Thanksgiving Part 2: BLACK FRIDAY

We were totally crazy this year and joined in the Black Friday fun.  I’m SO glad we did.  We got some great deals…and surprisingly, didn’t fight a ton of crowds.
We wanted to hit up Cabelas…but their sale started at 5 AM Friday…so we decided to spend Thursday night at a hotel in Rogers so we could be at the sale.  It was pretty cold outside while we waited for the store to open…
Tyler got everything he went for (a spotting scope, a blind, some ammo, a jacket and some other fun stuff).
I saw this CUTE sign at the Cabela’s customer service desk! ha!
We also hit up Target, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Loft, Sephora, and New York and Company.  We had a GREAT breakfast at the Egg & I too!
Target was SO not busy.  The store looked like the Thursday sale never happened.  It was bizarre.  There were tons of games, TVs, DVDs, and other sales set up around the store…and I had my pick of them without the crowd!
Everywhere else were offering great deals, like 50% off and such. Got some Christmas gifts and some stuff for me. 
After we finished in Rogers, we headed to Ozark Natural Foods for their Brighten Up Black Friday event.  I got some great deals!
I wish we lived closer so I could shop there regularly.  Look at these BEAUTIFUL purple asparagus!  Yum!
After shopping, we had to stop by Kobe for our favorite sushi- a Fuji roll….
And a Kobe 2.0 roll (this one is topped with crawfish! I’m hungry again just looking at it!)
We came home and I went to mom’s while Tyler hunted.  I may have napped at mom’s while they watched football! 🙂
Did you go Black Friday shopping?  What kind of deals did you get?

Thanksgiving Part 1: Turkey Run and Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was action-packed, so I’m breaking it up into three parts!
Thanksgiving morning, Mom and I were up bright and early to head out into the FREEZING cold (seriously, it was like 20 degrees!) for the Turkey Run.  Mom was doing the 5k, and I was doing the 10k.
We started and mom and I ran a little bit together, but then I kept going when she stopped to walk.
Between miles 2-3, I got REALLY hot.  I took off some layers and tried to get comfortable…but it just wasn’t “on”….And then between miles 4-5, my knee was KILLING me.  I didn’t know what was going on, but it hurt terribly to bend it.  I had to walk more than I wanted to.
I managed to stay in the 12-13 minute/mile pace and I finished at the clock time of 1:20 (I think my actual time was more like 1:18 because I started in the back of the pack).
10k was tough.  I was the last female finisher.  For a while, I thought I was the last one…but turns out there was one guy behind me.  Didn’t matter, I may have been slow…but I finished!
We came home, warmed up, got ready…and had Thanksgiving lunch!
Dad carves the turkey…
Me and Nancy made some side dishes…
Mikey hid in the corner (He HATES mom’s dogs! ha!)
And Gram made sure to sample everything!
After the meal, we played some games and then we headed to Oklahoma to be with Tyler’s family.  We sat around and talked…and somehow managed to play with the blood pressure monitor! ha!
We had a great Thanksgiving full of too much food, laughs with family, and great fun.
After leaving Oklahoma, we headed to NWA to get some rest before Black Friday!  More to come tomorrow…..

Weekend Recap and a WINNER!

First off, my giveaway has ended…and out of the 90 entries, we have our two winners!
Kim from The Made Thing and Michelle Pickett!  Woohoo!  I will be emailing you both today!
Next, on to the weekend recap!

I’m guest posting over at Everyday Atchley’s today!  Check it out

The weekend was pretty laid-back.  Friday we did a bit more Black Friday shopping. I got some STEALS at Lifeway!  Madisa’s Christmas cd and Ann Voskamp’s book!
Then we came home and decorated the Christmas tree.  I LOVE mom’s tree.  It is on a rotating base, so it spins.  So pretty!
While we decorated, Tyler watched the Greenwood football game.  They were in the semi-finals for the state title…and it was a close game.  But Greenwood won!  We are going to state next weekend! I love that our team broadcasts home games online.  Very convenient!
Saturday, we did a little more shopping, ate lunch, and then we went to the shooting range.  Dad didn’t shoot, but he tagged along! ha!
I am a bit out of practice with my revolver.  I mean, it’s been like 4 years since I shot it.  But I did hit the bullseye!  Mom did pretty good, too!
We went out to eat at the Wharf afterwards and had a great seafood dinner.
Sunday, I sang at church.  It was a bit of a disaster morning.  I overheated trying to get ready in my little bathroom and almost passed out, had a good cry (more on that later), and then I left early to sing at church.  My car was out of gas, so I stopped at the station. I realized that mom still had my wallet.  I called everyone, and no one answered.  I didn’t really have enough time to go home, get my wallet, come back, fill up, and make it to church (but would have been ok if mom met me…then I would have driven her car while she filled up and went home to get ready)….but NO ONE ANSWERED MY CALL.  I sat in my car crying and a stranger saw me and gave me $10.  So I made it to church.
Tyler filmed part of my song.  I’m not sharing this as a “look at me” thing.  I love this song and the message and want to share it.

A couple times, as I was looking around the room, I saw people from my “home” church and it moved me to tears. I saw a family who lost their daughter to brain cancer.  I saw a lady who was recently widowed.  I had to choke back tears a couple times while I was singing.  But man, it was good to be in my first church home.
We had lunch at home with the whole family, then I took a nap, and we came back home.
My Gram went back in the hospital last night.  She is having trouble walking, and they thought she had a stroke…but now they are thinking it might be circulatory issues.  Please pray.  I should have some updates in the next day or so.
Hope you all had a GREAT turkey day weekend!

Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday

Thanksgiving was pretty low-key this year.  We usually eat a “lunch” around 2, and then entertain everyone until 7 when we are all too full to stay awake.  
Well, because of some other plans, we didn’t eat our Thanksgiving meal until 4, and none of our company showed up until about 2…so it was pretty chill.
Because of the late start, I was able to have my own little Turkey Trot 5k.  There wasn’t one in my parent’s hometown, so I just set out in my parent’s neighborhood and ran until I hit 3.1 miles.  Let me tell you, I am spoiled to to the nice, flat trails at home.  The hills killed me.  But I did it!  This gives me a baseline as well for the 5k I’m running in a couple weeks.  Hopefully I can beat this time.
I came home, helped mom cook, and got ready.  Then the snacking began.  Gram CRACKED me up.  We had all fixed little plates of snack food, and she said “I don’t want a plate…I don’t want anything.” but she kept reaching across and eating it all!  She LOVED my pumpkin dip and my bacon-wrapped little smokies.
Somehow I got too busy hanging with my family to take any photos of the food or the people.  But trust me, they are beautiful and the food was plentiful.  
At 6:30, mom basically sent everyone home so we could head to Walmart for Black Friday.  It was a MADHOUSE.  We had stuff to get at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m… we were there a while.  We split up since stuff was scattered all over the store.  At 8, Tyler was waiting by some toys for the kid cousins, and mom was waiting for the Nabi tablet.  It was a hot item.  They had a nice, organized line…but once the pallet came out, the line became a mob, but mom got one!  I waited in line for the iPad.
Funny story, I thought I was first in line.  I could not find a soul in the area marked for the iPad.  So I proudly started the line.  Well, about an hour into waiting, a Walmart associate came and took us to the other 15-20 people already in line.  Oops.
At 10, we got the rest of our stuff: an iPad 2 (for Tyler for Christmas), two printer/scanners, a BluRay player, a portable DVD player, and a sound bar (along with a couple toys).
I was at the BluRay players, and I thought a fight was going to break out.  There were a WHOLE pallet of them..there were plenty, but people were getting a little touchy waiting in line.  However, I met some FUN characters.
I stood in line with an older gentleman who was an Elvis impersonator.  He proceeded to tell me about performing at Graceland, showed me laminated photos in his wallet of him and Johnny Cash, and played me one of his songs on his phone.  Awesome.
We finally checked out about 11 and we headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods.
It was raining, but that didn’t stop us crazies.  We waiting about 40 minutes for the big ammo sale.  Tyler was so excited.  But (shame on Dick’s) they were not fully stocked.  They didn’t even have some of the caliber ammo he wanted, and most of what they had was crappy.  So we left without anything and came home.

We were in bed by about 1:30!  A successful day for sure!