Jenga Crazy

Jenga Crazy

We recently got our own set of Jenga blocks and we’ve been having a blast with them!

A little reminder that having games around means PLAYING games more! We don’t own a ton of games (we’ve been a family of 2 and just haven’t had an opportunity/desire to play much) but Jenga is great because any group can play!

We broke it out at a family night….


Which obviously stressed my mom out! ha!


And then we’ve played just us at home (Remi likes to patiently watch- she’s just not able to really play yet).

Tyler and I got this crazy base going with 10 single blocks.


Once we play, we let Remi play and have been teaching her about the domino effect using the blocks!


What games do you and your family like playing?

Totally 80s!

Totally 80s!

A coworker’s wife was planning a fundraiser for their kid’s school.  He invited us to go, and we jumped on it.  The fundraiser was an 80’s prom! We didn’t have much lead time (this was the weekend after we returned from our cruise!) so we had to use the clothes we could find…instead of going all out on 80s prom attire.

I wore a sweater that my mom saved me months ago at our church’s clothes closet, and Tyler found a shirt at our thrift shop.

We had a great time dancing, eating yummy food and drinks and hanging with my coworkers.


They had fun bracelets and glasses set out. So OF COURSE we had to wear them.


It’s fun when your coworkers are your friends and you can have a blast together.

Close up of our looks.  My eyeshadoe and his gold chain.  I die.


We aren’t usually “fundraiser event” type of people, but it was fun to get out on the town for a good cause!

Valentine’s Day Love

Valentine’s Day Love

We had a fun Valentine’s Day! It was a little more exciting because Remi understood it was a special day!

At church the night before, they decorated balloons, so she was ready to pose with her special balloon before school.  Her adorable holiday outfit is one I’ve been saving for MONTHS (I got it on clearance in the summer).

I got a SWEET surprise at work when a friend texted me that she was stopping by.  Rachel brought me a few flowers and a sweet card. (And I think our receptionist thought we were “together” since she brought me flowers on Valentine’s Day! ha!)


Tyler and I don’t usually do much on the actual day, but he planned a nice dinner out since Nancy was going to pick Remi up from school.  We went to Rolando’s and had a wonderful dinner.  I got him a heated toilet seat (true story! He thought it was neat and it’s a “luxury” item he wouldn’t buy himself) and he gave me a certificate for a spa treatment when we go on our anniversary trip in March.


We hope you felt the love on V-Day!

Professional Pictures from the Boat

Professional Pictures from the Boat

They take your photo at every turn on the boat. I’ve heard some other ships have digital galleries where you can purchase downloads.  Our boat didn’t have that.  Instead, they had walls and walls and walls of printed photos for purchase.  And we were suckered in to the memories.

We got pictures of….

Remi meeting Thing 1 and Thing 2!

01p 63512

Her love for the giant towel elephant.

12p 05652

Her excitement for the Cat in the Hat (though it looks a little like she’s scared here…she wasn’t scared! She was pumped!)

13p 05750

Mom and I at formal night in the dining room.


Our beautiful family!

a05p 30377a05p 30379

a14p 03888

Me and my love.

a05p 30381

Our messy girl with her grandmas…

a05p 58687

a05p 58688


Our big girl at dinner one evening.

a10p 54061

And then our beautiful mommas took some pictures, too.  We all loved how gorgeous they looked!

a14p 03893a14p 03895a14p 03899a14p 03900