So Curious!

So Curious!

Our local children’s theater group put on a production of Curious George, and I’m SO glad we took Remi.

My mom always loved George and I’ve instilled a love for him to Remi, too (thanks to a book from Mimi).

She was SO excited to see him!


She was GLUED to the stage (almost) the entire hour-long performance. She was enthralled and would ask “Where’s George” when he went off the stage.


The cast was 6-14 (I think?  Maybe 6-12?) and they did an AMAZING job. The show was funny, the songs and dances were wonderful, and they were great little actors. I was impressed with them!


I love theater, and it’s so fun to introduce Remi to productions as well!

Weekend Recap: Sun, Friends, and Family

Weekend Recap: Sun, Friends, and Family

We managed to cram some fun into this weekend! Friday evening, Tyler and I had a little date night- early movie after work (The Jungle Book- so fun!), dinner and shopping.

I even managed to have a little bit of sugar free fro-yo built into my dinner (take THAT, gestational diabetes!!).

Saturday morning, mom and I took advantage of the water park’s early entry for season pass holders. We got there and literally had the wave pool to ourselves for a while. VERY relaxing way to start the day. 🙂

We met up with Tyler for a quick lunch, grabbed groceries from Walmart pickup, and then I met up with Amber.

Amber is a sweet friend from college (we joke that we are sisters because after I got married, our last names are the same!). She can’t make it to my baby shower, so she came down to spend the day together.

What a blessing!

We had Mexican food (like any girl friend date should!), did some shopping, and I showed her around some of the historic parts of town. And she gave us some of the CUTEST baby stuff, including a floral monogram onesie! In love!!

Saturday evening, Tyler and I just crashed at home.

Sunday, I went to church and then met up with mom for “Singin’ in the Rain” at the Little Theater. Since I was involved there last summer, it was so fun to be back and see my old friends. The show was amazing (if you’re local, there’s still time to go!) and we had a great time.

After the show, we met up with the family for Luke’s birthday dinner. I can’t believe he’s 9!

It was precious, he was adamant that his gift be wrapped in paper- he said it’s more fun to open! Sweet boy!

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Date Night Fun

Weekend Recap: Date Night Fun

I had a snafu with the blog and couldn’t post yesterday…so here’s the weekend recap!

We had a good weekend. It started Friday after work with a PEDICURE!  Do you hear the angels sing?  I needed one so bad!

After my pedicure, I met Tyler downtown for dinner at one of our favorite spots- Rolando’s. We enjoyed a great meal and then did a little shopping downtown (more about that below).  The weather is crazy warm for December, so after shopping, we decided to walk the half mile or so down to the Little Theater for their Christmas show!

It was so fun!  I love the Little Theater, and even though this was just a variety show, it didn’t disappoint!  And it was great to see some friends from the Wizard of Oz this summer.

While we were shopping, I found something SO exciting! I love the Zig Zag Stripe boutique online.  I may be addicted.  I had ordered this “Go Wild” tunic and sadly got an email with a refund because it sold out. I was bummed but decided life goes on. ha! 🙂  Then while we were shopping, I found the dress in a shop downtown!  Woohoo!  I knew ZZS did wholesale to shops, but didn’t think to look locally.  SO excited I found it!

Saturday, I got up and headed to the gym.  I did Pilates and Piloxing for a great workout. Then I hit up Sam’s and the grocery store to shop for this week’s Christmas events.  (and then PTL, I took a nap)

Saturday evening, Tyler worked an overtime job, so I did some gift wrapping.  Pippin loves to be near ALL THE TIME, so I wrapped gifts like this.

My parents came over for dinner Saturday night to keep me company…and then we went to bed.  Pippin was too precious snuggling, so I snuck a picture.  Poor baby was blinded by the flash.


On Sunday, I did church, lunch, a quick grocery store run, and then a nap.  When Tyler got off work, it was raining so we couldn’t do anything outside.  He suggested dinner and a movie at my parents…so that’s what we did!  While we watched the movie, I was covered in dogs. 🙂 Love it!

I hope you had a great weekend!  I sure did.  Lots of fun, doggie snuggles, and Christmas prep!

Wonderful Weekend

Wonderful Weekend

Oh this weekend FLEW by because it was jam packed!

It started with a pit stop on my way home Friday at Dress Barn. I wasn’t sure I had something to wear to a wedding in a few weeks, so I stopped by to shop.

I ended up buying (and I’m going to return) a couple of dresses.  With mom’s help, I decided I love something I already have better than these two.


Tyler worked an overtime job on Friday night, so I spent the evening at mom and dad’s.  We ate dinner and then I FINALLY finished a quilt topper.  It’s a quilt I started back in January.  It’s made of over 430 2.5 inch squares, sewn into 9 blocks, and then arranged into the topper.  It hasn’t been an easy quilt to sew, mostly because I’m not careful enough to line up every seam.  oops.  I’ll work on that.  But it still turned out ok.

This was my stack of 9 blocks ready to be arranged and sewn.

And the finished topper!  It’s a lap size quilt- about the size of the top of a full bed.  Just needs to be basted, quilted, and bound. That’s the project for another weekend.

Saturday, I was up early to go hiking with the women’s ministry.  I’ll talk more about the hike later this week (I want to spend a whole post on it).  But don’t I look legit?  I bought myself a real pack and borrowed a walking stick.

Sunday, I served in the nursery (and even changed a diaper!), and then Rachel and I finished the show at the Little Theater.  Last weekend, I got sick at intermission and we had to leave.  So we went back to see it again and it was GREAT.  I’m glad to know how the murder mystery ended!  And any time I get to spend with Rachel is a good time.  She’s such a great friend.

So that was the super fun weekend.


What did you do this weekend?