So Much Personality

So Much Personality

Y’all, I keep saying it, but we are in such a sweet season of just having so much fun together. Yes, there are some hard moments, but in general, we’ve gotten a handle on Remi in this stage. We’re at a great place of understanding together – that she needs to listen and cooperate, and in return, we will have a BLAST together. I LOVE being the “yes” mom- but she knows that she has to do her part, too.

She’s LOVING dressing up so much right now. And sweet dad gets to be the dragon a lot. I think mostly because it’s a costume that fits him (thanks, cape!), and it’s a “boy” thing to be.  She was dressed up like “Chase” (which is just her police outfit, but she barks like a dog…haha) and she needed to arrest the dragon. Cracked me up!


She has a love/hate relationship with Pippin. She wants to love on him, pick him up, and play with him. But when he comes to her first, she’s mad about it.  This day though, she was sitting and watching TV and he climbed up in her lap and she welcomed him. They sweetly snuggled and watched Daniel Tiger.  They love each other. He’s SO good with her, and puts up with a lot.


This morning was a great example of “get through the things we need to do, then the fun can start.”  We got ready for school without any issues, and then she wanted to accessorize.  I was happy to give her a couple minutes and whatever she wanted. She picked a big purple bow, a necklace (which was a compromise- she initally wanted her flower lei, but I didn’t want to deal with losing it….so I talked her into these beads because no harm, no foul if they go missing), and her sunglasses.  Then last minute right before we went out the door, she ran back to the playroom and brought two crowns.  She picked this purple one, and then out we went!  When we went to school, she left the sunglasses and crown in the car.  And the necklace went straight into her cubbie at school. She loves to put special things in there.  Whatever.  It makes her happy and doesn’t hurt anything.


She’s just so full of life and joy and personality. Love everything about her!

So Creative

So Creative

I’ve been loving Remi’s creativity and her desire to learn! We’ve been having a great time together.

She’s suddenly VERY interested not just in puzzles, but in the strategy behind puzzles. We’re working through picking out the edge pieces, corners and doing them in a way that makes more sense than just picking out matching pieces. She’s always so proud when she figures it out!


We went to swim at the gym I used to teach Zumba at…and she LOVED it. She cracked us up saying “Those are for exercise, we have to stay over here” about the swim lanes. She was right….but where did she figure that out?! She loved spending the evening at the pool.


She wanted to paint her toes…and I let her. They were ALL blue at first, but then I showed her to just do the nails, and the second foot was much better. Always learning! (And I say that learning is made in messes!)


She wanted a “tea party” one morning before church.  We made “tea” (flavored water) and then it turned into a birthday party and she asked me to make her a card. She also brought ALLLL the things from the playroom. They all had a purpose. I love watching her mind work.


This is mostly just a pic of that cute fox dress. But she’s LOVING church these days. She LOVES the songs and stories. She knows that Jesus loves EVERYONE and that God made EVERYTHING.


She wanted to make a lemonade stand, so we did (except, no lemon juice…”lemons are spicy” – AKA sour). Daddy and her set it up, and I was her first customer. She cracks me up!  She loved using her cash register and giving us change and yelling “open for business!” when they were all ready.


This girl is just too much. In the best way.

Another Exciting Weekend

Another Exciting Weekend

We packed a lot into the weekend.

I got to sleep in on Saturday, thanks to Nancy keeping Remi for Valentine’s day! Then mom and I headed to Fayetteville to see Once on This Island.

It was on Broadway back when we went to the Tony Awards- and it won best revival! We didn’t know much about it, but I’m so glad we got to go see it!

It’s a very unique show with a touching story.


Mom and I did a little shopping (of course! It’s what we do!) and some eating and then headed back home.

Sunday, it was a beautiful day, so after church and nap, we all went outside! Remi asked to play with LOTS of things- fishing, her kite and the park. So we started in our backyard. She played on her playground while Tyler got the 4 wheeler ready….


Then we drove down to the pond.


She was bummed we didn’t catch any fish, but she’s doing well learning to cast!


But we enjoyed the time together!


Next stop was the park!  We attempted flying the kite, but it wasn’t windy at all, so that was a bust. But we did play and I also had packed us a picnic dinner, so we enjoyed that as well.


I love our family time together. It’s always a blessing!

Catching Up on The Week

Catching Up on The Week

We had a sweet week, with extra special stuff for Valentine’s Day!

Remi had her party at school, and she looked EXTRA cute in her sweet outfit (her 2nd year to wear it…my fave!).  She loved her party and was very excited to give cards to her teachers, too!


Our Nene sent her a dress up set for Valentine’s Day and she was SO pumped about it.  She put everything on- and she was a mermaid bride (a “marry” she will say!)


I’m on our work Fun Committee, and I had the job of picking up the heart donuts for our team. It made me very happy to know that I was going to make everyone so happy. It’s the small joys, friends!


We’ve all been stuffy this week. And I decided one night to try and sleep off the crud, so I went to bed early.  I told Tyler and Remi goodnight at like 7:30 and went to bed. A few minutes later, my doorknob turned and Remi came in. Sweet girl brought me one of her lovies to make me feel better! Her caring heart is so beautiful!


Life is good!