Backyard Fun

Backyard Fun

Oh the Arkansas weather has allowed us some outside fun this fall. It was in the 60s one afternoon and I wanted to grill for dinner. So we went and got some toys out of the barn.

I bought these when I was pregnant at the Growing Kids Sale, and she LOVED having her own playground.

This slide is so tiny, but she can get up and down it without any help, so she loved it. And it was low enough when she did fall, she wasn’t hurt and wasn’t freaking out.

She did eventually get over the zebra, and we have a video. She LOVED bouncing on it. Hoping for more nice days to play outside soon!

Thanksgiving with Grandpa

Thanksgiving with Grandpa

We started our Thanksgiving celebrations early with dinner at my dad’s nursing home.

It’s not ideal, and I wish we were all together and there was no such thing as Alzheimer’s, but I’m thankful they put on a nice family night and that dad was having a good day.

I had to get some Remi pics before we left. I love this little turkey outfit!

She was very interested in Grandpa’s cool chair. Dad loved her playing with him. He just smiled.

We had a good dinner. The food was actually really great and dad ate a whole piece of pie for me! He even kissed me on the cheek a couple times when we were leaving. Sweet memories.

Mom and I have talked and there is some sadness because the holidays aren’t what they used to be. We’re missing Gram and Grandpa and dad. We live in different places. It used to be that like 20 of us piled into our home, but this year it’s just like 5 of us. But that’s ok. Love is love and it’s great to share family, no matter who is there.

Morning Snapshots

Morning Snapshots

Most mornings, I take Remi’s picture. I mean, I would anyway because, have you seen her? Adorable. But most mornings I take pictures to send to Tyler. He’s usually either working or asleep when we leave. Here are some fun pics from the last couple of weeks.

She was up early thanks to the time change, so we had time to play (most school mornings, it’s a little snuggle, new diaper/clothes, milk and out the door).

She loves to “help” with the laundry while I get our bags together.

I was doing dishes. She was mad she couldn’t get in the child-proofed cabinets.

This hooded onesie.  I died.

Weekend morning- extra snuggles. She’s loving taking selfies and seeing herself.

Sunday morning picture. Now that she’s walking, our front walkway is a great photo spot. Expect to see more of it. She walks down it and I can take her picture, where in the house there are too many distractions. ha!

A little kitchen playing while I got things together for the day. The whale spout hair kills me.

Milk face. Big smile. Love her so much.

An outfit pic for us both. And her sticking her tongue out for her selfie. Silly girl.

The happiest baby on the block

The happiest baby on the block

This past week or so, she’s been the happiest. We thought she was pleasant before, but getting tubes has just changed her life.

I loved this sweet dress on her before church!

And it was pretty cold that morning, so we wore this ADORABLE bunny jacket. It’s honestly too big and she probably won’t wear it again until next year, but it’s so cute!

A little Sunday night football watching…

And then some park playing because it was so nice out.

On Halloween, she wore her cute Halloween dress (thanks to the thermometer for keeping her attention so I could snag a pic.)

And I can’t even with this little ham. She’s a mess.

Such fun!

*Week 54, maybe? I’m losing count. ha!