Memorial Day Weekend: 3 Church and Baseball

Memorial Day Weekend: 3 Church and Baseball

Sunday was the third installment in our fun Memorial Day weekend! We started the day with church. Remi is LOVING her “big girl class” at church. I love that she’s learning scripture and stories and songs- and not just playing.

She also looked so so cute in her sloth dress!


We went for Mexican after church and she is loving ordering this dip trio. She’s a funny kid. She just wants guac and chopped tomatoes (it comes with pico de gallo, but the raw onions are “spicy” so we just get her tomatoes). She ate 75% of this tray.


After lunch, we napped (amen!) and then headed to NWA. We stopped by Cabelas/Bass Pro (it will always be Cabelas to us…even if they changed the name) and then we went to a fun baseball game.

I love Naturals games! I honestly don’t know why we don’t go more often because they are always so fun!

Remi LOVED meeting Strike and Sinker. She’s not afraid of mascots AT ALL. She loves them.


We found our seats and then she quickly realized the kids around us were eating, so she wanted food. So me and Tyler got in line while she and Nancy hung out together.


We ate ballpark food and then we watched some of the game. Then we headed to the kids zone! They were closing the ticket sales, so she didn’t get to ride the train (which she took SO WELL!) but she LOVED playing on the playground with ALL the kids.


We found a beautiful sunset spot, too!


Probably the funniest was she spotted some kids rolling down the berm. She wanted to! But she didn’t really know how- so I totally got down in the grass and taught her how to roll, but she kept rolling sideways. She loved it though!


When we got back to our seats, we got snowcones (blue of course!)


The night ended with an AMAZING fireworks show! We all LOVED it.


Memorial Day: Part 1 Horse Camp

Memorial Day: Part 1 Horse Camp

We packed a LOT of fun into our Memorial Day Weekend. So much so that I’m breaking it down into 4 posts- one for each day!

We worked on Friday, but we headed south after work to visit Gigi at horse camp! She and her brother go camp and ride all weekend, and we’ve been down there once before. And Remi LOVES it.

She loves to see the horses (we go feed them, give them treats and she rides around the camp). And to be honest, it’s the kind of old-fashioned fun that I love to give her.

We got there and hung out a bit and she had to ride! She LOVES riding around the camp because everyone waves at her.


We played games- kicking the soccer ball, and making up our own games with frisbees and other toys that Nancy brought with her.


We grilled out for dinner- nothing is better than a hot dog when you’re hanging outside!

Then we walked down to the pond and skipped stones/threw rocks in the water. We hung out until dark and then headed back home.


It was a fun start to our weekend!

Summer Family Fun

Summer Family Fun

We have had some awesome summer fun, most of which is wonderful old-fashioned tech-free fun.

We’ve had some nights where we declared no technology and just played together. It’s been awesome.

We have been doing LOTS of sidewalk chalk in our driveway, and we love to do our body outlines! I loved our little family lined up.


I LOVE to watch Remi’s art skills develop.  This was “Elsa” She was digging out all the icy blues and trying to draw a dress.


We also had some fun digging for dinosaurs in this fun kit from our friend Nash’s birthday. It was a sort of hard dirt egg that we chipped away at. We found that some water sprayed made it easier to dig him out. Remi was TOTALLY into it. And then we did the dinosaur tattoos that came with the kit, too.


We are also loving all being together in the mornings again (yay for daddy’s school schedule!) and we enjoyed watching the sunrise one morning before me and Remi scooted off to work/school.


She prompted us to take a picture. We call ourselves the Three Musketeers! I love when she grabs us close for pics. So sweet.


A Very Hamilton Day

A Very Hamilton Day


We have had our tickets for a year and we were READY. We saw the original cast in New York back in 2016 (yes, be jealous. It was as amazing as it sounds!) but we were dying to see it again.

And this time, I was taking Tyler with us to see what all the hype was about.

I planned out a whole day of fun for us…starting with the end (just like the musical!) We had a duel!

We went to the Angry Axe in Tulsa for some axe throwing. It was so fun! And thankfully, it was easier than I was afraid it would be. ha! Both mom and I caught on quickly (I wasn’t worried about Tyler…he picks up on EVERYTHING quickly).


Our nice coach took a pic of all of us with the board I drew on. We did use another board to keep score and it will surprise no one that Tyler beat me and mom both at all the score keeping methods. ha!


For lunch, we tried a new to us place, Sisserou’s. It’s Caribbean food (since Alexander comes from the Caribbean). I got this AMAZING tuna salad and it was SO stinking good. I also got a (not pictured) coconut creme brulee that dreams were made of.


We had to split up for the show since we added an extra ticket after our subscription, so mom was kind enough to sit alone so we could sit together. Tyler was surprised at how much he enjoyed it (I wasn’t. It’s amazing).


After the show, we had to walk to Glacier for dinner, I mean chocolates. ha!  Then we did a little shopping around Tulsa (a kid’s consignment shop, Trader Joe’s) and headed home!