Friday Five: Fun Things This Week

Friday Five: Fun Things This Week

This week has been a little slower, which is nice.

It’s about time to slow down. I’ve been able to rest some, do some cleaning, and get a few things done.

Here are 5 things from this calm week:

  1. I saw this shirt on Zulily. It looked like Pippin and I HAD to have it. It may be slightly inappropriate, but I had to have it.

2016-08-18 08_25_45-Orders _ zulily.png


2. There are two new podcasts that I found this week that I’m liking:


The Room Where It’s Happening is a great Hamilton fan podcast. They are featuring celebs talking about Hamilton. The first episode had Adam Savage from Mythbusters!  Also, Science VS is great. It’s from Gimlet (who has several great podcasts) and goes into scientific arguments about hot topics. I enjoyed their gun debate and the talk about attachment parenting.

3. I’m trying to eat dates. Some research has shown that eating dates can help you go into labor naturally…so I’m eating dates (anything to help get this bebe out!).  They are a little sweet for me to eat straight up, and some of the date ball recipes have too many carbs.  I’ve adapted this one to fit my gestational diabetes diet…and the lemon cuts the sweetness perfectly.  Pretty good! I am digging my lemon date bites.

4. This week I’m loving Bethany at Doulas of Northwest Arkansas. We hired her to do some in-home birth classes (I was worried Tyler would have to miss the traditional hospital class due to work) and we have LOVED getting to know her and learn from her.  While we aren’t using her for traditional birth doula services, we are taking advantage of some of the pre- and post-partum support they offer.  This is not sponsored, I have just really enjoyed the partnership with her and their company. Super professional, understanding, and not overly “crunchy hippie” as far as doulas go. She has been very supportive and understanding and open. If you’re having a baby in NWA or the River Valley, call them.  Even if you don’t want a doula at your birth, they have lots of supportive options.

5. The funeral for Cpl Bill Cooper was this week. Tyler actually had to work on the day of the funeral, so he didn’t get to attend…and I didn’t think I could attend my first LEO funeral alone. I was able to listen to the livestream online. Many officers came to town for the procession, which was over an hour of police and law enforcement vehicles from around the country (Tyler says he saw Chicago and Florida!). There were pictures of people lining the procession route to pay respects to him, his family, and the LEO community. The most touching photo was of children from a school- and the photographer said they stood saluting and with hands over hearts for the entire hour procession.  Brings tears to my eyes! Sweet kids. 13995504_1048885335207122_1627546974558491485_o.jpg

How was your week? We have big weekend plans- hospital birth class and a baby shower! Woohoo!




Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Weekend

Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was a little more full than I wanted at first. I wanted to have lots of time to lay around and be lazy. But we filled it up- which turned out to be not so bad!

Saturday, I did sleep in some and then mom and I headed to NWA to do some shopping. We got a heck of a deal at Loft (Memorial Day sales, birthday discounts, and rewards) and got $300 worth of stuff for $100!  We also hit up Fresh Market where I found cookie dough that’s made to be eaten raw! A pregnant girl’s dream!

I almost had an “I’m an Internet Meme” moment. I was wearing this shirt that says “I’m Super Pregnant” and while at Fresh Market I was looking at the pickles (yes, stereotypical) and some teens were laughing at this funny sight and went to take a picture. I ran off FAST. NOT today, teenagers. I will not be a meme today.

Sunday we had church, then I ran home for a quick 30 minute nap. Gotta nap on Sundays! Then mom and I drove to Hot Springs for a birthday dinner with the family. We celebrated my uncle Neil and my birthdays together.  

First birthday celebration down!

Monday I got a massage and then spent the day doing housework and projects. I did manage some doggie snuggles in between!  

I got the hanging organizer set up in the nursery closet. It’s not finished, but it’s up. Let the organizing begin!

And of course, since it’s birthday week, I had to have some of my fave birthday Oreos!  

I also put the pom poms on a lamp shade for the nursery. I saw a lamp sort of like this for a lot of money that I loved. But I wasn’t going to spend $60 on a lamp…so $20 lamp + $3 in trim. Close enough!

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

Britt went Shopping

Britt went Shopping

I do online shopping pretty frequently…but it had been a while since I had been to a store and browsed.

Ok. I lied. I did hit up TJ Maxx a few weeks ago at lunch.

But a nice store? It had been a while.

Monday after work I ventured into Dillards.

And I was SO happy.

One of my favorite brands, Gibson Latimer, had a HUGE sale rack.

And I scored.

I got all of this stuff on sale. Like 40-60% off.

A CUTE white button up tank with a fun flowy accent.

2015-04-22 09_00_21-Gibson & Latimer Cascade Blouse _


And black joggers.  And man are they comfy.  And I dressed them up for work.  They are funky and fun and I love them.

2015-04-22 08_59_50-Gibson & Latimer Soft Crepe Track Pants _


And I’m in love with this print.  They had this print in jogger pants.  I’m keeping an eye on them if the price drops, they’re mine.

2015-04-22 08_59_08-Gibson & Latimer Watercolor Chevron Blouse _


And this ADORABLE skirt.  It’s a little fuller than the pic shows.  It’s flowy and perfect.  I’m wearing it tomorrow to a luncheon at the governor’s mansion (fancy!).  I love it.



So Britt went shopping.  And got these awesome things on sale.

Have you found anything fun lately?


Friday Five: Things You NEED to Know

Friday Five: Things You NEED to Know

Ok kids, here are five things you need to know on this Friday.

1. I got my hair done. (ok, so you didn’t NEED to know that…but I wanted you to know).


I went in wanting it shorter (I can’t stand my hair below my shoulders)…and I wanted it colored. I pretty much let my stylist decide what we were doing.  We did caramel blonde balayage with thicker highlights up front, and she used a blush toner on it for more of a warm/reddish color in the highlights.

2. You love your emoji keyboard, right?  Well, you need Riffsy.  Riffsy is a GIF keyboard, so you can easily send fun gifs to friends. It’s easy to install and boom, you’re sending all the gifs you want. Currently, this is my fave gif to send.

MRW it's my third time looking in the fridge and i finally see something i like - Imgur

3. The Last Five Years movie comes out today.  It’s a musical (which was off-Broadway) where you follow two people through their love story. He tells it forwards, and she tells it backwards.  The music and story are BEAUTIFUL.  Even if you aren’t a musical nerd like me, you would love it.  It isn’t releasing nationwide (boo) but you can download it on iTunes or watch it On Demand. It comes out today. (Bonus: Anna Kendrick- who doesn’t love her!? and the beautiful Jeremy Jordan).


4. I’ve been buying designer jeans on eBay…and I have a sickness for it now.  I’m 4 pairs in (Kut from the Kloth, Wit & Wisdom, and NYDJ).  I’ve only paid like $20 for each pair…and most are new with tags.  Seriously.  Go to eBay and look for jeans. Just find a brand you like and enter that brand and your size.  Read the descriptions so you know what you’re buying. These CUTE NYDJ emerald skinny ankle pants on en route to me…just in time for Spring!


5. Today is Starbuck’s is hosting the World’s Largest Starbucks Date…and there are drink/snack pairings for $5.  It’s from 2 pm to close. You can choose from these offerings:

  • Caffé Verona® Coffee Press for Two and a Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie
  • Tall Flat White and Chocolate Croissant
  • Grande Raspberry Mocha or Grande White Chocolate Mocha and Heart Cookie

They aren’t paying me to tell you about it…I am just pumped about going with some friends at work…and you should go too! I read online they were going to be playing special playlists and have a photo booth too. Fun stuff!




What do you have going on this Friday, friends?