Yellow Punch Recipe – Pineapple Lemonade

Yellow Punch Recipe – Pineapple Lemonade

Pineapple lemonade punch - the hit of the baby shower!


I’m not even kidding when I’m telling you that this punch was the hit of the baby shower I threw last week.  It was a bumblebee theme, so I wanted something yellow that was different from straight lemonade.  I created this…and everyone loved it.

Yellow Punch Recipe – Pineapple Lemonade with a Twist

  • One large can of pineapple juice (46 oz)
  • 1 2-liter of Sprite
  • 1-1.5 cups lemonade powder  (start with 1 cup, add more to adjust to your desired tartness)
  • 1 can of Mountain Dew (you can omit, but I think it helped the color)
  • 2 cups water


Chill all of the liquid ingredients. Stir pineapple juice, water and lemonade mix. Top with Sprite and Mountain Dew.


Weekend Recap: Babies and Dogs

Weekend Recap: Babies and Dogs


This weekend was full of two of my favorite things: babies and dogs.  Well, not exactly babies.  Baby showers. But close enough.


The weekend started Friday after work.  I headed over to mom’s house to set up for  a baby shower I was hosting for a fellow Zumba instructor.  It was a fun evening celebrating Miranda and baby Elaina.  (and y’all….that punch I created was FANTASTIC.  Recipe coming this week!).

It was bumblebee themed…so lots of yellow.  Glad I have lots of Fiestaware to pick from. 🙂


Saturday we were pretty lazy during the day.  A little housework, a lot of DVR catching up.  We actually had a little crazy happen at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning.

For some reason, we were both awake…so Tyler went to the bathroom and I got up to get some water. With all the commotion, Mikey wanted outside.  Well, I spotted him rolling in the wet grass and hollered at him to stop.  Then all of a sudden, he runs under our porch!  He NEVER does that.  And while I open the door to yell at him to come in, I smell SKUNK.  There must have been a skunk under the porch and he ran in after it.  Thankfully, he wasn’t directly sprayed.  After a long bath (using every internet idea- dawn soap, peroxide, baking soda and vinegar) he came clean and we were back in bed by 4:30 a.m. ha!


Later Saturday, our groomer brought over a new friend.  This is Frisbee.  He was thrown from a car in town (I know…who does that to a dog?!).  He will be up for adoption soon after he is neutered.  I FELL IN LOVE with this little guy from her pictures…and I wondered if he and Mikey could get along.  Mikey has never really liked other dogs, but for some reason, he’s taken to this guy better than expected.  They have spells of love and hate.  Mikey is an aggressive dog, so I doubt (if we keep him) that they will ever be snuggle buddies.  But they are playing together, and for the most part, Mikey is tolerating him. ha!  I think a playmate would be GREAT for him.  So we are fostering him until after his neuter.  We love the little guy…but there a few behaviors that make him a bit incompatible for our family- like marking everywhere, and barking a lot….so I’m hoping neutering him will help with that.


But I mean, they were ok in my lap together….so they could definitely be brothers. 🙂


If we keep him, we will rename him.  I don’t love Frisbee.  It reminds me of his sad past.  He’s leaning toward being my dog (which is fine because Mikey is Tyler’s dog)…and I want to give him a musical name.  I tried Hanson…ad Tyler isn’t having that. ha!

So I’m thinking either Boq or Pippin.  Boq is a munchin/the tin man from the musical Wicked…and since this pup is so little…he’s a little munchkin.  Or Pippin.  Pippin is a musical about a young man searching for significance….and after this little guy’s story, I think that fits too.  And we’d call him Pip, like pip squeak. 🙂



So more on him later.  We should have a neuter appointment set today so hopefully we can figure out if he’s 100% right for us or not.


How was your weekend?

Do you have more than one dog?  How do they get along?

Weekend Recap: Santa and Cookies

This weekend was a busy one.  Along with the fun stuff we had planned, we also had some prepping and family stuff to do as well.
Friday night, I picked Gram up and brought her to my house.  She was my official “taste tester” while I cooked all the food for the party.  We had a great time hanging out.  After dinner, Mom came over and helped me clean a little bit.  I LOVE throwing parties….and it’s so much easier when I get a little help with the party prep.
Saturday morning, mom and I did the Greenwood Yule Run 5k.  It was a little chilly, so there wasn’t a big crowd.  We decided that since we weren’t going to be the fastest, we would be the cutest.  We dressed like Santa and an elf!
I was SO proud of mom!  She usually walks during the 5ks, and with my recent knee issues, I was going to walk with her.  But she decided to run some…and she ran like 3/4 of a mile….beating her best 5k time by 3 minutes!  
And we won costume!  Because we looked AMAZING. (Yes, I’m Santa!)
Saturday afternoon, we headed to Mt. Ida for a funeral.  My Gram’s best friend, Mrs. Linda, passed away.  We were good friends with her family.  We all went to church together.  So we went to the funeral.  It was good to see some Hot Springs friends…but it was so sad to lose such a wonderful woman.  It was a beautiful service, and it was good to hug their necks and pray for their family.
Saturday evening when I got home, I finished cleaning and hung out by the tree watching a Christmas special.
I also got all the presents wrapped.  Look at all those gifts under our little tree!
Sunday, mom and I served in the nursery with the 2 year olds.  I LOVE that.  They were all so cute talking about baby Jesus. 
After church, we had our third annual Christmas Cookie Swap.  I made lunch and we had some friends and family over.  I decided to invite folks to wear their Christmas sweaters since Tyler and I had some matching ones to wear.
My sweet friend Rachel joined the sweater fun!  (isn’t she precious…her spirit is sweeter than that big smile).
We had SO many yummy goodies there!
And look at these fancy goodies that Sarah brought!  My friends are talented, y’all.
After stuffing ourselves with cookies, we went to church for the children’s program.  It was precious, and a great reminder that Christmas is about Jesus…and that God takes care of all of our needs.
After church, we stuck around to play basketball (which I watched!) and then volleyball at church.  Because they were short some people, I had to play.  I actually got a couple serves over the net…and hit a few balls over too.  Improvement from ducking when the ball comes at me! ha!
It was a great weekend of celebrating the season and celebrating the life of a dear sweet woman. I hope you had a great weekend.
What is your signature holiday cookie?  I made some peanut butter butterscotch goodies dipped in chocolate and rolled in potato chips! ha!  I called them “chip and dip” cookies!

Weekend Recap: Date, Wicked, and Jewelry

I had a great weekend.  I love being able to take time to relax and have a little fun.  It’s great when it involves lots of fun people.
Friday after work, I went to the gym for a triathlon training workout.  To recap again: the race is 6 laps swimming, 8 miles biking, and 2 miles running.  Friday, I did 8 miles biking, 1 mile running, and 5 laps.  Pretty good.
I also looked hot in my goggles and nose clip.
Following my workout, I got ready and Tyler and I had a little date night.
We got sushi downtown at Sake.  FINALLY their service has improved.  We have only been going when we get a groupon-type half price deal, because the food is good, but the service has sucked.  But on Friday, we got good food AND good service.  We may even go back and pay full price now! ha!
Then we saw Rush (the Formula 1 racing movie).  It was surprisingly great.  I knew it would be done well because Ron Howard is the director, but I really enjoyed it (despite it being a race car movie!) ha!
Saturday, mom and I were at the park at 6 am for  little walk/run…then we got ready and headed to Little Rock.
We met up with Krisin and Taylor and had lunch together at ZAZA.  So yummy, and so great to see these friends. 
Then we went to see Wicked!  It was my 4th time to see it, and I STILL get emotional during “Defying Gravity.”  I also ran into my sweet friend/Tri Chi lil sis/love Haley in the lobby!  So fun!  I’m SO blessed by this girl.  I’ve said it before…but we didn’t get to go to OBU together, but now we live in the same town and I just LOVE spending time with her (even if its in the theater lobby 3 hours from home!) ha!
We drove back in the rain Saturday evening listening to the Hog Game.  The piggies may have lost to A&M, but they put up a good fight.  I am always proud to be a Razorback!
Saturday evening when I got home, Tyler and I did some cleaning and ate dinner and watched football.  Pretty darn perfect.
Sunday, after church, I hosted a Noonday jewelry party at my house.  Noonday is jewelry that is made around the world, giving women opportunities to provide for their families.  It was fun to eat, visit, show off my home, and shop! 
It meant a lot- lots of friends came.  Friends from work, from church, Zumba, and even my sweet friend Amber from NWA.  
Once everyone left, I headed to Walmart to grocery shop, and I also stopped by Walgreens to pick up Tyler’s Halloween costume.  Any guesses? 😉
I hope you had a great weekend! We sure did!
What are you going to be for Halloween?