Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication

Our church does baby dedications differently from most.  Most churches I know do dedications twice a year- Mother’s Day and Christmastime. However, ours does each baby separately.

We do a small prayer ceremony in church, and then a family ceremony after.

(Full honesty, I don’t love the way I look in these pics.  I feel like my face looks round and I feel big. Heck, I am at my heaviest non-pregnant adult weight right now…where I was years ago when I started to lose weight…but I want to be in the pictures. I want to have these memories. I’m happy and I want to be there. So non-flattering pics be damned, I’m in them and I’m posting them. We can’t all look like super models all the time).

Our sweet friend Beth took these pics from the balcony of Remi’s church dedication.

She had a big ol flower on her little head. I loved it!

My sweet friend Brandy came to watch. It’s a blessing to have friends who love your baby.

After church, the whole family came for lunch. Hardly any pics except for this one- Brad holding her for the first time finally! He didn’t have much of a choice, his FIL basically handed him the baby! Yay for cousin Brad!

We went back to church where our pastor did a lovely ceremony for us. He presented us with a Bible for her, a letter to give her when she accepts Christ, served Tyler and I the Lord’s Supper, and then we literally placed her on the alter and the family gathered to pray over her life. Very special.

And then we took pictures.

I love my husband for coordinating his shirt with us.

Our wonderful pastor. He married us, has counseled us through difficult times, and now helped us dedicate our daughter to the Lord.

The whole family. What a blessing to have them all there.

All the dedication means is that she is a gift from God, and we promised to lead her to know Him as she grows up. We were thanking God for her life and promising to raise her in His truth.

Such a special day!

Week 14 Highlights

Week 14 Highlights

This week and weekend were busy. Work and a full weekend’s worth of plans meant we were all catching up all week.

This meant that when I got home Saturday, somebody was sort of clingy. I didn’t hate it.

While I was gone on Saturday, she hung out with my MIL and then another family member came to visit. She was all smiles. I’m glad she’s a happy girl when I’m gone.

She is LOVING being upright. We’ve gotten a sit-me-up seat to try, but in the meantime, she spent some time in the corner of the couch munching on her teether.

When I get home at night, almost all evening is spent in the floor playing. I don’t hate it.

Mom took this picture of her.  My favorite picture, maybe ever. Those rosy cheeks and sweet smiling eyes.

When I get home, we talk. She babbles up a storm to tell me all about her day.

And while I work, they often meet me for lunch. She slept through lunch this particular day, but I loved that sweet monkey hat and that sleepy cheeked baby girl.

I can’t believe how fast she’s growing and changing and learning! Every day is a new adventure!

Three Months Old

Three Months Old

Baby girl, you’re 3 months old! Holy cow!

We thankfully haven’t needed the doctor this month, so it’s just a home weight and measurement. On our home scale she’s 12.5 lbs and around 23 inches.

This month, she’s still wearing 0-3 clothing and size 1 diapers. Her face looks round and full, but her body is still petite. All my friends’ babies who were born around the same time are starting to move on to 3-6 months clothing, but I think we will get another month or two in 0-3.

She’s still eating 4 ounces every 3-4 hours during the day, but we average now 7-8 hours at first go at night. She goes to bed around 8:30-9, wakes up between 3 and 5 a.m., then back down until 7 or 8.

She falls asleep easily at night if she is drowsy but awake at bedtime. Naps are ok-ish. She still prefers to be awake and playing, but will nap if held or if laid down swaddled after a bottle (like at bedtime).  My favorite is napping together on the couch when I get home.

Some Remington facts this month:

She’s grasping toys like a champ. We got several rattles for Christmas and she is holding and shaking them well.

She LOVES when Pippin is near her. He licks her hands (which we discourage, but he’s a wiry little thing that doesn’t listen) and she smiles big.

She’s becoming the MOST CALM baby. Who knew!? She was pretty fussy and high strung her first month of life, but now she’s chilled out. She was the only quiet baby at the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.

She LOVES to sit up. She has to be assisted, like in our laps or in the corner of the recliner, but she loves it.

She is getting great at laying on her side for a few minutes at a time.

She talks A LOT. The funniest was her talking up a storm during church. Happy squeals. She also started “talking” to the baby she sees in the car mirror.

My favorite things is how she smiles and interacts with me when I sing to her.  It’s the sweetest.

She is doing much better in her car seat. In fact, we took a trip to Tulsa that was almost crying-free.

She enjoys baths now that I wash her hair separately (we do sink washes for hair- and she LOVES the sprayer on her head. Like, sister is at the salon getting a head massage.) Doesn’t always love after bath lotion time, but getting better with that thanks to a lotion warmer.

She loves getting dressed and undressed.  Big smiles during that time.

She is consistently rolling from belly to back now. And she is tucking her chin and curling her legs to attempt rolling back to belly….it should happen this month for sure.

She likes play. Doesn’t love just passively being held. Prefers rattles, toys, playtime, looking around.  Can’t live without her play mat. She spends hours there a day.

Nicknames include Remi Roo, Wemi Woo, big girl, fuss bucket, RG Lee, sugar pie, Tootie Toot.

I went back to work which was an adjustment for us all, but I just get lots of snuggles and playtime when I get home.

Remi, you are such a joy. We are so proud of you. Happy first quarter year of life!

Week 13 Highlights

Week 13 Highlights

Sweet girl, another week has come and gone. And such fun we’re having!

She looked THE CUTEST last Sunday at church in this romper. I died.


I was back to work full time in the office, so Mom kept her a couple of days. Gavin was in visiting, so he was there to help. He was teaching her all about tummy time! ha! He may have fallen asleep playing with her in the floor. img_1580

She’s found her hands in full force. Always chomping on them.img_1564

The few days she was at home with Tyler, I get sweet pics like this. img_1582

Coming home and hanging with my girl is the new highlight of my day. Rocking her to sleep is even sweeter now. img_1579

We had Remi’s first snow! I had to go into work, but when I got home, we went outside for a minute.  She felt the snow and LOVED the marshmallow world. img_1616

She’s doing SO good holding onto toys. These little disc rattles are a fave.img_1601

Look at this snow monkey! So happy out in the crisp air!img_1613

I can’t believe we are 13 weeks into her little life! We are having so much fun!