The Most Family Fun

The Most Family Fun

We had a TON of family fun over the weekend.

Remi overheard me telling Tyler about our Christmas in July at work, and how we decorated Christmas cookies….and then she asked to decorate cookies.  Thankfully, we were giving away the extra frosting at work, so I snagged a few. And we decorated graham crackers, which MADE HER DAY.  She was so excited.


On Saturday, we headed to Tulsa for the Taste of Summer ice cream festival!  For $5, you got all you could eat Blue Bell! YES PLEASE.

When you walked in, you were first met by the novelties (popsicles, ice creams on a stick, etc.) so we did that first. Then we all played and visited the booths. It was HOT but we were having fun.


Gavin is in town spending the week with my mom, and Caitlyn and her friend Kalleigh were here for a concert with us, so it was a big fun time.


They had a fun little sand pit game, and Remi DID NOT care about the game….she just wanted to play in the sand. Thankfully, the people running the game let her sit in the corner and dig.


We also lucked into a short wait for face painting.  A blue butterfly on one side…


And a red sparkly flower on the other!


We went through the ice cream lines and got plenty!  It was SO efficient. There were different lines for groupings of 4 flavors, so you only waited a short time while they scooped them.  We all tried several flavors (thankfully the scoops were pretty mini so you didn’t feel too bad about sampling several).

Then while we were walking around, we saw this guy from Charlie’s Chicken. Well, my quick mom wit told Remi it was Chickaleta from Paw Patrol, and she was so excited. 🙂 It’s not a lie….it’s just mom magic.

Remi played on the playground while we finished our ice creams, and then we got pretty hot and decided to find some air conditioning.


When we had our fill of the heat, we hit up Bass Pro.  We met up with Norma and Randy, some of Tyler’s family and had fun walking around.

I found this cute little deer in the hunting section!


After Bass Pro, we had lunch all together, which was nice, too. Norma and Randy are so fun- Remi just loves them!


I’m so thankful we could have a big family fun time together!

Summer Loving

Summer Loving

We are loving summer. The weather has been unusually cool, so we’ve spent more time outside than we usually get to in mid-July. We’ve stayed up late swimming. We’ve visited new parks. We’ve been just loving summer.

One of my biggest loves is this girl and her unique personality. She’s girly and princessy, but she loves her cars, dinos and police cars. She had to take her cars outside to “cheese” before church.


We’ve spent extra time with our cousins- which makes us VERY happy.  Remi LOVES her cousins. They each come up to spend one-on-one time with my mom, and we’ve gotten extra time with them.

Remi ADORES Luke, and he tolerates her. ha!


And when the cousins come to play, we swim, and they totally indulge her in whatever she wants…including shoulder rides around the pool.


Daddy has worked not-ideal hours (2nd shift during the week) so we go days without quality time with him. But we took full advantage of a Saturday morning together and Daddy took her on an 8 am 4-wheeler ride. In her pajamas.


We finally convinced her to watch Toy Story (she’s pretty opinionated on movies), and then my mom bought her a Buzz Lightyear. He’s “Buzz baby” and he gets to sit and eat, and she loves him.


Buzz also had to wear matching pajamas and he got to sleep in Remi’s tent at bedtime.


The weather was gorgeous and 80 degrees on a Sunday afternoon, so we went to her favorite park (the one with the big blue swing! she will say).  I love these partner swings. She never wants to use them, but this day she did, and I loved it.  Watching her giggle as we swing together is the best!


Big Cedar Vacation: Day 4

Our last full day at Big Cedar we PACKED IT IN!

We started our morning splitting up- Tyler and Remi played on the beach while me, Nancy and mom did a stand up paddle boarding class. Y’all. I can’t express enough how much we LOVED this.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be (or we are just strong enough now that I wasn’t worried about myself?).

But we paddled down the lake to the Devil’s Pool waterfall, and then we did some fitness stuff.

The instructor brought her phone out (because she’s brave!) so she took some pics for us.


After the class, we headed to the kid’s fishing pond for a fun time. Remi was a bit hesitant to fish at first, but once she saw the other kids, she wanted to try it. Thank goodness she caught a fish because she was starting to get over it.

They used real worms and she was so brave picking it up! I don’t know who enjoyed it more- her or daddy teaching her how to cast.


They caught one! She got to take it and have it weighed- a big 5 ounces!


We spent the rest of the afternoon pool hopping- visiting two pools and the lazy river. It was perfect. We had a lazy afternoon with lunch and naps.

And that evening, I grilled out some deer steaks that we brought with us. They were YUMMY. I don’t mind vacation cooking. I love to cook and on vacation, someone else is occupying Remi and cleaning up! Win, win!


Once Remi went to sleep, I packed up and then met Tyler for some night fishing. We didn’t get any bites, but we did see lots of HUGE crawdads in the water. This big one was a good 5 inches or bigger.


The next morning, Tyler and Remi took it slow while me and mom tried a dance fitness class that KICKED our butts!

After that, we changed and headed to Branson for some outlet shopping and lunch. Remi LOVES the rides at the outlet mall.


We made it home around 5 and got settled back in.

It was a SUPER fun trip. I’m so glad we can all go together.

Big Cedar Vacation: Day 3

Big Cedar Vacation: Day 3

On our next day, we decided to venture about 30 minutes away to another Big Cedar property: Dogwood Canyon. We really didn’t know what to expect because their website doesn’t give a great idea….but I’m SO GLAD we went. It was gorgeous!

There’s a big building with a gift shop/museum and restaurant…but the treasure is in the trails behind.


We decided to tackle the land via a tram ride. You can rent bikes, walk, do a segway or take a tram. And the tram is the only way to see the animals in the back- and we thought Remi would like that.

We had to wait a bit. We arrived at like 10:30 and we had to wait for a 1 pm tram. Totally worth it!

Beautiful waterfalls everywhere! Amazing streams. Beautiful tree covered canyon. Seriously serene and awesome.


We took some photos in front of the big waterfall behind the restaurant and started exploring.


There’s a huge treehouse (from the TV show Treehouse Masters) that we had fun playing in and around.


And then Tyler and Nancy paid to try fly fishing for about an hour or so. They enjoyed it.


And Remi enjoyed playing around the stream.


I cringed a bit when she sat in the mud, but ya gotta let her explore, right? She played with sticks, rocks and watched the water for a while.


On the tram, we got to get out at a few stops, but we mostly just enjoyed the amazing views (including watching TONS of trout swimming around) from the comfort and shade of our tram.


This was behind the beautiful chapel. You can’t see it, but there’s another waterfall behind us.


Trout right next to our tram. SO MANY TROUT.


It was just lovely back there to see the formations, caves, streams and more.


At one spot we got to walk up higher to take a look at the natural pool down below. Remi loves to walk up stairs.


At the back of the trip, there were herds of bison, elk, deer and some longhorns.

I liked the bison. There were even young babies!


The female elks were having a “spa day” in the mud.


When we got back, we played in the tree house for a long time until we were all tired of climbing the stairs.


After a little nap (which to be honest was a STRUGGLE but she took one) and then a dinner, we went to the nearest pool to our condo (which is up pretty high) for a sunset swim. It was lovely out!


I’m so thankful for this beautiful day!