Books on My Fall Reading List

Books on My Fall Reading List

I love to read.  The problem is finding time to read.  I’m sure so many of you feel the same way.  Between work, working out, cleaning house, and spending time with family and friends….taking the time to sit down with a book just doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.

But I’ve been trying to be intentional about reading. I had a few trips where I had time to read (or listen to audio books…my new favorite way to consume books!), and I’ve got a fall reading list.

I’ve read:

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker.


This book had me laughing, made me feel like she was stepping on my toes, and also was full of Biblical truth.  SO so good.  If you love Jen, or even if you’ve never heard of her, you’ll love this book. It’s like a girlfriend giving you the real truth.

I’m reading:

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.

This is a book on writing- both on the theory of writing and the practice of writing.  EVERYONE at AWBU was talking about this book, so I got it (actually, work got it- so it will belong in their library once I’m finished).  So far I really like how it’s easy to read and truthful.

Bullets in the Washing Machine by Melissa Littles

This is a book for police wives.  I started reading it a year ago when Tyler was in the academy, and I’ve been slowly chipping away at it since.  It can get sort of heavy when it talks about fallen officers, so I can’t dive super deep into it at any one point in time.

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson.


You might know her as The Bloggess.  Her first book (Let’s Pretend This Never Happened) made me literally laugh out loud while reading it.  I’m only just starting this one, but so far, it’s just as great.  It’s a funny book about depression and mental illness, which is odd. But Jenny is odd.  And I like it.

Books I’m listening to:

Eat More Better by Dan Pashman.

This is a book about eating from a guy who hosts a podcast I love (the podcast is called The Sporkful). He has such an interesting take on food- like how to build the perfect sandwich.  I like it.

Rising Strong by Brene Brown.


I like Brene.  I had seen her TED talk a while ago, but she fell off my radar.  But earlier in the month, some coworkers heard her speak at a conference and came home RAVING about her.  So I downloaded her book.  I’m barely into it, but I like her honesty about life and vulnerability.  I like the challenge to be brave, to fail, and rise strong.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling

She is funny.  So funny.  And I’m not sure far into listening to this one, but I just love Mindy. I’m excited to hear more about her life through this book.

Books on my “I want to read” list:  

A Little Bit Wicked by Kristin Chenoweth. I got this one at her concert last year and need to read it.

Fight Back with Joy by Margaret Feinberg. I have heard great things about this book and would love to read it.  Maybe we can do the Bible study next year at church.


Blue Baseball Virginia by Lorrie Davis McDonald. Mom gave me this book. It’s about Alzheimer’s and caregiving.  Need to read it.


What are you reading?

Addicted to Podcasts

Addicted to Podcasts

One of the most important things I brought with me to Cleveland was my waterproof bluetooth speaker.  It’s random, I know.  But I HAD to bring it so I could listen to my podcasts.

Yes, I’m that addicted to podcasts.

I started listening years ago to RadioLab, but I only listened online.  About a year ago, a friend told me to download and listen to Serial (an episodic true crime podcast).  I didn’t really know what to do.  So I went into the podcast app on my phone (that app I never could delete…it’s one of those apps you have to keep. I’m looking at you, Apple Watch I don’t have). 

I found Serial and downloaded it and started listening.  I was hooked.  Serial released new episodes once a week, so in between episodes, I wanted more.  So I started searching for other podcasts.

I found that I had TONS of listening time.  In the car, getting ready in the morning (enter waterproof bluetooth speaker), cleaning, walking the dogs….I still loved listening to music, but now I could listen to entertaining and informative podcasts.

Podcasts are just audio shows.  Some are really formal, with the host reading a beautifully written script.  Others are just people discussing a topic.  Others are carefully crafted with music and sound effects and interviews.  And I love them all.

So on this trip, I had to pack my speaker so I could listen to podcasts while I got ready.  I love getting up in the morning and having new podcasts to listen to.  Podcasts have helped me learn about eveyrthing from the best foundation and blush to the reproductive ways of pigs.  I’ve learned how to build a better sandwich and how circus families work.  It’s all random and wonderful.

I say all of this to encourage you to download some podcasts.  Go browse the podcast app. You will find something interesting to you.  Some of my faves are The Sporkful, RadioLab, This American Life, Invisibilia, Planet Money, and The Mystery Show. I subscribe to like 24 podcasts and growing.  You might just find one or two you like…but you might get sucked in like I did! 

Friday Five: My Week’s Highs

Friday Five: My Week’s Highs

It’s been a good week.  It went by quickly (yay…because I have a massage after work and I don’t want the day to drag on!), some good things happened, and the weather hasn’t been 1000000 degrees.

Here are 5 fun things from this week:

1. I got my hair colored last night.  I went darker with a caramel ombre.  I’m so fancy.


2. I’ve ordered several Christmas gifts this week.  I love shopping year-round and stacking gifts in the guest room closet.  It helps me get things when they are on sale, or when I think “so and so would love that!” I buy it.  That way I don’t forget about it.

3. I also ordered some GREAT deals online for fall work clothes from J. Crew Factory Store.  However, I’m still drooling over this necklace, if anyone out there wants to send it to me, I wouldn’t be mad. 🙂


I also think my wardrobe needs this gingham scarf.



4. I’m considering our Vegas vacation completely booked.  At Tyler’s request, we don’t have every day fully planned (while I prefer that, he likes the flexibility), but everything we are pre-booking is pre-booked.  I finished booking the last things yesterday (one last show and admission to the Mob Museum).  Countdown is 57 days.

5. I’m enjoying the Whole30.  Today is Day 12.  I’m holding strong.  Several timelines online say yesterday and today might be the hardest…but I’m hanging in there.  I am craving some crunch from chips or something…but I’ll make it. 🙂  It’s encouraging to see the scale drop every time I get on it.

One of my saving graces this week was this cauliflower breakfast casserole.  It’s creamy (something you miss a lot because of no dairy.  Thank goodness for coconut milk!), savory, and better than choking down eggs for breakfast.


So yay for Friday!  Tell me, on vacation, are you a plan-the-whole-day person?  Or more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person?  Any fun weekend plans?

10 on the 10th…er, the 12th

10 on the 10th…er, the 12th

I saw this post from The Larson Lingo about 10 on the 10th- posting 10 pictures from the month so far…and I liked it. But the 10th was Monday, and I post weekend recaps then.  So I’m doing my 10 on the 12th! 🙂

I’ve had this “Best Actress in a Musical” shirt for years. Picked it up when we were in NYC during the Tony Awards.  I wore it to the last day of the show once everyone knew me well enough to know I wasn’t actually saying I was the best actress. 🙂 ha!

Pippin loves morning snuggles.  I like to blind the dogs and take selfies when we snuggle and send them to Tyler (who had already left for work).

I’ve started this 21 day arm challenge. 5 moves for the reps on the calendar.  On the “off days” if I feel good, I just repeat the day before.

Since I’m doing the Whole30, I sent the following two pictures to my friend Rachel who is doing it with me.


I bought this new artwork at Hobby Lobby.  LOVE.

Today I tried Starbucks cold brew coffee at the recommendation of my barista.  It was good.  And my hair is curled today. Boom.

My nails are long enough to paint, so I went pink and sparkly last night.

My friend Rachel started a dog boutique at BrickCity (for you locals).  Check it out! You better believe Mikey and Pippin will have new collars soon!  

Last Friday, I walked through the bike path at the park for shade.  It was lovely and secluded.

So those are 10 moments from this month.  A fun way to share some pictures that I wouldn’t otherwise have reason to share! ha!