Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat

We had a great Halloween! We leaned into Remi’s love of Paw Patrol and went as the whole gang.

We got ready at home and had some extra time, so we played outside. Our Marshall was looking mighty cute!


We were Chase and Skye.  I made our vests from just standard fleece vests, but I bought the tags and hats on Etsy.


The wings also came from the lady who made the pup tags. Remi LOVES having wings to use for dress up.


Mimi was Rubble and Caitlyn got in the fun as Everest.


Gigi (as Rocky) was already at church helping to set up, but we were happy to find her!


It was realllly cold, so our church moved the Trunk or Treat inside the gym. Still SO fun to see all our friends and get candy!

Here’s the whole Paw Patrol Halloween crew!


Each booth had a big thing of candy. She really loved when she got to choose her own treats.


These are Gigi’s life group girls. They are so sweet to our Remi. They had a cute farm booth.


But the highlight was this stick horse to ride- it was Tyler’s from his childhood!


And our Chick-fil-a set up there giving our cows. She loved that, too.


Toy Story was by far the most popular costume. We saw LOTS of Buzz and Woody boys. But we loved hanging with our friends, who were Jessie, Woody, and Buzz.


We had so much fun together! I’m thankful for a community that comes together for things like this.


I always say I love our town the most on the 4th of July, Halloween and the Christmas parade. It just feels like small town perfection.

Halloween Festivities

Halloween Festivities

We had so much Halloween fun (which Remi would call “spooky,” her new favorite word!) that I have to split it into two posts.

For starters, we decided last minute to have an 80s Halloween Dance Fitness class. I emailed the ladies at work that come to the class, and Jenise and Becca showed up in style. It was fun to dress up in the middle of the work day and have a little extra fun!


We went on Tuesday to see our favorite baby girl, cousin Hattie! She’s getting SO big and Remi had fun playing with her. (This isn’t entirely Halloween related, other than it happened Halloween week).


At school, they hosted a Halloween party. I didn’t want her to wear her real costume, so Mimi came through with this awesome “Mr. Incredibles” dress. Remi loves watching The Incredibles. But funny girl- she saw this dress and said “I love it, but I need a Mr. Incredibles bow!” So I had my friend add an Incredibles logo to a big cheer bow.

Then we needed a mask. I had a black Zorro mask, but it was too big for her face. So then I tried cutting the elastic from it and making a soft one out of felt…but like Goldilocks, it was too small.

Thankfully, I remembered her pink superhero mask, and that did the trick.


We were able to dress up for work. We decided as a big team (of 70+ people) to do “Time Machine” and dress decades. Some people did other fun things, but here’s our work team.

I loved the people from Whoville! And then the group to the right were 70s Wheel of Fortune- so fun!

We had some 90s girls and the Village People and some cats. Love it all!


Becca and I were hippies. Peace!


After school and worked, we stopped by the nursing home to trick or treat from the residents, and Remi loved the “spooky” decorations!


Then we went home to get ready for the big event!

Halloween Potluck

Halloween Potluck

We gathered our friends for a little Halloween potluck. We made easy snack foods for dinner and let the kids play- bouncy house, football, swing set.

And of course, we had to dress up!  We are the Paw Patrol (Skye, Marshall and Chase)


With Rubble and Rocky! (Caitlyn will join us for actual Halloween, too!)


The kids painted pumpkins….


And bobbed for apples (which isn’t as fun or easy as it was when I was a kid! ha!)


Remi’s masterpiece!


We wanted to do smores but didn’t want to make a big bonfire, so we had a food-safe roasting log on our grill (our fire pit got a hole in it). Staci was an expert marshmallow roaster for the kids.


We played until dark and ended the night with 4-wheeler rides around the yard. So much fun!

These are the Days

These are the Days

Just capturing some memories….

Remi LOVES books, and she’s quick to memorize them. She was reading me The Very Hungry Caterpillar one afternoon.


She was with my mom, and I stopped to work out after work. They met me there to make the pass back to momma, and Remi wanted to jump into my workout. She isn’t allowed on the mat, but we let her play on the side. I am proud to set an example for her! I hope she always wants to be strong like momma!


She was VERY PARTICULAR about her hair this day. Two little buns, one that I had to redo because it wasn’t little enough, and two sparkly bows that she picked out.


She takes dance at school, and I love the pictures and videos they send us. She doesn’t wear a leotard because Miss Independent won’t ask for potty help and has accidents trying to get them off herself…so she gets to wear these cute little tank tops. I sort of love it even more!


Not Remi-releated, but I bought and LOVE Overtone’s Rose Gold for Brown Hair coloring conditioner. It gives my hair this awesome pink hue.


Daddy has worked a ton of Friday nights at games, so we went and took him dinner to see him. Remi LOVES her daddy and she thinks his big school is really neat.


Our imaginative girl set up this sweet tea party with Buzz and her tiny baby doll. So cute.


I took my Wednesday night Bible study ladies to Tulsa to the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. We’ve been studying Old Testament Feasts and they have exhibits on them.

We stopped at Jane’s for brunch first and mom got cinnamon rolls the size of her head! Ha!


But it was a beautiful day with these ladies learning more about our God and how He weaves everything together.


And to close this random long post….three different fall outfits from the past.

2018 and 2019.


And two shirts that have lasted us 3 years! 2017, 2018, and 2019!