11 Months Old

11 Months Old

To quote one of my favorite musicals, Rent, “How did we get here?” I can’t believe it’s the home stretch on this first year. I’m feeling it. There are days I just squeeze her tighter and smell her baby smell (can I make her use baby shampoo until she’s a teenager so she always smells this way?). And there are days I’m so proud of how she’s growing and learning and can’t wait for more.

This month she weighs 19.5 lbs (we were at the doctor about a week ago – ALL THE EAR INFECTIONS) and she was just over 19 lbs, so I’m sure we are halfway to 20 now. She’s still hanging steady at 27 inches or so.  She’s still solidly in size 3 diapers. I tried moving her up and the 4s were too big. She’s wearing anywhere from 3-6 month clothing to 12 and even a few 18m things. Her pajamas are now solidly 12m (except the feet are HUGE ha!).  She can wear size 2 shoes or 6-9m shoes. But she likes chewing on her shoes, so we don’t wear them foten.

She is still eating 5 bottles a day, but she’s sort of weaning herself as there are a couple bottles she doesn’t finish completely. She eats great. The only foods she doesn’t go to town on are eggs and bell peppers- otherwise she LOVES all food. She loves meat, berries, green veggies, pasta, cheese…girl loves her food. Still not very interested in sippy cups but loves straw cups.

She still hasn’t had any issues at drop off (school or church) and loves going to people. She is happy as long as other people are around. Her sweet teachers say she’s just a joy (and we would agree!)

She gives high fives now, which is ADORABLE. She can throw/roll the ball and is playing with the dogs and their toys. She LOVES the dogs. She gets so happy when they come in to wake her up in the mornings.

She pulls up on everything and even free stands for several seconds at a time. LOTS of babbling. She still just says mama, baba, dada, and up. No new words yet.

Her favorite toys are balls, her dolly and her play table. She spends LOTS of time walking around it and playing with everything. She’s bobbing to the music more now, too, which I love.

Still just 6 teeth, but her doctor thinks her molars are coming through. I dunno, but I do feel one lower and one upper hard under her gums. She still loves getting her teeth brushed.

She loves when she lays her head down on us and we say “Aw, so sweet!” She’s realized that’s a bit of a game. She also still loves physical play- upside down, tickling, movement.

Strangers always comment about her beautiful eyes, how observant she is, and her sweet smile.

She is just the most fun. We love every moment with her.

Her nicknames include: RG, Remi, Roo bug, Bug, Bunny. Narrowing them down. ha!

Remington, I can’t believe in a month you’ll be 1! We will cherish this last month of babyhood but we look forward to you growing and becoming who God made you to be. You are the light of our lives. We look forward to your sweet smile when you wake up, your silliness, and watching you experience life. We are so proud of you and are so thankful you’re ours.

Week 48 Highlights

Week 48 Highlights

This week was a little harder than most because I was gone for a work trip for 3 nights. Remi did great with daddy and the grandmas, but it was hard on momma being so far away!

Before I left, we had a fun weekend! We went to the lake to swim with our women’s ministry!

Me and my water bug.

The water was a little cool, but she still loved it!

We all had a picnic lunch together, and everyone loved her little camping chair. ha!

Of course, we took some silly pics to send to daddy one morning…

And before church on Sunday, I tried to get pics of this active girl!  Look at that balance!


I finally had to hold her to get a pic. So silly!


I loved her and Pippin playing together. They are gonna be the best of friends!


She gave daddy BIG smiles at dinner one night.

And then I left town, but everyone kept the pics coming.  She spent one night with Gigi and enjoyed breakfast at the big table.

My silly girl.

Daddy sent me this pic one morning.  I kindly reminded him to brush her hair and put pants on her. ha!

She’s so wide eyed and wonderful. Love.

Picking her up at school Friday was the best. She was SO EXCITED to see momma. I am glad to be home!

Week 47 Highlights

Week 47 Highlights

Holy cow! Where is time going? Five weeks until you’re ONE!

I’m trying hard to savor these moments as they fly by!

Saturday was a busy day for us both, but we spent most of the day apart. Nancy took Remi to visit some family while I took care of some things I don’t ever have time for.

She LOVED all the attention and fun. She and Grandpa had a fun time, and they saw lots of family including Uncle Dwight (pretty sure that’s his finger she’s pulling) and Uncle Joe and Aunt Verlene.

Grandpa is so smitten with this little girl.

We spent Saturday evening together and she had a little trouble falling asleep. I wonder if her molars are coming in? Either way, she was ready to play Sunday morning!

Sunday she wore her buttefly romper (again…I love it!) and did some playing before church.

We were together in the floor (and I wasn’t ready yet). I was trying to get her pic to send to Daddy, so I had my camera on. She crawled over and gave me the BIGGEST SWEETEST KISS EVER. I snapped a pic. It’s not flattering of me, but I don’t care. I love this.

She was SO HAPPY at lunch after church. She was playing with Grammy and was laughing it up.

Sunday evening, she and daddy got some time together (since he had worked overtime over the weekend, he was gone at bedtime all weekend) and they read a counting book. He’s just the best with her.

And these pics aren’t flattering, but they are memories. Family snuggle time on the couch! I love my people.

I’m teaching her the art of the outfit selfie. 🙂  I got to wear a Hanson shirt to work, so it was a good day.

She was a ham a LOT this week. Silly girl!

We sometimes take morning videos for daddy when he’s working.  She was being SO silly during this one.

She helped Daddy fix her toy. So big!

Before her ear follow up, she got to come say hi to my work friends. She loved our seating area! (and thank goodness, ear infection is gone!)

Next week may be a little limited since I’m gone for part of the week for work. Hopefully daddy and the grandmas will send me lots of pictures!

Week 46 Highlights

Week 46 Highlights

This week felt like it zoomed by! We had a few extra things that kept us busy (family dinner, new church routine) but we still had lots of fun together. I know I say that a lot. We do have fun. We are so blessed to have this girl’s sweet smile every day. There are hard days, like Saturday. Friday night she was up for half the night. I don’t know why. She wasn’t sick. Saturday we were both tired and a little cranky, so it’s a good thing she looked cute.

That Peter Pan collar killed me. Adorable.  She took a good morning nap (I tried, but dogs and doorbells kept me awake) and then we ran some errands in town.

We added some ankle weights to her push walker (at the recommendation of my amazing friend Amber, who is a pediatric PT) and she does great pushing it!

Sunday was a much better day. Thankfully, she (and me!) slept great Saturday night. So we got lots of morning smiles Sunday morning.

We got her ready for church and then she napped while I got ready. Love this little tree frog!

I will be sad next year when she grows out of the romper style.  This is my favorite brand, Ric Rac and Ruffles and I wish I had money to buy every outfit! They are so cute!

This is another RRR that I bought months ago that finally fit. It’s a 18m (but this style fits smaller!- she’s usually in 9-12 stuff now) but she looked SO BIG in this outfit!

One evening, she was fussing since it was bedtime (girl lets us know when she’s ready to sleep. She hardly ever fusses until she’s tired) and as soon as I got the camera out to capture her snuggling with daddy, she started being a ham. So crazy!

She had her first spaghetti dinner (ok, they were spirals, but still…noodles and red sauce)

One morning before school, she and Pippin played.  She grabbed his toy and played with him.  They have been buds, but this was the first play interaction I’ve seen. It was adorable!

We had some Friday selfies before work and school to send Daddy a pic. Silly girl!

That week’s a wrap! On to more fun and learning and growing!