Can’t Plan for Crazy

When things go wrong, it is always at the most inopportune time, ya know. When I used to sing in Branson and things would go wrong in the show, our director lady, Carolyn, would say, “You can’t plan for crazy! How do we fix it?”
So that’s how last couple days have been.
Last night, Tyler drove a bike home. He got home, and it was smoking and pouring oil. So he could not drive it back today. So I taught this morning (made my lecture a little short) and drove him to Fort Smith.
I REALLY needed to start working on my thesis today (well, I’ve been working hard on it…but I needed to start writing today). So I brought all my stuff…my laptop, all 64 of my articles, and my notebooks to Tyler’s shop. I look so funny with all my articles spread out in the middle of this motorcycle shop!
Amazingly, I’ve been able to write 6.5 pages today in the middle of this crazy shop. It has been super busy today. And even earlier, something scary happened.
A man came in with his daughter, and I thought he was a customer. Nope. He saw a man just outside our shop who passed out in the heat. He stopped in to tell us and get him some water. So we got him water, but the man literally couldn’t move. The boys tried to bring him inside, but they couldn’t move him. So I called 911, and they came and took him to the hospital. It was scary. The man kept rolling his eyes back like he was going in and out of consciousness. I just hope he will be ok. It was probably just dehydration and heat stroke. But he is in good hands now.
It has been a crazy day, and we are at the shop for about another hour and a half. So hopefully, everything will calm down around here.

Four months!

So yesterday was our four month anniversary! I know, I know…it is only four months. Not even half a year. But, who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate?

I made Tyler’s favorite (of the moment) dinner- taco lasagna. He just loves that stuff and raves everytime I make it.

I also picked up a special little dessert from the Walmart bakery. They have the best little servings of yummy stuff. We had a chocolate cake that was creme filled! It was so good (sorry I didn’t take any pictures).

We also got Pearl Harbor in on Netflix. I’ve never seen it. You can gasp now. I know it is shocking I’ve never seen one of the best movies of our time. But I haven’t. Long story short, there were a few years of my life when I was performing in Branson that we just didn’t see many movies because I did shows at night. So I missed a lot of great movies that came out during that time period.

Well we started Pearl Harbor (and hopefully we will finish it tonight…it left me hanging!) and just enjoyed each other.

I am so thankful for Tyler and his sacrifices for me. Right now, he drives an hour to work and back each day just so I can finish grad school. He NEVER complains about it. Not ever. I know he is so tired from working 10-7 every day and just wishes home was right around the corner from his shop, but he is so great to sacrifice for me. I know in this season of life, he is giving so much for me, and I can’t wait to be able to give back for him. Right now, I’m trying to make the best of it by having a wonderful yummy dinner ready for him every night when he gets home. He likes to eat, so I think it makes him happy!

Anyway, yay for four months! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us! We have had a blessed few months for sure!

Give it to me now!

Well, after class today I ran around all over town and the next town up. Target, TJ Maxx, Kirlands, Pier 1, Hobby Lobby (actually 2 of them), Oops, and Sam’s Furniture,


Well, here is the backstory.

Tyler got a ticket when we first moved in. The police in town are kinda crazy. Anyway, he took the ticket to court. And if he won, he got $125 fine. And if he lost, it was going to be like $1500. So he decided that if he won, he was going to do a few things.

One of them was for me. He wanted to buy me a leather storage bench we found at TJ Maxx last Sunday. I wanted it for the end of our bed.

I was so excited! It was the sweetest thought of him to do that for me! So after court, we went to TJ Maxx…and it wasn’t there. Sad day.

Well, I am a “I want it now” kind of girl. Not quite like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka, but close. Since the hubs said I could have this trunk (and he would pay for it!), I want one. But NOBODY has one like we found at TJ Maxx.

Well, I found one just like it online, so we will see if Ty wants to order it. That would make this girl very happy. 🙂

Independence Day

We had big plans for the weekend. First off, we headed to Tyler’s hometown of Greenwood for Freedom Fest. He had a booth. (It rained all morning, so we didn’t get there until around 3…but we had a great afternoon).
We had BBQ, funnel cakes, and heard some great live music.
Then there were fireworks. There was so much smoke because it was so humid outside. The smoke just hung in the air. See?
Then on the actual 4th, we slept in, went shopping, and got some fireworks. Exhibit A: my pyro husband is so excited to light things on fire.
We had some beautiful fountains. There were also people all around us setting off beautiful displays. And the weather was AWESOME. It was a perfect night.
Tyler does not practice proper fireworks safety. He shoots bottle rockets from his hands.
I love sparklers. Like, I must have sparklers every 4th of July or I cry (just ask my mom about that one year….). I got some really long ones that changed colors and they were so fun!

We had a wonderful weekend being together and are so thankful for the freedoms given to us by our country and our God. We are so blessed here and I am so thankful.