Mini-Vacation in Branson

Mini-Vacation in Branson

We took a little weekend getaway to Branson/Big Cedar Lodge last weekend.  We took the moms- it was part of their mother’s day gift. It almost didn’t happen because Remi was running fever. We were originally supposed to go Thursday evening, but we waited until Friday morning to go.

Thankfully, Remi did ok on the drive up. A double ear infection can make you feel crummy, but she did pretty great.

We started our trip at Tyler’s pick- Shorty Smalls.

The grandmas helped keep her entertained during meals. She does ok, but goodness, she’s a squirmy bug.

After lunch, we did some shopping at the outlet mall. Remi mostly napped in her carrier until I wanted to try on clothes (priorities? ha!) and she woke up when I tried to transfer her.  Oh well.

We left Branson and headed down to Big Cedar. We got checked in and settled and then went to have dinner at their new Fun Mountain. It was great! We had a couple different pizzas and enjoyed dinner. They were so accommodating for food for Remi- I asked for some tomatoes and avocado since they had both on the menu- and they brought out big side bowls of both. She loved it!

After dinner, we stayed and played. They had a TON of stuff- go karts, rock climbing wall, arcade, virtual golf…but we chose bowling. It looked like it was underwater and was so fun! It was Remi’s bedtime, so I wore her and she slept through our first game.

The next morning, we were up early (thanks baby girl!) and we had breakfast in our cabin. We brought Krispy Kreme donuts back from Branson, so we enjoyed those and hung out.  Around 7:30, we headed out for some putt putt. Again, it was her nap time, so I wore her on my back for the first time.

The course is gorgeous! They do a great job landscaping everything.

It’s a fun course, especially to be included in our room.  We loved the big bass!

After golf, we walked around, down to the lake and around the resort. The weather was beautiful!

We ended up at the shop and loved playing with Remi there!

While we waited on the shuttle, daddy and R got some play time!

We got back to the room and got ready to swim.  Sweet girl didn’t keep her hat on for long, but she looked cute while it lasted! ha!

We headed to the lazy river and kid’s pool.  Remi LOVED the water.

After pool time, it was nap and lunch.  Remi passed out, we had leftovers for lunch, and while she napped, the grandmas hung out at the room. Tyler and I went back to Fun Mountain for some arcade fun. I may have beat him at a motorcycle game! ha!

We went to Top of the Rock for a wonderful Mexican dinner at Arnie’s Barn.  The views were gorgeous!

Remi had her first corn on the cob.  She was a fan.

Grammy got a little Remi lovings

And it’s safe to say she explored every corner of the condo while playing.

Sunday, we went on a golf cart tour at Top of the Rock. Lots of beautiful water falls.  Remi wasn’t impressed. ha!

We had a wonderful trip!

Hanson Day Weekend 2017

Hanson Day Weekend 2017

This was my 5th Hanson Day event. It may have been my favorite one yet.

We headed out Friday morning after dropping Remi off at daycare (shoutout to the grandmas and Tyler for keeping her at home so I could have a fun weekend. It was much needed, and she had a blast at home without me).

We got to Tulsa right as the rain was rolling in.  We pulled out our rainjackets and headed to Cain’s to register.

The bottom DROPPED out right as we got to Cain’s. Poor Amber got a wet butt trying to get inside, but we were mostly spared.


After we registered, we waited in line for pics with the band. We took our pic with the band before our pic with the band. ha!


After we met the band, we got in line for the store. We waited like 3 hours in the rain (#hardcore) but we got our shirts and such. Then we went to Cain’s for the “lectures.”  We thought they were just going to talk about Middle of Nowhere and some other song history….but they did like a 2.5 hour acoustic storyteller session instead. It. Was. Amazing.


They played deep cuts that they hardly ever play- including Yearbook!  I have loved that song since I was 10. And I finally got to hear it!img_3607

After the lectures/concert, we went to dinner at Hey Mambo with a couple of my friends who were also there.  The power went out while we were eating, which was interesting. They kept cooking, the musicians kept playing….we just ate by flood lights. ha!


Saturday was a SPECTACULAR day.

We started with Hurts Donuts for breakfast. Yes, please.img_2560-1

I got a Jjesus (cinnamon sugar frosted and a maple bacon bar….I could only eat like 1/3 of it all).img_3641

It was sunny (thank you, Lord!) but was a little cool, so we had jackets on. We walked down from the Blue Dome District to the art gallery. img_2554

At the art gallery, they also had Hanson memorabilia. We got to take pics with the original MMMBop pansy. It was amazing to stand there with history (even if the photo booth pics are bad quality).


On the way back, we stopped by the “Center of the Universe” a strange statue and an echo circle. img_2574

This is our feet in the center of the universe. 🙂img_3648

We headed to the Blue Dome Arts Festival next where we bought some super cute artwork, ate yummy food truck goodness and listened to live music. These were bacon bombs from MASA- shrimp, cheese, and peppers wrapped in bacon. img_3652

After lunch, we went back to the hotel for some relaxation time. We spent it in the warm sunshine (now that it warmed up) by the rooftop pool. So wonderful. img_3660

After we got ready, we headed back to the store to grab some EPs and we visited the 3CG wall mural. img_2602-1img_2604-1

After the store, we went in for the concert. 1,200 fans makes for a long line.


They played a GREAT show. The new EP (In Color), lots of fan club classics, and plenty of normal Hanson music. The disco ball came on at Cain’s and we partied. Love. img_3697

I am so thankful that my favorite band makes such special times for their fans. We are so lucky. img_3706

My 5th Hanson show with this girl! At my most favorite venue. img_2660

Sunday we grabbed breakfast, went by Trader Joe’s and came home. Amber had a long drive ahead of her, so we didn’t stay for their beer/music festival. It was SUCH A GREAT weekend. Lots of laughs, good food, relaxation, and amazing music.

Weekend Trip to Hot Springs

Weekend Trip to Hot Springs

We made a little road trip this weekend down to Hot Springs. We had some celebrating to do!

My bestie Alden was having a baby shower for her sweet baby due in a couple months. So we trekked to Central AR to celebrate. I loved this picture of Remi when she realized Alden was someone new holding her. So sweet.

After the shower, we headed to Hot Springs to see the family. We were coming for a surprise party for my Nene (my grandma). She was turning 70 and her sweet boyfriend had planned a big party.

She was indeed surprised! (And side note: Poor Remington was SO scared by the “Surprise!” yell. She was with Aunt Sandy during the yell and started like hyperventilating crying after. We had to go outside and sing some songs before she calmed down. Sweet baby. She was also scared by the air dryer and toilet flushing this trip. Apparently loud noises are bad now.)

She was so cute with her big cake.

4 generations (and one cranky baby because it was getting late)

And Uncle Neil got to come to the party. We were glad to see him!

Cousin Luke finally held Remi! He had been afraid to, but I think now that she’s bigger and less fragile he finally did.

And I let her chew on a spoon. You do what you gotta do.

Sweet girl had her first night in a hotel and did GREAT. Slept just like she does at home (up once in the night…she’s been either sleeping through or up once). She woke up SUPER happy.

We went down to the pool for her first swim! You gotta teach them all about hotel stays. We jumped on the bed and swam in the pool.

(So many pics of this weekend she’s pulling on that ear….calling the doctor worried about another ear infection)

Sweet flamingo girl! Her Aunt Sandy bought her this adorable swimsuit!

We went downtown for breakfast and met up with the fam. And since she wasn’t getting tired, we got a good pic with Nene.

She LOVED being outside walking around downtown. So happy at the sights and sounds. 

She slept the entire way home- we wore her out! Thankful for a little travel buddy!


Weekend Recap: Friends and Family

Weekend Recap: Friends and Family

A fun weekend that was really full of friends and family!

Here’s what went down:

Friday evening I had dinner with some girl friends. Our girl Lauren has moved to Dallas, but she was in town so we got together. And these sweet girls pretty much made our dinner an impromptu baby shower with such sweet gifts- which was SO sweet!

On Saturday, we had a WONDERFUL day with the women’s ministry ladies. I love that we have an outdoor women’s ministry- so we get to explore and do fun things together outside. While I love a good Bible study, I also love being active and doing things.

This month’s outing wasn’t quite as active, it was just a lake day at a nearby swimming hole. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and surprisingly, even though it was a holiday weekend, we had the whole area to ourselves for a while.

Once it warmed up, we floated and talked and had a great time. We also did a potluck picnic lunch that was YUMMY.

Saturday evening, mom and I did some more baby prep. Packing the diaper bags and hospital bags. It’s getting real! Eeek!

Sunday, we got up early-ish and headed to Hot Springs. We were beelining it for the Arlington for brunch. I joked that I grew up eating this brunch for every special occasion that it feels like home and mom’s cooking. So true!

I splurged and enjoyed two coconut donuts. They make theirs right there on the brunch buffet and hand dip and top them. And they are just the best donuts ever. And somehow, I ate enough protein to offset the carbs and got ok sugar numbers afterwards! #winning (and I’m over fighting the sideways photo battle.  Here’s happy me eating a donut…sideways)



After brunch we did a little shopping then met up with our family. We took Uncle Neil and the kiddos and we all went bowling (well, Neil and I watched) and then we had dinner together.

It was a great time.

We spent the night in Hot Springs with my NeNe. And y’all….she has a glow in the dark toilet! There’s a motion light hooked up to it so it glows in the middle of the night when you go potty! So funny! ha!

Monday, we did a little more shopping. Dillards was having a huge sale, and my NeNe works at Dillards so she gets even bigger discounts. Score! Then we met up with mom’s bestie Miss Vicki and her husband and daughter, Jen.  They are like second family to me- so it was awesome to get to see them.

When we got home, we ended up in Oklahoma with Tyler’s family for dinner last night. So an all around full weekend!

How was your Labor Day?