A Tiny Girl Gang

A Tiny Girl Gang

Me and some of my sweetest friends made plans to take our girls to a Razorback Gymnastics meet….then one friend had to go out of town for family emergency business. And she HATED for her daughter to miss the meet- so I volunteered to keep her for the weekend so we could all go!

So we loaded up this tiny girl gang (so aptly named after Tara snapped this sassy pic of them!) and headed to Fayetteville. We stopped at Newk’s for a yummy quick dinner (though is anything quick with two toddlers and a preschooler?)

We had to park a little ways a way for the game, so we were all a bit ready to sit down from carrying toddlers or walking (sweet Lillian thought it was a LONG walk and it was!)

We were ready to cheer on the hogs (well, most of us. Lil was for LSU). There was the band, the cheerleaders, the mascots and all the gymnasts.  It was a lot to take in- and when it’s like that, Remi gets really stone faced taking it all in.


The girls were entertained more by the cheerleaders than the gymnasts! ha! (Which, TBH, it was set to music and a troupe of people instead of just one at a time)


We called the hogs- Remi’s first time at a Razorback sporting event! Wooooooo pig sooie!


It was princess and superhero night at the meet- they encourage families to come. Tara and I totally stole the crowns for a bit.


We went down to the concourse (which was a mistake- they just wanted to walk around after this) and got face painting and make GO HOGS GO signs. It’s fun that they have all of this for the kids.


Lillian waited in line and got a watermelon face tat…


And Remi decided she needed one while Lil was in the chair, but I didn’t want to cut in line for the girls waiting- so I asked the lady if I could just do a quick heart and she let me use her brush. Remi was happy.

The gymnasts were so good! When I was a TA in grad school, the gymnasts were my favorite students. They were always nice, polite and dedicated.


Lillian has watched LSU gymnastics on TV and she’s seen their yellow pom poms. She wanted one BAD. They don’t sell them (maybe they do at their own meets) but I found a section of family cheering on LSU and asked them for an extra. They happily gave me one for the biggest little LSU fan. The girls all shared it so nicely.


After the meet, they let the girls (and boys) on the mat to dance. These two ATE IT UP. Lillian kept backing into the corner like she was about to do a tumbling pass.


They slept well, even though we were home late and then we played at home ALL DAY LONG.

They played outside….


And we made and ate cookies. YUM!


It was fun to have a little house guest- and sweet Remi keeps asking to go pick Lillian up again. We are going to have to play together again soon!

Weekend Recap: KISS, Football, Fun

Weekend Recap: KISS, Football, Fun

Well, hello friends!  How was your long weekend?  I hope you had some fun and had a chance to relax. I had a great mix of excitement and down time this weekend.  Just what I needed.

Friday, I took mom to Tulsa to see one of HER favorite bands (quite a switch from me dragging her to tons of concerts my whole life!) – KISS.

We saw a super fan that was decked out before the show.  When I asked mom if she wanted a picture, she said “I guess.”  and I said “I need blog material!” ha!  So here ya go!

photo 1 (1)

Def Leppard were also performing….and I actually had so many thoughts during the concert that I took notes on my phone during the show. The show was GREAT.  They put on a fun show (and even though I didn’t really know the music) I enjoyed it.  It was fun to share it with mom.  But here were some of my thoughts during the show….

  • These guys are old.
  • Def Leppard are so clearly British.  Every one of them was wearing a Union Jack, the drum head was a Union Jack, and they were uber proud of that.  We get it.
  • These bands are ALL guitars (and a drummer).  I sort of missed some piano or something.
  • Def Leppard’s drummer has one arm.  It was unreal.  In between bands, we found out he lost his arm in a car accident and continued drumming with a special drum kit.
  • There was SO much leather in the arena.
  • Fandom knows no age or gender.  I’ve seen people rock out and freak out and lose their minds at Hanson concerts (and other bands before)…but there were men and women of all ages embracing their fandom.
  • The people going up and down the aisles to get more beer was like a parade. A beer parade.
  • Paul Stanley thew SO many picks into the crowd.  Like he would play with a guitar pick for like three strums, throw it out, and get another one.  Wish I was up close to catch one!
  • Paul Stanley was boogie-ing around in his 5 inch platforms like they were slippers.  The man can MOVE.  He was my spirit animal.


We got home SUPER late Friday night, so Saturday was pretty chill.

We slept in late, had breakfast out, and then headed to my parents’ house to watch the game.  Oh Razorbacks.  You were doing pretty good…and then lost it.  I hope we get it together this season.

photo 2 (1)

Sunday we had church and then we went to Tyler’s grandpa’s farm.  We are getting into a routine there.  I take a nap in the living room with his cousin Kelsey while everyone else goes outside to shoot. 🙂  Hey…I can’t miss my Sunday nap!  The Lee family arsenal in the back of  the Prius….we spent lots of time hitting targets at grandpa’s.

photo 3 (2)

This weekend was GREAT with a third day for Labor Day.  I played it pretty cool – helped a friend build her website, cleaned, did laundry, cooked, and spent a few hours with Lauren at the lake.  Gotta get one last summer sunburn. 🙂

photo 4 (1)

I hope your weekend was great!  What did you do this weekend?

Just Another “I’m So Ready For Fall” Post

I will say it: I’m ready for fall. I never really wish time away. I enjoy every moment. But there are some things about fall that I’m just excited for!

Razorback Football! If you can’t tell by my blog name, I’m a Razorback fan. I actually really enjoy most college football games (especially SEC games). I don’t really get into NFL games…but man, I love me some college football. 9 sleeps and then it will be kickoff!

I am ready for boot weather! I totally LOVE wearing boots. Tall boots, sweater boots, short ankle booties, high heeled boots, flat boots…all boots. I am ready to throw on some skinnies or leggings and my boots!

I am ready for fall decor! I have some super cute fall stuff that I’m excited to decorate with!

Soups and stews! Ready to make a big pot of chili, potato soup, corn chowder… It has just been too hot to make too many soups and stews.

I am also ready for fall clothing. I have purchased a few new things to spruce up my fall wardrobe that I’m pumped about!

LOVE this chunky sweater (From Dress Barn. Yes I’m an old lady and shop there. They send me coupons, and I’m a sucker for coupons)

Also from Dress Barn. Will be presh with some skinnies or leggings and boots.

From a local boutique, Solemates. I am in love with this. I asked them to hold this for me and I’m going there after work tomorrow to snag this and another cute top.

And I’m excited to make some yummy things with pumpkin! I have a recipe for pumpkin muffins, pumpkin peanut butter cupcakes (I think I’ll make these at Thanksgiving), pumpkin ravioli, the list goes on.

So what are you excited about for fall?

Go Hogs Go!

I was honored to be selected as a “Favorite Professor” for the Arkansas Razorbacks Gymnastics team. I got to go to the meet (and take Tyler and Nancy, my MIL, along too!) and be recognized before the meet and help pass out awards! It was fun to see a gymnastics event live and cheer on a couple of my students!
This was the professors before the meet. Pretty sure I was the only grad student! ha! Everyone else looked like a real Dr. professor.
The cheerleaders were there too! I thought it was neat they cheered between rounds. They wore pink because it was the breast cancer awareness meet…so everyone was in pink!
This was Katherine, a student I had over the summer on the vault (Gymnastics is hard to photograph!). She did great all night. She competed in all four events and got 2nd (I think?) in the all-around competition.
This is Bailee, my current student on the floor. She did so great! Floor is always my favorite. She nailed her routine and got a great score.
Then we came home and ate dinner…and gave Mikey his new shirt! It says Varsity Fetch Team! ha! Isn’t he cute?
It was a fun Friday night for sure!
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