Ways to Be Active on Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving eating has already begun.  We are having a potluck at work with a spread.  A SPREAD.


I mean banana pudding, beer maple bacon, breakfast tacos, donuts, cheese ball, queso, cookies…..and I’m gonna snack on it all day.

And don’t even get me started on tomorrow.


The only way to combat the food is to be active. I try to stay active all day if I can.

Here are some of my methods….

  • Actually WALK the dogs.  Instead of just putting them outside for potty breaks….walk outside with them.  It may only be 5 minutes or so…but that’s 5 minutes more activity than you were going to get.
  • Play a video game.  I’m talking about Wii or XBox 360 or something like that.  Challenge the family to a battle and get moving!
  • If it’s nice out, we will play a game of touch football in the yard after the meal.  We don’t have teams, really, or even a strategy…but we run, chase, and throw the ball.  It’s great.
  • Black Friday Shopping.  The hustle and bustle and walking and waiting in line can actually be a workout!  One year, we were running around Wal-Mart getting deals…and it was CARDIO.  Hit up a sale and get your heart pumping.

How do you stay active on Thanksgiving?  I’d love some more suggestions!


Thanksgiving Part 3: Downtime

The Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving break were spent chilling.  My cousins came in from Hot Springs, so I spent a little time at Mom’s watching movies with them. Tyler headed to the woods to deer hunt (silly deer are coming out too late at night…he can’t shoot them!).  But we did a few fun things.
Saturday evening, we had a birthday party for my friend Lauren at Cece’s house.  It was a PJ party!  We ate and played dance video games.  Too fun!
Candyce breaking it down!
All the girls in our PJS.  Yes, I’m holding a dog statue.  Don’t ask.
Me and the party host.  Yes, I’m wearing a leopard onesie.  I actually had sandals on too because I didn’t want to ruin my jammies walking from the car inside.
Another fun highlight was teaching dad and Gram to play Connect 4.  Dad usually doesn’t like games because he didn’t grow up playing them and doesn’t “get” them.  But he and Gram are totally perfectly matched playing Connect 4. I bought it on sale on Black Friday at Target…and it was a great purchase!
I also got our house decorated for Christmas!  I love a garbed up tree covered in tinsel, beads and tons of random ornaments. LOVE it.
And now that we’ve recapped Thanksgiving weekend…we can get back to regular blogging. 🙂

Thanksgiving Part 2: BLACK FRIDAY

We were totally crazy this year and joined in the Black Friday fun.  I’m SO glad we did.  We got some great deals…and surprisingly, didn’t fight a ton of crowds.
We wanted to hit up Cabelas…but their sale started at 5 AM Friday…so we decided to spend Thursday night at a hotel in Rogers so we could be at the sale.  It was pretty cold outside while we waited for the store to open…
Tyler got everything he went for (a spotting scope, a blind, some ammo, a jacket and some other fun stuff).
I saw this CUTE sign at the Cabela’s customer service desk! ha!
We also hit up Target, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Loft, Sephora, and New York and Company.  We had a GREAT breakfast at the Egg & I too!
Target was SO not busy.  The store looked like the Thursday sale never happened.  It was bizarre.  There were tons of games, TVs, DVDs, and other sales set up around the store…and I had my pick of them without the crowd!
Everywhere else were offering great deals, like 50% off and such. Got some Christmas gifts and some stuff for me. 
After we finished in Rogers, we headed to Ozark Natural Foods for their Brighten Up Black Friday event.  I got some great deals!
I wish we lived closer so I could shop there regularly.  Look at these BEAUTIFUL purple asparagus!  Yum!
After shopping, we had to stop by Kobe for our favorite sushi- a Fuji roll….
And a Kobe 2.0 roll (this one is topped with crawfish! I’m hungry again just looking at it!)
We came home and I went to mom’s while Tyler hunted.  I may have napped at mom’s while they watched football! 🙂
Did you go Black Friday shopping?  What kind of deals did you get?

Thanksgiving Part 1: Turkey Run and Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was action-packed, so I’m breaking it up into three parts!
Thanksgiving morning, Mom and I were up bright and early to head out into the FREEZING cold (seriously, it was like 20 degrees!) for the Turkey Run.  Mom was doing the 5k, and I was doing the 10k.
We started and mom and I ran a little bit together, but then I kept going when she stopped to walk.
Between miles 2-3, I got REALLY hot.  I took off some layers and tried to get comfortable…but it just wasn’t “on”….And then between miles 4-5, my knee was KILLING me.  I didn’t know what was going on, but it hurt terribly to bend it.  I had to walk more than I wanted to.
I managed to stay in the 12-13 minute/mile pace and I finished at the clock time of 1:20 (I think my actual time was more like 1:18 because I started in the back of the pack).
10k was tough.  I was the last female finisher.  For a while, I thought I was the last one…but turns out there was one guy behind me.  Didn’t matter, I may have been slow…but I finished!
We came home, warmed up, got ready…and had Thanksgiving lunch!
Dad carves the turkey…
Me and Nancy made some side dishes…
Mikey hid in the corner (He HATES mom’s dogs! ha!)
And Gram made sure to sample everything!
After the meal, we played some games and then we headed to Oklahoma to be with Tyler’s family.  We sat around and talked…and somehow managed to play with the blood pressure monitor! ha!
We had a great Thanksgiving full of too much food, laughs with family, and great fun.
After leaving Oklahoma, we headed to NWA to get some rest before Black Friday!  More to come tomorrow…..