Memorial Day Weekend: 4 Family Pool Day 2

Memorial Day Weekend: 4 Family Pool Day 2

Our actual Memorial Day was great- relaxing, fun and packed with family fun!

We went over to my mom’s to spend the morning with our Hot Springs family. We made breakfast and then hit the pool by like 9 a.m.

It was perfect weather! We swam and splashed and laid in the sun.

Remi LOVES to swim (until she doesn’t…then she just wants to go inside and play).

But she lasted for a while outside with us.


She wore sunglasses (which she NEVER does) but she realized they would keep the water splashes out of her eyes. Then she kept them on to color sidewalk chalk.

She drew a BUNCH of letter I, because it was the letter of the week at school last week. She was pretty proud of herself with allllll the Is.


I love days with my whole family, mostly because I don’t have to be hawk eyes on my kid. She is loved and played with and watched, if I don’t have to do it 100%. I got to drink a couple of these amazing things and relax, too.


We grilled lunch and then went home for naptime.

After nap, we just hung out at home- we all needed some down time after our busy weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend: 3 Church and Baseball

Memorial Day Weekend: 3 Church and Baseball

Sunday was the third installment in our fun Memorial Day weekend! We started the day with church. Remi is LOVING her “big girl class” at church. I love that she’s learning scripture and stories and songs- and not just playing.

She also looked so so cute in her sloth dress!


We went for Mexican after church and she is loving ordering this dip trio. She’s a funny kid. She just wants guac and chopped tomatoes (it comes with pico de gallo, but the raw onions are “spicy” so we just get her tomatoes). She ate 75% of this tray.


After lunch, we napped (amen!) and then headed to NWA. We stopped by Cabelas/Bass Pro (it will always be Cabelas to us…even if they changed the name) and then we went to a fun baseball game.

I love Naturals games! I honestly don’t know why we don’t go more often because they are always so fun!

Remi LOVED meeting Strike and Sinker. She’s not afraid of mascots AT ALL. She loves them.


We found our seats and then she quickly realized the kids around us were eating, so she wanted food. So me and Tyler got in line while she and Nancy hung out together.


We ate ballpark food and then we watched some of the game. Then we headed to the kids zone! They were closing the ticket sales, so she didn’t get to ride the train (which she took SO WELL!) but she LOVED playing on the playground with ALL the kids.


We found a beautiful sunset spot, too!


Probably the funniest was she spotted some kids rolling down the berm. She wanted to! But she didn’t really know how- so I totally got down in the grass and taught her how to roll, but she kept rolling sideways. She loved it though!


When we got back to our seats, we got snowcones (blue of course!)


The night ended with an AMAZING fireworks show! We all LOVED it.


Family Fun Weekend

Family Fun Weekend

We made one weekend into a family fun weekend (sort of impromptu…this wasn’t a planned thing) by doing SUPER fun stuff for 3 days after Remi’s nap.

It started on Friday.  Tyler decided to keep her at home because he was off work and wanted some time with her (he’s a great daddy!) and then in the afternoon, we hit up the Monkey House.

She loves this place. It’s just full of inflatables, and she loves to run and jump. She even made a cute little friend with a 4 year old girl.


She just loves this big green slide, and lucky for her, her Gigi will willingly climb it 100 times with her!


From the Monkey House, she went home with Gigi for the night- so Tyler and I got a date night! We went to dinner at Rolando’s and then we saw Hobbs and Shaw – the new Fast and Furious spin off. It was funny and, of course, Tyler LOVED it.

On Saturday, she came home and we all ate lunch and she napped (for like 3 hours).  While she napped, we cleaned the house like crazy (yay for a clean house). And after nap, we took her to the big movie theater to see The Lion King!

We had attempted Frozen at a smaller not-really-a-movie-theater place in town but to be honest, she was restless and I wasn’t in a good mental place then and so it was anxiety-inducing all around.

This time around, she was a little restless but made it through the whole movie!  She ate LOTS of popcorn and M&Ms, and only took two potty breaks. (Pro tip: This theater has movies before 4 pm that are like $4.38, so it’s a great way to try a movie with a kid and not feel bad if you had to leave early)

The movie was cute, but since it was 90% the same as the original, I’m not really sure why they remade it.


Sunday morning, she had her LAST day in the church nursery! She’s loved her classes there (and we’ve loved watching her enjoy it) but it’s time to move to the tots class. She’s ready. She’s gonna love learning songs and stories and doing more crafts.

They had a little pajama party for the kids, and we had to grab a picture on their cute photo wall.


After lunch and nap, (another long nap…we had to wake her after 2.5 hours!) we went to the water park! Mimi took this fun picture of us.


She had to warm up and figure out she was brave and the slides were fun. But then she had a blast. She went down every slide in the kid’s area, swam the lazy river without a tube, enjoyed the wave pool big waves, and just had a blast.


I’m so thankful we can sneak in family time when we get it! (But thank goodness, Tyler’s schedule is back to “normal” now from the summer crazy).

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Me and the little nugget had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  It was nice to have some extra time off work (even though I had to leave Monday evening to travel for work).

We started off early Saturday morning with a 5k. She was a tad overdressed. ha!

Mom and I did the Hot Foot Run downtown. It’s put on by the firefighters to benefit a kid’s camp they support.  It was WARM, but the trail was easy and the race is packed.

We ran on the river trail, so the scenery was nice.  It was just an out and back route.  A few firefighters ran in their gear, which was inspiring.

This race also had a 10k and 15k, so the finish line was hopping with people waiting for their runners. So we hung out for a bit, letting Remi enjoy the people, music and bubbles.

After the warm race, we switched her into her swimsuit (and mom and I put on water-friendly shoes) and we walked over to the splash pad.  She LOVED it.  We will be back.  You get completely soaked, but she had a great time.

After the splash pad, we stopped at Sonic for lunch and then home to nap.  She’s getting so big.  Melt my heart!

We did a few swims at moms.  On Saturday night, it was just us, and then Sunday we had a big cook out with the Hot Springs family.


She’s REALLY getting brave in the water wanting to swim alone on her like third swim.  She may be swimming by the end of summer.

We made smores (sort of to celebrate my birthday with the fam), so summer is officially here.

Monday morning, we went to mom’s to have breakfast with the fam.  Remi LOVES Luke.  He loves her, but doesn’t always know how to interact with her.  So we plopped her in his lap and she just kept hugging him.  Precious.

After breakfast, Remi and I went to visit Dad.  I’m working on going to see him more often.  It’s hard, but I want to be there.  She likes pushing his chair.

She also wanted to kiss him 20 times when we were leaving.  He thought it was funny and kept kissing her back.  Love it.

After seeing dad, we went downtown for the rodeo parade!  She was SO GOOD.  Only tried to join the fun once. Otherwise, she listened to me- sticking close, sitting down and being great.

She liked the horses, yelling “Neigh” at them.  She also loved the marching bands and waving at all the people.  But her highlight was a dog riding in a truck.  That really got her yelling back. ha!

We had a GREAT weekend together.  We are so thankful for those who gave their lives for our freedoms, which is why we celebrate.  I know it’s not about a free day or a parade, but it’s totally about their sacrifices, which are worth the honor of 1000 days.