Weekend Recap: Trophy, Explosion, and Moving

I started my weekend off really exciting….I got to 60% of the way through the Bible Friday morning!  I LOVE that my app keeps track of the % you have read…its really motivating.

We had a food day at work, which means the diet was thrown out the window. Ooops! After a good day at work, I went to Tyler’s shop to see the progress of moving out…and they were so empty!  It was kind of sad to see the shop (that we’ve worked so hard on for 4 years) empty.  We spent a good part of the weekend moving stuff to our house (and HELP! It’s overtaking my house!)

We ate dinner at Patron with the family Friday evening, and then came home and crashed after all that moving.

Saturday morning, I headed from my small town to an even smaller town nearby for a Relay for Life 5K.  My dad and SIL have had cancer, so Relay for Life is close to my heart.  It was a VERY tiny event…with homemade race bibs!

I got all suited up and ran the race.  It was SUPER cold (30 degrees and spitting snow!), but I ran it. 

The funniest thing was that there were only 40 people registered…and because of the cold…only about half of those showed up.  And most of them were walkers.  So I won a 2nd place female trophy! ha!  But I’m proud of that trophy because I branched out to run this by myself….ran it (even in the cold!) and finished. Boom.

I came home, showered, ate breakfast…and ran out to do some errands.  I needed new base, so I went to Ulta.  Well, everyone working there was busy (and being totally unhelpful) so they told me that I was welcome to test the foundation myself, and she showed me the sponges.  Well, the bottle was broken and it literally exploded ALL over me.  On my shirt, in my hair, and on my purse.

They just stood there looking at me.  I was REALLY calm, saying…”It’s ok…” but their answer was “You can go to the salon and rinse out your shirt.”  Um yeah, because a soaking wet, stained shirt is better than a stained shirt.  I think I’ll pass.  They didn’t even offer me a discount or anything!  Boo, Ulta!

Sunday was a SUPER full day.

I had a great Life Group lesson…and then church was taught by Charles Lowery.  He was AMAZING.  He talked about conquering fear in life.  It was wonderful.  So wonderful, that we came back to hear his other two lessons after Zumba.

I taught my last Zumba Toning class of this session…and it was awesome.  Like 25-30 people showed up!  So thankful!

Then after, we went back to church to hear Dr. Lowery speak about parenting.  Sure, we don’t have kids (yet) but hopefully someday we will…so we wanted to hear his message. It was funny, because some people were like “Are you expecting?” since we were there. ha!

Then the evening service was about marriage.  His message was very similar to this.  Check it out and be blessed!

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

Goodbye, Business Ownership

Well, on Thursday evening, Tyler signed the paperwork selling his business.

He owned a motorcycle shop (doing sales, parts, and service) but the time had come to sell it…and the buyer jumped on board pretty quickly….and before we knew it, he sold it.

He sold all the inventory to a local competitor (a great deal for that guy…buy out your competitor!), and he left us quite a bit of stuff.  He didn’t want a few motorcycles (meaning we have an AWESOME cruiser to drive around all Spring and Summer before we sell it…and several things to sell independently), and some non-essential stuff (like fridge, canopy, tables, etc).

We also are getting to keep his mechanic building.  It was a little one-car garage metal building…and the buyer didn’t want it.  So, once we get some concrete poured, we will move it out to our house. Hello extra garage/storage/work space!. (We will just ignore the fact that pouring concrete and moving buildings isn’t cheap. ha!).

Tyler is retaining his business name and dealer’s license, so technically those doors are still open….but we are probably going to look for more open doors at this time.

I’m so proud of my husband to have started this business, made is successful, and sold it for a profit. That is a HUGE accomplishment!

The shop was doing well, but Tyler was getting burnt out.  He was there every hour it was open…and that just takes a toll on you.  He was never able to take “time off” because the shop was always on his mind.  Holidays were spent picking up motorcycles while we were visiting my family in another town…evenings were spent browsing Craigslist for deals…or if he left someone else in charge, he was always getting phone calls and dealing with things remotely. So, we struck while the iron was hot and sold it while their was interest.

It is bittersweet.  He has had the shop since March 2009…so for almost 4 years. It is all he has done since graduating college (how awesome is he that he graduated and opened his own business!).  So we aren’t 100% sure what is next for him, and for us…but I know God has big plans.

God was SO faithful in bringing us a buyer for the shop…so I know He will continue his blessings in showing Tyler where to head next.

Tyler will take a few weeks to get all the loose ends tied up (moving inventory out, selling non-essential stuff, moving the building, etc.) and then the job search begins.

Would you be praying for Tyler as he transitions?  I know it must be hard to go from owning your own business (the stress, mental fatigue, responsibilities), to this time of uncertainty.  Pray that I can be the most supportive wife during this time, and that we are good stewards of our money during this transition time.

We will miss you, Rock Solid Powersports!  But we are excited to see what life has in store for us next!

Quick Road Trip

We took a quick trip to Dallas and back. Tyler’s auction was Friday, and I didn’t have school, so I went with! It was a fun, fast road trip. We talked and laughed and sang to the radio the whole way to Dallas. We had a nice relaxing evening at the hotel, and then got up SUPER early to go the auction.
This place amazes me everytime I’m there. It is a HUGE warehouse just stacked wall to wall with motorcycles, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, golf carts, and UTVs. Basically, if it rolls (or once rolled) and isn’t a car….its here. They also have a few jet skis and boats and trailers outside too.

It is astonishing to see the auction. They have 3 different auctions simultaneously going on in different areas of the room (one for Harley, one for metric bikes (non-Harleys) and one for off -road stuff (dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, golf carts). They sell about 70 items per hour…and from 8-2ish…the auction goes on. They sell everything in that warehouse in about 6 hours. I love to listen to the auctioneers…its so fast and fun!

Tyler had a problem actually buying items because they do a lot of Internet selling, and those people bidding online were bidding things a bit too expensive for him. But he did have great luck SELLING a bike there. He brought an item down that just hasn’t moved at his shop, and it sold for more than he wanted/needed.

And he did find a great dirt bike to buy while we were in town, so he bought and sold….and made it a good trip for his business. And a good trip for us. But we were excited to get home to Mikey. We can keep him! 🙂 Mikey was soooo excited to see us yesterday…he just ran circles around our legs for a long time. It made us so happy to see him too!

Go Baby Go!

Last night, we went to the fairgrounds for an off road race. It was a little cold, but they turned on a big heater under the stands….so me and Tyler’s uncle and nieces were nice and toasty watching while the boys were racing!
Both Tyler and JJ (his mechanic) did well. They both won and lost races. It was so exciting to see Tyler win a race! 🙂 He raced four wheelers last night…and he did so great!

I am posting two videos…Tyler winning the race…and his helmet cam. The helmet cam gives a really neat view of the race. Too cool!

Today, we were lazy, and it was great! We slept in, went to lunch, shopping at Walmart, and came home and watched disc 1 of the first season of Lie to Me. We really like that show…and we are working our way through the first two seasons from Netflix.

Also, at Walmart today….we got Christmas stuff! We bought lights for our little tree…and boxes to wrap presents. I can’t wait to decorate and start celebrating! Yay for the holidays!