Fun at the Fair

Fun at the Fair

The Oklahoma/Arkansas State Fair was in town, so we HAD to go. Remi loved the county fair, and this was bigger. The week’s forecast called for rain (even though it ended up clearing up), we were afraid of not having a good night….so we took advantage of the nice weather on Monday. On buddy arm band night (one of the busiest nights). But it was still fun


She talked and talked and talked about the train. And she rode it several times.


She chose Mimi as her ride buddy (no need for us all to buy armbands). They had fun on the train.


But that was about it.  She did manage to ride two other rides, but she didn’t love them. (She was trying to be brave and go on two others, but she’s just 35 inches and too short to ride everything).


She did LOVE all the bouncy houses! This one was an obstacle course and really fun.


We let her play this game because they had some Paw Patrol toys, and then she went and chose a different prize. Ha! Kids are unpredictable.

But this game was a “you can’t lose” game, which is best for a little to just have some fun.


We watched the puppet show a couple times and did more bouncy houses.


After dinner, we told her she had to be brave and try something else BEFORE she rode the train again, and she went down the slide. Tears ensued. Bless her.


But another train ride and some cotton candy meant she was a happy girl at the end of the night.

This was her first cotton candy I think. She asked twice “I can eat it?” and she liked it.


Remi’s 3rd Birthday Party!

Remi’s 3rd Birthday Party!

We had Remi’s 3rd birthday party a little early (due to some family conflicts the weekends around her birthday). But it was PERFECTION.

We had it at a place nearby called Tiny Tumblers, and they did almost everything. They decorated according to our theme, had toys and tables set out, made goodie bags, and I just had to bring food.

We brought a cake (which, side story: Remi THE DAY I PICKED UP THE CAKE started saying she wanted the Paw Patrol “telescope” (aka periscope) on her cake, and she was disappointed that the tower/telescope wasn’t on her cake….so we had to go find a toy at Walmart to go on top to help with the disappointment. She wasn’t being bratty or anything, she legit said “I really wanted the telescope on my cake, mom. But it does have blue!” So I wanted to help. Super Zumba to the rescue!)

We also cut a big block of cheese into slices and then cut those into bones with a cookie cutter (from Amazon).


Plates and napkins from Oriental Trading, and the venue made water bottle labels.


I used dog bowls from the Dollar Tree to hold Cheetos and Scooby Snack graham cracker bones, and served fruit and corn dogs (baked frozen corndogs, held warm in my crockpot)


The room looked so cute! We set plates, napkins, forks and their bone cups (with added Paw Patrol stickers- both from Oriental Trading) at each kid’s spot.


Some details from her decorations! I loved them (and loved that I didn’t have to do it!)


Up by the front gift table was this cute little photo area. Had to get one of the birthday girl! (Shirt from Amazon. What would I do without Amazon?!)


I bought these felt Paw Patrol masks on Amazon and the kids sort of passed them around and would wear and then throw them down. ha! I wasn’t sure if these would be photo props or favors, but turns out that just playing with them was a hit. Remi loved the Ryder mask!


Tiny Tumblers had 4 different play areas- and we had it all to ourselves! Remi and Wyatt are great buds at school, and they loved the ball pit!


Lots of slides, a bouncy house, ride ons, and more fun all around. (for our memory book, that’s Grace and Levi in this pic, and Wyatt in the back)


There was also gymnastics equipment to play on! (Connor and Wyatt watching close)


So many exciting things to jump on! (with Amelia and Tristan)


This big horse was a hit! James loved it!


About 50 minutes in, we gathered the kids for snacks. (Avery, Grace, Remi, Wyatt, Levi and James)


Our other table of friends- Tristan, Avery, Connor and Amelia!


Remi was having a blast. Mask, sunglasses (also a favor), and a corndog.


We did cake and she was THE CUTEST and the most excited when we sang to her!


Then we played more! There was a room with kitchen stuff, baby doll stuff and a play house.


We opened presents (while most of the kids played) and Levi was very interested in helping. 🙂 She got a ton of Paw Patrol toys, some Play Doh toys and games, and loved them all.


The pogo stick from Nene was a hit with all the kids.


She had to be persuaded, but we took a few pics with friends.

Sweet Wyatt…


Avery, our long distance bestie.


With Gigi


And we had to grab one with baby cousin Hattie!


The mommas got in on the fun – me and Alden loved the masks!


And with Mimi!


And our birthday girl (before she was begging to go back and play! ha!)


When we got home, she dove into her gifts after nap. She loved her new Paw Patrol watch and was speaking to it like she was Ryder “To the lookout tower pups!”


And she kept wearing masks and playing all evening.


I can’t believe she’s 3! Where does time go?!

Super Fun Weekend at Home

Super Fun Weekend at Home

We needed some down time, and since Daddy decided to go check on his hunting spot before the season begins, Remi and I had a weekend at home.

Friday night (after curious George) I let her play past bedtime.

I got this ADORABLE dragon cape at TJ Maxx. She loves it!


And I love the cute bow on the tail.


As soon as she woke up Saturday, I decided we were gonna have a “yes” day. I wanted to enjoy the day and agree to reasonable things (when I might talk her out of some of her crazy ideas otherwise).

That meant swinging in our pajamas before 7 a.m. With her (naked) baby doll.


Then we played and painted.


And played some more. Every time she offered me to join, I jumped in.


Then we decorated cookies. With our aprons. She loves this. And she used almost an entire container of sprinkles (which I’m still sweeping up) but whatever, man. She’s only little once.


Then she wanted to go for a ride, so we drove up and down our long driveway with the window down after bath.


We found a dead butterfly in our garage, but she wanted to hold it and bring it inside. Ok! I love helping her explore, even if I’m TOTALLY bug-averse. I don’t want her to have my fears, so I lean into that.


Sunday morning was the same thing: playing outside for the sunrise.  She said “Momma, the sunset is booootiful! Come see” when she woke me up.

So we played before church.


She’s so fun and imaginative. I’m so thankful we had some down time to slow down and play and enjoy ourselves.

So Curious!

So Curious!

Our local children’s theater group put on a production of Curious George, and I’m SO glad we took Remi.

My mom always loved George and I’ve instilled a love for him to Remi, too (thanks to a book from Mimi).

She was SO excited to see him!


She was GLUED to the stage (almost) the entire hour-long performance. She was enthralled and would ask “Where’s George” when he went off the stage.


The cast was 6-14 (I think?  Maybe 6-12?) and they did an AMAZING job. The show was funny, the songs and dances were wonderful, and they were great little actors. I was impressed with them!


I love theater, and it’s so fun to introduce Remi to productions as well!