Weekend Getaway to the Mountains

Weekend Getaway to the Mountains

Tyler and I recently took a weekend trip to one of our favorite spots- a cabin a little over an hour away.

He suggested we take this trip a couple of months ago- and I was so glad he did. It’s easy to get bogged down in the daily stuff- who is picking up the baby? Did you take the trash out? What time will you be off work today? – So making time for some fun and connection is important.

I actually took the Friday off work so we could have a three-day weekend. We slept in (as much as Remi would allow), I took her to school and worked out and then we hit the road.

We went to lunch at Cafe Rue Orleans in Fayetteville and we were SO SURPRISED at this giant plate of fried crawfish- it was the appetizer portion. WOW! So good.

After lunch, we did some shopping. I went to a boutique and he went to a pawn shop. Typical us.

We hit Whole Foods to grab some groceries for the cabin and then headed down the mountain to check in.

We relaxed a bit and then went back to NWA for the Naturals baseball game!  It was a hot July, but the weather was not too bad- barely hitting 90 and a good breeze.  We enjoyed dinner and the game, and then the fireworks!

Saturday morning, I woke up and watched some of the sunrise over the mountain. Then we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast cooked by our host.

After breakfast, we headed to Devil’s Den to hike. On our drive in, we saw this little deer. So sweet!

Tyler did a little fishing (no bites, but some fun trying!)


Then we hit the trails for like a three mile hike.  It started getting pretty warm back in the woods, so we finished before lunch and then had a picnic before heading back to the cabin.

Before we left, Tyler got a float from the snack shop at the park. We joked it was a “float weekend” because I had one the night before at the baseball game.

We took a nap and then went to our favorite swimming hole to cool off. The water was warm but nice, and even though it was busy there, we enjoyed swimming and floating.

Tyler wanted to do some fishing in the river, but since the swimming area was busy, he wanted to walk a ways to find a good spot.  We walked like 100 yards past the dam and found this GORGEOUS spot.

We had some cool experiences down there. Tyler fished and got a few bites. I sat on a rock and watched the birds and fish. And then a deer ran down the bank and across the water to the other side. It was neat to watch.

We had a great dinner at a Mexican restaurant near the swimming hole and then came back to the cabin to watch movies.

Sunday morning, we had another great breakfast. Janice outdoes herself! Those cinnamon rolls and french toast were delicious. She definitely fueled us for another fun morning.

We went to Lake Fort Smith and rented a tandem kayak, spending like three hours on the water.  We boated around and Tyler fished while we explored. It was great and gorgeous.

On our way home, we got sushi and then met up with mom and got our girl.

It was a fantastic weekend away. I’m so thankful for my husband and our time together.

Branson Getaway Day 3Q

Branson Getaway Day 3Q

Another fun morning in the condo. Remi played, we made pancakes and got ready for the day.

We stopped by the marina to feed the fish and turtles one more time.

Then we got all checked out and headed to Springfield to Bass Pro.

Tyler did a bit of shopping, but we mostly went for the new big aquarium. It was a really neat experience (even if it was a little pricey).

It was a big like Ikea, with a path taking you through. Remi was sort of over it 3/4 of the way through, so that was the only downside. Otherwise, it was full of beautiful exhibits.

She loved the “ish!”

They had a ton of these tunnels up into exhibits, and this brave girl took off into the dark to explore every time.

We were thankful to have the grandmas there because she alternated running wild and wanting to be carried to see things. It was easier with 4 adults.

Jellyfish are always my favorite to watch!

Remi loved the bear exhibit. There was another little girl there and they were interacting. It was precious and I didn’t take any pictures. Oops.  But she watched the bear walk around and would say “Where bear?” with her arms up when he walked away. And then she squealed with delight when he came back into view.

She also wanted to “riiiide” on all the things in the store.

We drove back down to Branson for lunch and shopping.  We had lunch at Dannas and it was so good.  Remi wasn’t really into food, but she enjoyed playing outside and eating her oreos that came with her kids meal.

We ate BBQ and then this giant bananas foster creation.

We hit the outlet mall for like an hour and half. And Nancy kept Remi happy riding all the things. Girl loves to ride.

We had a long drive home. Remi got car sick (combo of a ton of water, watching the iPad and curvy Ozark roads) so we had to stop and take care of that. Poor girl. But then she slept most of the way home.

We can’t wait for next summer’s adventure!

Branson Getaway Day 2

Branson Getaway Day 2

Thanks to Remi girl, we were all up and at em pretty early.

Side note: Why do kids wake up early after a late bedtime? LIKE YOU CAN SLEEP IN.  Anways…

We made breakfast and then walked to the marina for a paddleboat ride.  The paddleboats and kayaks are free, so we took advantage.

Remi wore her lifejacket and she wanted to move around the boat more than momma wanted, so we had a shorter ride. She enjoyed being on the water, though.

We watched the fish and turtles and then headed to the beach.

More fun sand play.  She didn’t love walking in it, but was otherwise good. She actually didn’t want to get in the water and move away from the sand!

The moms finally made their way back (they went all the way down the cove to the waterfall and came back), so we moved to the pool next.

They have some GREAT kid’s pools. They are like 1.5 feet deep, so Remi could play without her life jacket. She loved the water sprinklers and playing with the other kids. We were there during the week, so it wasn’t too crazy busy.

We came in for lunch and nap (moms and Tyler went and kayaked during our nap) and then went back to the Buzzard Bar for dessert. We had an AMAZING spiced peach cobbler and their cookie/brownie/ice cream concoction.

While we waited for dessert, Remi took to the stage and danced for us.

We went from dessert to the shop area and got some shirts and got Remi a puppy toy. 🙂

Then we walked up to the lookout tower. Hello cheese face.

After shopping, we went to the lazy river area, which had another fun kid’s pool. Remi played for a bit (with two VERY sweet little girls) and then we floated around the lazy river for a bit.

We came in and got ready for dinner.  We went to Uncle Buck’s and Fun Mountain.

The sunset views were nice from up there.

Three generations. 🙂

Her cheese face is too much.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner and then did some playing!

Poor Remi.  She only wanted us to win her a ball.  But after two unsuccessful $3 tries, we gave up and played some games.  She had fun, and she got a ball in the end with our tickets.

When we got back, Remi had to “rrrride” in the luggage cart. Yes ma’am.  Again, grandmas are fun.

Another great day together!

Branson Getaway Day 1

Branson Getaway Day 1

We took a few days off work for a family trip to Branson/Big Cedar.

This is our third summer to stay at Big Cedar and we just love it. It’s the perfect relaxing getaway. We bring food for breakfasts and lunches at the condo, we go out for delicious dinners, lounge at the pool, shop and enjoy.

Before we got to Big Cedar, we stopped at the Showboat Branson Belle.  It was raining, but we still had a great time.

Ty would take Remi out in the rain and she thought that was very funny.

We ate a delicious lunch and then had some time to explore the decks. It was barely sprinkling at this point, so we went up to the top deck and Remi even got to go into the captain’s quarters and see the big steering wheel.

She LOOOOOVED the show. My musical performer heart was so happy. It was nap time so I wasn’t sure how she was going to do, but she was enthralled with the singing and dancing.

After the Belle, we got groceries and headed to Big Cedar.

Ty and Nancy got their fishing licenses and headed to the docks for a bit. Remi loved throwing rocks while they fished.

We also let her try the sand. She HATED it last fall at the beach, and she wasn’t a fan at first. But some nice people let her borrow their sand toys, and she liked playing in it.

We walked to Devil’s Pool for dinner. It was a GREAT dinner.  They had fabulous steaks and a great atmosphere.

After dinner we walked over to the actual “Devil’s Pool” waterfall. Remi loved splashing in the water with my mom.

And then Nancy taught her how to play on the fence. ha!  Grandmas are fun!

We had a pretty early evening. Remi was off her schedule and had only napped like an hour (although despite that, she was a CHAMP and a joy to be around).

She went to bed, my mom went for a walk, Ty and Nancy went fishing and I took a nice relaxing bath and went to bed early. It was basically a win for everyone.