First Time Making Soap

First Time Making Soap

So, during quarantine, one big stress-reliever that I’ve enjoyed is watching soap making videos online (particularly those from Royalty Soap). For Christmas, Tyler got me a cold process soap kit from Brambleberry that had everything in it for me to try making my own bars….and it was a great learning experience!

I want to make some more soap soon! I want to try some coloring techniques that I’ve seen online.

It was a neat mix of science experiment and craft. You had to precisely weigh everything, including mixing lye and water (which I learned can explode if you do it improperly!).

But thankfully, everything went ok. These bars were made with lavender essential oil and topped with dried lavender. They smell awesome! (Funny note that everyone online said this looked like a yummy dessert!)

I made one loaf (and a couple small bars with the leftover batter). They have to cure for 4 weeks after being cut, so I’ll have to wait to enjoy them. But I can’t wait to try my very own soap!

I’m curious to see if the swirls I see are going to stay or not. It was a single color soap, so ideally, it shouldn’t have that. But I think the swirls might be from the water content that needs to evaporate, so it might even out as they cure. We’ll see!