Family Filled Weekend (and First Steps!)

Family Filled Weekend (and First Steps!)

We had a GREAT weekend with almost all of our family!

It started with dinner last Friday night with Tyler’s side of the family. There’s a taco place that we love- and we all enjoyed dinner. Grandpa couldn’t believe Remi ate her whole cheese quesadilla (and some rice and beans)!

Brad is Tyler’s cousin’s husband. She was out of town, but we were so glad Brad came. Remi loves him. Hopefully she can help him catch baby fever! 🙂 ha!

The next morning we headed to Hot Springs to see my family. We had lunch and did some shopping with Sandy, Nene, Caitlyn and Luke. And then we stopped by Uncle Neil’s.

Remi LOVED his fancy chair.

In fact, as she played with the wheels and stuff, she suddenly stepped away and took her first steps! I really thought she was a while away from walking because she’s just so cautious, but turns out she was ready!

We got home late, but Remi was a champ with adjusting naps and sleep for the day. She’s so easygoing it’s so easy to travel with her.

We were so thankful to spend the weekend with family. I want her to grow up feeling as loved as she is!

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

We had a super fun Halloween! Our little town does a great job of making it fun and safe. They set up stations on the walking trail (high school clubs, civic organizations, businesses, etc) and you trick-or-treat at the booths. As we walked around, we saw LOTS of friends and loved it.

Then there were two trunk or treats within walking distance of the trail. We didn’t get much candy since Remi can’t eat it all yet (though some people demanded we take candy anyway!), but it was a fun night.

We were Ghostbusters and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I made our shirts and we bought Remi’s costume months ago while at the party store for a date night.

She LOVED seeing all the people. She was into the costumes.

We loved seeing sweet friends passing out candy.

And she did get to eat (part of) a sucker. She loves them!

One family we know were also dressed like Ghostbusters, and their dog was the same as Remi. She LOVES dogs and was obsessed with Duke!

The weather was a little cold and drizzly, but we all had on two layers of clothing, so the bottom layer stayed dry. It didn’t ruin our fun at all!

The sweet girl passed out on the drive home. Too much fun!

Remington’s First Birthday

Remington’s First Birthday

We had a BLAST for Remi’s first birthday.

I wanted pictures of the day, but I also wanted to enjoy it, because let’s be honest, first birthdays are for mommas. So my sweet photographer friend Jade took pictures for us.

Remi took THE LONGEST nap that afternoon and I had to wake her up to get ready for the party!

She was so happy!


All of her favorite people were there! She loved visiting with everyone.1W0A5246

We started with gifts. She was very interested in the paper.1W0A52791W0A5291

We had a circus theme. So fun! We have a circus nursery and we had three carnival baby showers, so this was my turn to throw a circus party!

1W0A5239 - Copy1W0A5236 - Copy1W0A5230 - Copy1W0A5228 - Copy

I love this picture of her. Sums up her sweet silly personality!


We asked people to bring the bigger gifts put together so she could already play with. She LOVED this ride on giraffe.1W0A5367 - Copy

She got a piano, and sweet Ella was helping her play it.1W0A5397 - Copy

Momma and daddy got her this princess carriage. She loved riding it around the house!1W0A5437 - Copy

This was our whole gang. So thankful for these family and friends!1W0A5461 - Copy1W0A5474

Then it was cake time. SO much fun!1W0A55591W0A5629

We are so blessed with this happy, silly, easy-going adventurous girl in our lives. Happy birthday, baby girl!

Cutest Pumpkin at the Patch

Cutest Pumpkin at the Patch

One day when the weather was nice, we headed to Wild Things Farm for a visit the pumpkin patch!

We did a little hayride, and Remi LOVED the chugga chugga tractor.

Then we stopped to visit the animals.

The goats were her fave.  She pet a few smaller ones and waved at the bigger ones. SO MUCH WAVING.IMG_3566

They had a big tube swing and a tire swing, and she liked those.


But her favorite was the big slide with Daddy!IMG_3591IMG_3590

She was 28.5 inches this fall. 🙂


When it came time to pick a pumpkin, she totally did.


But we think she’s the cutest pumpkin at the patch!