37 Week Highlights

37 Week Highlights

Oh this week was so fun!

Daycare/school had spirit week…so we had lots of fun with that!

Crazy hair day (a little hair spray on her brush and we had some fun hair!)

We bought Daddy some “dad” themed baby books so they could read together.  He did bedtime stories on Monday night because I didn’t feel well (had an ER visit Monday morning and have pleurisy). They are adorable together.

Crazy sock day at school.  Good thing I set her clothes out the night before because Grammy got her ready for school since we were at the hospital.

Sunday we had lunch with daddy since it was Father’s Day.

And Sunday I discovered that I love matching outfits.  As long as she doesn’t complain about it, we’re doing it.

Saturday evening, we hung out at home because Ty was working overtime. Love my snotty girl (allergies are rough, yo).

Saturday during the day, we had lots of play time together. And how about that watermelon romper?

Saturday morning, we met up with my half brother to visit with dad. It was his first time meeting Remi. She thought his leather vest was pretty neat.

Saturday morning we met up with some friends for breakfast and the Farmer’s Market. Remi and Melody enjoyed playing and talking at breakfast. So sweet!

We attempted the sock monkey hat for mix and match day.

No go. Haha

So we settled on a bow.

Sweet girl sadly got another ear infection this week. But other than a little fussiness and snuggles, you wouldn’t know. 

She is recovering well and we had a great week despite a little sickies.

36 Week Highlights

36 Week Highlights

So much growing and learning this week! More “baby tricks” and laughs together.

On Monday, I was meeting some friends for dinner and Tyler was tied up with the air conditioner repairmen…so mom came over to occupy Remi until bedtime so I could still go to dinner. Remington looks SO long here. She’s been on the taller side, but seeing all 28 inches stretched out, she looks so big!

We are loving our cute clothes from RicRac & Ruffles big Memorial Day sale. We had this one monogrammed. The red knees are permanent from her crawling everywhere all the time.

I texted this picture to a couple people saying “Tonight, dinner won.” SO messy. Love it so much.

We’ve officially outgrown the 6 month sleepers.  Tall girl.

We went to the waterpark over the weekend. She enjoyed it even more this time. She also took a killer nap with Gigi while mama floated the lazy river alone.

And she looked so stinking cute in her swim suit! ha!

We spent Wednesday evening at the nursing home for their Father’s Day dinner.  Sweet smiles from everyone.

And Remi LOVED the attention from the older girls.

Thursday she had a luau at school. She looked adorable when we left….

But sister wasn’t feeling her portrait at school.

She’s so mobile! Guess I have to baby proof now.  She climbed up on her drum trying to get to the drum sticks.  We only use those when we play together and she wanted them.

Friday evening we had some family over for a cookout. We took her play sink and filled it with water for a little water play. She LOVED splashing and making a mess.

She may not look like it here, but she loved playing with Heather!

Such a fun week together!

35 Week Highlights

35 Week Highlights

Remington is getting such a fun little personality. She’s easy going, observant, and so smiley.

We had a BBQ on our back porch Friday. The weather was perfection, our back porch is wonderfully shaded. She enjoyed playing while I cooked and then we all ate outside. Daddy got the best smiles out of our girls.


She’s still eating SO good. She’s loving just about everything (peanut butter toast wasn’t a hit). She went to town on some farm grown tomatoes.

She figured out she can get into her toy box. She just let herself in and started digging!

We were SO excited that our shoes are fitting for church! She doesn’t wear shoes most days to daycare (they end up off anyway) but I’m totally making her wear her cute shoes on the weekends.

On my birthday shopping trip, I dressed her up to the nines. She looked so cute and everyone at the mall loved her jelly sandals.

Goodness life is fun with our girl!

34 Week Highlights

34 Week Highlights

Oh little bug, what fun we are having. You are just the highlight of every day!

She went to daycare looking SO cute. And she wouldn’t put down that ball for anything to take a picture.

We are trying to be so intentional with reading at night to encourage that sweet babbling to turn into talking. She was really into Corduroy!

She’s having a messy blast eating dinner.  Lots of self-feeding finger foods. Black beans and blackberries were a big mess, and a hit!

I captured these selfies to show what snuggle time looks like these days. We smile and laugh and then she grabs my hair and my face. Gotta love it.

She didn’t nap great last week, so we had some early bedtimes. While I don’t love cutting our evenings short, I know she needs that rest to grow!