Week 45 Highlights

Week 45 Highlights

Oh baby girl. You weren’t 100% yourself this week. An ear infection creeped in and while you tried to be happy (and thank goodness still slept well!) you just weren’t as interested in fun as usual.

Case in point: Friday evening at the park. We walked a mile with you in the stroller and tried swinging together. You weren’t feeling it.

You did still enjoy plenty of daddy tickles, though!

Some snot-nosed bedtime snuggles with mama.

And for those new incoming teeth, a popsicle (not opened, just frozen).  She loved the cold!

Loving bath time, as always! Look at all that hair!

Sunday we went to Hot Springs to watch cousin Luke be baptized. She looked adorable.

At the doctors office, she was a total gem. We had to wait 40 minutes, but we just sang songs and played together. So sweet- even if the final result was another ear infection.

She passed out at uncle Neil’s house in Hot Springs, and she squirmed her way into the bottom of the couch during a nap.

Flamingos! Gotta wear our summer clothes while it’s still summer!

I had a hat day at work, and she just looked adorable…so we took some pics before school. ūüôā LOVE my girl!

And that week’s a wrap! On to more fun! (Also, the higher these weeks creep, I know we are getting close to 52! Eeek!)

44 Week Highlights

44 Week Highlights

Oh sweet girl, this week was just plain fun. We’ve enjoyed every minute this week. ¬†No meltdowns, no issues. All fun.

Even with all these new teeth!  I snagged a pic when the front tooth came through this week, but both fronts appeared this week!

She got a ponytail and a new outfit for church Sunday. And she was ALL smiles while I got ready (thanks, baby holder for being able to get ready and do my makeup!)

At our friend’s house, she played with their piano and loved making music!

She also loved the guitar. I mostly did the strumming, but she tried patting the strings.

She also loved all the new people and toys at their house!

She’s found the camera in her room. ¬†I know she doesn’t know what it is other than something attached to the crib rail, but it’s funny to see her reach for it in the mornings.

One morning right after I dropped her off at school, I got a text from one of her teachers. I panicked for a minute because I thought something was wrong. Nope. Just a picture. ha! ¬†In the early morning, they are all in one room and apparently, she ended up with some older girls (who LOVE Remi!) having girl talk. She doesn’t know she’s little!

Teething sure takes it out of her! She falls asleep easily while teething- and passed out with a bottle in my arms. I held her for a while soaking up her sweetness.

One night we finished dinner early, so we headed to the lake for a little family swim. Sweet girl LOVES the water. We just played for like 30-40 minutes and then came home for a quick bath and bedtime. Love this time with my people.

Thursday night she and dada (and Gigi) had a date night. Me and my mom went out for dinner and a show at the local live theater….and I got this picture right before bedtime. You can tell she was zoning out. Bless. She loves her sleep and is so dependent on that nighttime routine and regular bedtime.

We are ready for even more fun together this weekend!

43 Week Highlights

43 Week Highlights

Oh little girl, how you’re growing! Crazy to think you’ll turn 10 months this week!

We had a lot of fun this week. Here are the highlights:

She had her first playdate with mommy’s friend Danielle’s baby Mags. They’re too little to interact much (she’s just a month or so older) but they were both very interested in each other and there were a lot of sweet miles. And the moms VERY MUCH enjoyed the company and friend time.

Remi enjoyed some cousin time! (Well, Gavin was actually last week, but I didn’t get the pic until this week ha!).

Remi just stared at Gavin. She was very intrigued by him. It’s sweet that a 15 year old teen wanted to spend any time with his baby cousin while visiting, but he did! He didn’t do much but watch her play, but I know someday soon he’ll teach her how to catch a football!

And cousin Caitlyn came to visit and enjoyed some Remi time, too!

Silly girl is getting so expressive.

We often take pics to send to daddy in the morning. This was Tuesday when I was going to be gone to Tulsa, so I sent him this pic to tell him her shirt had buttons on the back (he often misses those) so he didn’t pull her head off later when getting her ready for dinner and bed. ha!

Snack time looked like a murder scene.  Blackberries are messy.

While I put laundry away, she got herself up into our shower and started exploring. This fearless girl is gonna make momma go gray!

We had Remi’s first lake day! She LOVES the water and even took her nap out there with Grammy.

Daddy was off on Saturday and we all loved having him around!

And since I’ll forget to post it anywhere else, Remi had a sleepover with Gigi while me and Ty had a date night in NWA. We saw the Chihuly exhibit at night, which was AWESOME.

So much fun for us all!

42 Week Highlights

42 Week Highlights

Whew! This week seemed to fly by. ¬†Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to the weekend (Remi is spending the night with Gigi so mommy and daddy can have a date and SLEEP IN! AMEN!) or if we were just busy, but it went by quickly.

The biggest highlight is her third tooth broke through! Explains the stuffy nose and little bit of fussiness!

Daddy fed her dinner one night and she was so excited she was bouncing in her seat! I’m determined to make her not picky/make her a foodie (as best as I can!). ¬†That night’s dinner was bison meatballs and garlic herb cauliflower rice. Sister LOVED it.

All the chewing this week makes sense now that the tooth has appeared.

See?  Chewing on all the things. (This was taken Sunday after an EARLY wakeup and hardly any nap. I was tired and she was able to mess with anything safe, including my House DVDS. ha!)

I loved her Sunday outfit. My fave, Ric Rac and Ruffles.  And look at how long her hair is getting!

Saturday night we met Daddy for dinner since he was working overtime. They enjoyed seeing each other!

Saturday she also got her first ponytail! I pulled it up and put a bow in it! ha!

She’s standing up so well! ¬†It’s adorable when she goes to sit down. She moves down so slowly and is so careful.

We enjoyed playing Saturday morning.  ALL the toys.

Here’s to another great week of our growing girl!