  Because he didn’t really get off work until 7 a.m. on Saturday…and then slept the day away.  So we didn’t have much time for a weekend.


I’m SO glad he’s on a better shift for the next month!


We did take advantage of the little time we had. Friday when I got home from work, we went to his hunting spot to put a battery in the automatic deer feeder.  I worked hard held the flashlight.


When we got home, we ate  a quick meal together…then Tyler was off to work.  I try to make the most of the evenings without him by watching stuff he would hate. ha!  So Friday’s fun was a documentary about the 2003-2004 Broadway season. This included two of my faves – Wicked and Avenue Q. Loved it!



The rest of the time Friday evening and Saturday was spent prepping for our Christmas party.  I serve lunch and everyone brings cookies.  We don’t do games or gift exchanges…it’s just a time to fill our home with friends.  I love it.  It’s totally worth the cooking and cleaning…and to be honest, I wish we did it more than once a year.


Once Tyler got up Saturday afternoon, we ran some errands and had dinner together.  We didn’t feel like getting fancy and going all the way to town…so we just had Mexican here in our little hometown.  It’s not “special” but it’s good.  And I mean, salsa and queso are the way to my heart!  So Tyler won that date night! ha!


We came home and watched TV…and I slept on the couch while Tyler did some repairs. Sneaky took this pic of me and texted it to me while I was sleeping! ha!



Sunday, I served in the nursery and then booked it home to get everything put out for our Christmas party.  We had a great turnout of lots of friends.  I always forget to take pictures…but I managed to snap a few…


I felt so blessed to have a home full of laughter and love.  So special.


So that was our weekend!  Next weekend, with Tyler back to a more regular schedule we have LOTS of fun plans.  I’m excited!  How was your weekend?



Weekend Recap- Police Graduation and Parties

Weekend Recap- Police Graduation and Parties


We had an action packed weekend!  Lots of celebrations!


We started the fun on Friday with Tyler’s graduation from the police academy.  He has worked hard for 13 weeks and finally finished.  He starts this week as a “rookie.” 🙂 He has 16 weeks of riding with a Field Training Officer before heading out alone. I’m pretty proud of him! (sorry for the poor quality iPhone pics…I left my camera at my MIL’s house so I couldn’t upload those right now).



There were like 19 graduates total, and 8 of them are headed out together for the FSPD.



Friday evening, we had a big family celebration for his graduation at Cheddars – cupcakes included. 🙂  It was great to spend some time laughing and talking and celebrating his accomplishment.

Saturday, I spent the entire morning shopping around with mom and dad.  We hit up Kohl’s, Old Navy, and the Holiday Market.  Somehow this is my 4th Christmas season here….and it’s my first time to the Holiday Market. It was fun.

We ate lunch at R. Landry’s (yum!) and then came home to nap/clean/watch football.  Saturday evening, we celebrated my friend Lauren’s birthday in Roaring 20s Style!

We had a GREAT time there.  We got all dolled up (and Tyler pulled this iridescent shirt from the depths of his closet!  I had no idea he had it! ha!)



We had some good party food, some fun 1920s inspired drinks (my first sidecar! It was good!)…and then played games.IMG_8028.JPG

This was the birthday girl- Lauren!



I loved the cute touches all over….including this sign by the drinks! ha!



We played charades and Scattergories.  Tyler helped make some of the charade cards….and his were brutal!  I had “ebola” to act out!  ha!



We took some silly pics (of course!).



And look at our group picture…everyone got into the theme and had a great time!IMG_8033.JPG


Sunday, we did church, lunch, some errand-running, and then took some family photos.  My mom just came over and we took these over by our barn.


Sunday afternoon, we went over to my MIL’s for a family birthday party for Ty’s uncle.  We ate dinner, played pool, and had a good time.  Sunday evening, I started feeling crummy- achy, hot/cold….but didn’t get fever ever.  I went to bed pretty early…and I’m hoping the rest ran off whatever I may have been coming down with.


So that was our celebration filled weekend!  How was your weekend?