Five on Friday: PTL

PRAISE THE LORD IT’S FRIDAY. Can I get an amen?! 
This week was good, but it felt long.
This week…
1. Tyler got another motorized vehicle.  We now own a jacked up golf cart.  It’s got a 6 inch lift and mud tires. We drove it around the evening after we got it.

I had never been to the back corner of our 20 acres (because that’s too far to walk to look at the fence and trees) but we drove to it.  Our land is pretty. 🙂

2. I bought a Fiesta poster on eBay.  I can’t wait to hang it in my dining room. 
3. I got a trim this week and my hair was looking good.  My good hair day was Thursday. But it POURED down rain and ruined it. 
4. Thursday (before the rain ruined my hair) I went on a field trip! My work is “partners in education” with and elementary school, and I volunteered to help on their field trip to the nature center.  We learned all about animals, painted fish (below), went fishing, and played some games.  These 1st graders were awesome.  Except when like 4 of them cried because they ran out of chocolate milk at lunch. 

5. Shopping confession: When I was out shopping for potential Hanson Day outfits on Tuesday, I was at a super cute boutique.  I took several items into the fitting room.  I almost got stuck in one shirt and I couldn’t figure out how to get it on.  Turn out….it was a romper.  I was trying to squeeze my upper body through a leg hole. 
Have a great Friday!

Weekend Recap: Zumbathon, Shopping, and Sunshine

Friday after work, we got all set up and hosted a Zumbathon!  The event was benefiting a friend of mine, Lora, who was hospitalized over 100 days with H1N1 complications.  We had 15 Zumba instructors there who taught! A GREAT turnout!

I had a blast teaching!  A make crazy faces when I teach…but thankfully, my friend Brandy got a couple good pics of me teaching.
We had over 60 people there….and we raised over $1000!
 I even got to teach with Brandy.  We never really get to teach together.  It was SO fun!
My friend Kacee came and danced the whole time!  I LOVE this picture she got of us after the Zumbathon!

Saturday, we slept in, got breakfast at the Egg and I, and headed to A to Z.  It’s a HUGE complex of multiple stores…and they all have great deals.  They have a sporting goods store, furniture, tools, gifts, clothing, jewelry, and antiques.  We hit most of the stores (not clothing or antiques)…but we spent a TON of time in the sporting goods store while Tyler browsed. 🙂

We also found a new (and MUCH less ugly) loveseat.  We will hopefully be buying it this week.
Sunday after church, Tyler went and played Ultimate Frisbee, and I sat outside in the sunshine (and 90 degree weather!) reading and watching the hummingbirds.  It was a great day. 

Did you have a good weekend? Any guesses on how many hummingbirds I saw at once at our feeder?  It’s a hot spot!

Comfortable Walking Shoes Update

Ok friends. I told you I was ordering comfy walking shoes. Well, they came in, and I have reviews for you.

First up are these Walking Cradles. They are the style “Satin.” I wore them yesterday and walked 8000 steps (according to my FitBit.). They were super comfortable. The sole is cushy and didn’t wear down during the day. I ordered a 7 wide (which is about down 1/2 a size. I’m normally a 7, but these fit great) . I have a wide foot and often find flats a bit constricting. These were perfect. They didn’t cut into my feet at all. The leather was soft and didn’t rub a blister. The soles are a bit thicker than most flats I have, but that’s what makes them comfy.

I also ordered these Rose Petal “Hardrock 2.” They are also 7 wides. I love the soft leather, the slight elastic on the side, and the slight heel. They “click” when you walk, so they feel dressy. The peep toe is stylish too. They aren’t quite as comfy as the Walking Cradles, so I wouldn’t go all-day sightseeing, but walking to dinner and back would be fine. but I wore them all day at work without any pain or blisters. Win.

I got both pair on Zappos because I love their customer service, but I’m sure you could find them online for a sale somewhere if you looked.
Just filling you in just in case you are looking for comfy flats. I just posted those review because I liked the shoes, no compensation or anything here.

Five on Friday: Things I did This Week

Five on Friday: Things I did This Week

Linking up for Five on Friday with five things I did this week.

1. Last night we watched our wedding video for our anniversary (we are going out tonight to celebrate). I had so many thoughts: my cousins were SO tiny 4 years ago!  We had SO many friends and family there. I was so overwhelmed watching it.  We had tons of crowd shots where you could see who all was there….and it’s just such a blessing to have started our life together surrounded by so much love.

2. I bought this dress.  I was looking for something similar online and found it…for $22!!  It was so cheap because I got the last one. Boom.

3. I have been furiously voting for Hanson here.  It’s a pop song March Madness face off…and right now they are up against Britney Spears and her army is voting like crazy.  Hanson stands no chance because Britney has such a big following…but I’m voting anyway.  Go vote here!

4. A couple nights this week it was really nice out, so we sat on our porch.  I love evenings out there. It’s dusk and dark, so I sit in my comfy chair with a blanket and we listen to the crickets and owls. It’s perfect.

5. We spent a couple nights without the TV on.  While we do have many shows we love, it’s been nice to have more conversation and quiet. I like it.