Say What? Wednesday

Say What? Wednesday

A few random things for today.

First was this funny Valentine that my friend Mom at the Meat Counter posted! I sent it to my husband. She’s great, and if you have any meat-related questions, she’s your gal.

The next Say What? is ridiculous. An account I used to follow on Instagram posted it on Valentine’s Day. If you know my family, you know we are affected by Alzheimer’s.  I couldn’t believe they considered this a joke, and even hashtagged it #bellylaugh.  Um, no.  Forgetting your loved ones isn’t a Valentine sentiment, nor is it funny.

I have reached out to them via a comment and a DM, and haven’t gotten a response.

The last Say What? Is this ridiculousness on our local online garage sale site.

It’s a crystal bikini! First off, what is this for? Do you wear it OVER a regular bikini? Is it lingerie? I can’t image wearing it on bare skin, talk about some scratches!  And….it’s $400!!

Say What?


What ridiculous or funny things have you seen lately?  Anything make you say, “Say what?”

Friday Five: Randoms

Friday Five: Randoms

Here are 5 random things for today….

  1. We are selling our couch and looking for a new one.  We got a new loveseat a while back, and I want to replace our couch.  I want a sleeper sofa so we have room for extra company.  I am hoping to go by Ashley and look at this one today.  I love the color and the look.

2016-02-12 10_07_53-Shayla Queen Sofa Sleeper _ Ashley Furniture Home Store

2. My cousin Caitlyn and Nene are coming up from Hot Springs tonight so we can have a Galentine’s Day seeing Mamma Mia tomorrow! Can’t wait!


3. Tyler made us dinner last night.  I texted him in the morning that he was in charge of dinner.  I gave him some options- frozen pizzas in the freezer, ground beef, or he could go crazy.  And he did!  He took some leftover chicken and made chicken spaghetti.  It was good!  I think we are going to try and have him cook once a week. It’s SO nice to not have to think about dinner for an evening.

2016-02-12 10_13_53-Brittney Lee (@brittneydeanne) • Instagram photos and videos

4. I’ve been doing lots of freelance writing lately. I love it.  I get to work on a post about local Spring fashion- and I’m excited to do some research about that.

5.  It’s less than 2 weeks until mom and I go to New York! Can’t wait for our little getaway!


What’s going on with you? I’d love to hear about your life…



I have said it before, but I live BIG. I have big emotions, I have big reactions, I have big excitement.  Part of that, I think, is that I become easily obsessed with things. Like, I pour my energy into consuming them voraciously (hello, big word! 2 points!).

Two things I’m currently obsessed with:

Cara cara oranges and the musical Hamilton.

Very different. Can’t consume enough of them.

For starters, the cara cara orange.  I feel as though I’ve blogged about them before- but they are perfect.  Easy to peel, sweet, not super acidic. SO SO SO SO good. I’m eating at least one a day.  I find them at a local grocery store and at Sam’s.  I’ve never found them at Wal-Mart. They look like a regular navel orange, but inside is perfection. Trust me. If you like oranges, you’ll LOVE cara cara oranges.

Next up is Hamilton. It’s a hip hop musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton (yes, the guy on the $10 bill). The cast is very diverse and not at all like the founding fathers (George Washington is a black man, Hamilton is a Latino). It’s so crazy but SO good.  And I’m not alone in my obsession. This musical is taking the world by storm. For real. The album topped the iTunes hip hop chart. There are memes and fake Twitter accounts- my fave being @HamiltonsSquad.  I love to listen to it in the car and can rap with the best of them.

I have dreams that I get to go to NYC and see this show live. I can dream, right?

Here’s a clip from the show of the song about the battle of Yorktown.

If anyone has a couple grand they want to bless me with- I would use it to fly up and buy a ticket of this show. And then I would live a happy life. I promise. 🙂

So those are my obsessions of the moment. What are you currently obsessed with?

Life Lately: An Update

Life Lately: An Update

Here’s an update of a few things that haven’t had a place anywhere on the blog.

A few weeks ago, Ragtime the Musical came to Fort Smith.  I often joke that there’s no replacement for actually seeing shows on Broadway.  The tours are kind of the B team, and the smaller shows that come to Fort Smith are sort of the C team.  Well, Ragtime blew that theory out of the water!  It was an AWESOME cast and a very moving story. And we had front row seats, which was awesome!


I recently bought an Every Day Journal and I’m loving it.  It has a page for every day- and five places on each day- so it will last 5 years.  You just record a small memory for each day.  I love to remember but I’m terrible at journaling.  This takes 2 seconds right before bed and allows me to keep track of special stuff.  And I like that it runs for 5 years so each year I can look back on the previous years.



The dogs (after a year together) have more than settled into being brothers.  While most of the time, Mikey is annoyed by Pippin’s playful ways, they are sweet sometimes. I loved when they were chillin in the same bed in the kitchen the other day.

We may not have our tree up yet (hopefully this weekend!) but I have put up all the other decorations.  I love the dining room all decked out in Christmas stuff.  

And lastly, I saw this online last week and it’s SO MY LIFE.


What’s new with you?