Introducing Puddin’ Pie

Introducing Puddin’ Pie

Our house was lonely and quiet without a pup, especially for me working at home. We started looking for dogs. Of course, we wanted to rescue, but GOODNESS, it was difficult. First, it was a full time job filling out these LONG applications, constantly watching the pet finding websites for dogs that matched us. Then, we got denied by all but one (for a plethora of reasons- no fence, a child who wasn’t in school, no companion dog, stairs to get into our home…literally everything). So we were looking for a dog to buy since we couldn’t rescue one.

And we found THE BEST sweet little pup from a lady in Tulsa who’s two dogs had puppies.

We drove up to meet her on a Sunday afternoon, and surprised Remi telling her we were taking a dog home!

She immediately chose the cute little brown one.

He was MUCH calmer than his litter mate brother (which has worn off a bit….after all he’s a puppy!), and she immediately called him Puddin’ Pie. He’s 1/4 chihuahua and 3/4 shih tzu.

She’s since expanded that to Puddin’ Pie Precious Pancake Cutie Patootie. 🙂 He’s made himself at home- playing, eating, and snuggling with us!

He has done great potty training- of course, he’s little, so we have to stay on top of taking him out….but he’s only had a few accidents. And he’s sleeping great- getting up just once a night to potty. Fantastic.

He HATES his collar, and we are working on training things like sit, stay, come- so we have lots of learning to do…but he’s gonna be a great dog for our family!

We love him already!