Confessional Friday: Buy Me Things

Confessional Friday: Buy Me Things

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Confession: I’m broke.  I had some Christmas credit card bills to pay off, so all my extra money is going toward that.  Last year, they switched us from once a month pay to bi-weekly, and it feels like I’m always out of money in between paychecks.  I don’t like it.


So what do I do when I’m broke?  Virtual shop!  I love to look online and add things to my cart, and abandon them (sorry, Internet data people…I know abandon rates are something you track and I’m messing it all up).

Here are a few things you could buy me (since I’m not spending my own money on them!).  If you talk to my husband, let him know any of these would make a great Valentine or anniversary gift! ha!

Monogram visor.  Now before you go hating on the visor, I think I need one for beach/lake life this summer.I really like these taller visors with the fun monogram patch.

il_570xN.647053744_2rvq (1)

Vera Bradley trimmed tote (while I love lots of the colors, I am sort of digging the houndstooth, with a pink monogram, duh)


I’m also loving these lace up TOMS.  I sort of really want them before my work trip in March.  They would be great for the post-conference exploration each night. 🙂 AshCanvasWomensPaseos-10002799-1450x1015-H


In an unrelated confession, I confess I’m getting a massage tomorrow using a certificate I was given for Christmas…and I also wouldn’t be mad if someone bought me 10 more certificates for more massages (inquire within for my preferred masseuse info.)

I also confess that I’m pretty pumped about meeting a girlfriend for sushi tonight (Tyler works tonight…so hey girls night, hey!).  I’m ready to spend time with him tomorrow…but in the meantime, I’m gonna hang with my friends.


So, what do you need to confess?

My Shopping Secret Weapon: Ship to Store

My Shopping Secret Weapon: Ship to Store

It’s no secret that I love to shop.  I love to shop online – it’s easy and there is a huge selection.  But there can be shipping costs.  Or sometimes I need the items ASAP.

Well, my shopping secret is shipping to store.  Let me explain.

My Shopping

I’ve had some baby showers and weddings recently.  I love buying from registries…but it can be time consuming, amIright? You have to go, print off the registry, and try to find the right items.  So instead, I just do ship to store and buy online.  I have done this from Target and Bed,Bath, and Beyond for showers.  You order online and usually the same day, you can pick up the items in store at the customer service desk.  No fuss.  It’s great!  Just be sure you choose items that qualify for in-store pickup.

I’ve also done this at Wal-Mart, Sears, and JC Penny to save on shipping costs.  With both of those stores, it has taken a few days to get items in, but there is no shipping charge. See, at Wal-Mart I was wanting an item in a color that wasn’t available in store.  There were more options online.  And at Sears, I wanted a tool set that was on sale…but I knew it would take FOREVER to locate that specific set in store- and then hope it was in stock.  At JC Penny it was an item they didn’t carry in store – but they had it online (at a crazy sale!) so that’s where I bought it.

So I ordered all of these items online and had them shipped to store. And again, you just go in to the customer service desk and pick up your order.  You have the selection of shopping online, or not having to mess with finding an item….and you get it fast at no additional cost.  It’s great.

Have you ever done ship to store?  It’s my saving grace.  I don’t waste time and I get just what I want.

Bring on the Fall Scents!

Bring on the Fall Scents!

I know it is still technically “Summer.”  It will be until the first day of Fall on September 23 (I had to look it up…oh that’s closer than I thought!). However, I’m trying to rush Fall along.  I want a chill in the morning air, football games where I don’t sweat in the stands, and pumpkins. Oh how I want pumpkins.  And mums.

One way to usher in Fall was to get some fall scents for our home.  I was around town shopping at several stores and sniffing candles. Does anyone else feel ridiciulous taking HUGE inhales of candles in a store?  There should be a “try it on at home” service for candles so you can sniff away in the privacy of your own home.  Anyway…all of the candles I smelled were sort of gross.  I didn’t want those smells in my house.

So I went downtown to a place I knew took great care to put out quality inventory. I knew they would have yummy Fall candles.  I went to Creative Kitchen.  I love shopping there – great food, dip and soup mixes, fun housewares, and kitchen gadgets.  And sure enough, they had Fall candles galore.  It was so great, when I walked in and told the store lady I was looking for Fall candles, it seemed like the only thing that mattered in her universe at that time was finding me the ideal candle. Such great service.

Well, I bought a pumpkin vanilla candle (that smells amazing!), and she insisted that I take one of these wax melts to try and review.

So, I was given this wax melt…but all opinions expressed are totally my own.

Fall scented wax cubes from Creative Kitchen

This is a Swan Creek Candle Co. break apart wax “Drizzle Melt” in Roasted Espresso.

For starters, when I got it on my lunch break one day, I brought it back into the office (because I didn’t want it to melt in my car)…and you could smell it then!  Some of the guys in the office thought I had been to Starbucks because it was strong and smelled so authentic!

So I got home and compared it in size to my other brand wax melts…and it’s HUGE!

Bigger and stronger than the "other guys" at the same price! Find out about these drizzle melts - the best fall scented wax cubes I've found!


And as I broke apart one cube and put it in my warmer, it smelled AMAZING.  It’s strong, but not overpowering.  It does smell like coffee, but also has some vanilla, caramel, and sweetness to it.  Very welcoming.  I think because of the quality of the scents and the wax, it will last for a while before I need to switch out another cube.

These fall scented wax cubes were strong and only took one cube to fill my whole house!

I have really enjoyed having this scent in my home.  It’s a great Fall and Winter smell without being too predictable.  Just smells like you made yourself a yummy coffee drink, without the added caffeine! ha!

If you live in Fort Smith, head down to Creative Kitchen and get yourself one of these!  They are only $6, which is the same cost as the smaller, less effective “other guys.”  If you don’t live local, visit their website. I’m sure you could call and order one of these yourself.  And if you wanted another “flavor” the shop ladies would be happy to help pick one out for you, even over the phone.  They are just so helpful there.

I’m so glad my home smells like Fall now!  Now if only the mums would bloom…


What is your favorite Fall scent?


Weekend Recap: Workouts, Karaoke, and Deals

Weekend Recap: Workouts, Karaoke, and Deals

We had a fun weekend – lots of exciting things going on.
Friday and Saturday nights we spent our time at Beef O’ Brady’s for the karaoke contest.  I made it through the semi-finals to the top 10.  I didn’t win, but I did get a gift certificate for making it to the finals!  I did my best, had fun, and will say that the judges had a tough job.  There were lots of talented people there.
Saturday, my friend Brianne asked me to go to a Polga class at the pole studio.  They were offering a free class, so we decided to check it out.  It was a great workout.  A bit awkward using the pole and doing new moves, but I felt it all weekend.

After Polga, we jetted to Zumba.  I love taking Brandy’s class.  It’s so fun when your bestie is the teacher! ha!  After class, Brandy and I met up with Tyler for lunch at Chili’s.
Then Tyler and I ran some errands- finding him boots for his new job, shopping a bit, and getting a snack of fro-yo.  It was fun running around together.
Sunday, after church and lunch Tyler needed a hair cut, so he dropped me off at Target while he went.  I hit up their bundle deals (lots of Buy 3, Get One Free, and some Buy Two, Get a Gift Card deals).  I also used the cartwheel app.  I only paid full price for like 4 items.  It was a great trip.

We spent the afternoon napping, taking care of some things around the house, and then we had dinner at my parents’.
A great weekend!

August Goal update:
1. No fast food- Good!  Have eaten a few meals in restaurants, but have managed to plan so I’m not grabbing fast food. 
2. No bingeing. I had one day with a binge feeling, but managed to snap myself out of it. 
3. No chips and salsa. Good.  Actually have been around chips/dip 4 times now…and managed to eat like two chips total.  At Chili’s this weekend I ordered celery to dip the guac and salsa.  
4. Got my three mornings in last week.  Set the alarm, but overslept this morning…so need 3.
5. I’ve had one drink.  Oops.  I was feeling stressed out Friday at the karaoke contest.  But had a Diet Coke with rum, instead of something like a margarita.  Goal: no more drinks this month.