Exciting Things

Here is a short photo story of my last two days:

We went to the Sebastian County Clerk.
We got our marriage license!
Then Rachael came for a visit!
We went on a tour of Fayetteville…complete with my favorite stop….the pond at Washington Regional to see the ducks.
Then we went to the other best stop in Fayetteville…Rick’s Bakery. Rachael had a peanut butter brownie and I had that delicious strawberry cupcake topped with a chocolate covered strawberry. AMAZING.

Tomorrow night is my bachelorette party in Little Rock….fun stories to come!

Valentine’s Part 2

So we slept in a bit Sunday and when we got up, we decided to do Valentine’s Day part 2. We tried seeing the movie “Valentine’s Day” Saturday night…but the movie theater was packed!
So we got up and went to eat brunch. We LOVE Golden Corral for breakfast/brunch (I know…its a greasy buffet…but there are so many food options, the food quality is good, and its pretty cheap for what you get) and pigged out. They make THE BEST omelettes at GC and I very much enjoyed my omelette and other goodies. They also had some homemade potato chips that were warm and yummy (like the ones you get at Zaxby’s). Yum.So after brunch, we saw “Valentine’s Day” It was cute. The plot had A LOT of story lines, but they weren’t too complicated, so it was easy to follow. There were cute parts, sad parts, funny parts, romantic parts. We laughed alot and it was a good movie. It has tons of celebs in it too. Taylor Swift was really funny in it (I was surprised), and SURPRISE Patrick Dempsey plays a doctor in it! haha. But it was cute.
So then we came home, watched the Olympics and napped. Then I made an easy dinner (thank you Hamburger Helper!), and I did homework while Tyler watched Undercover Boss. That show is so interesting! Last night, the CEO of Hooter’s went undercover and got some great insight into their company. He talked at the end about a new marketing campaign showing that Hooter’s girls have lives and personalities and are more than boobs, and how the managers should treat them with respect. I think those are all good things.
It was a great weekend. I have a busy week, but it will all be worth it. My friend and former roomie Rachael is coming to visit Thursday night, and my bachelorette party is Saturday! woot woot! Gotta work so I can have fun!

My Funny Valentine

Tyler, my valentine (who I will marry in ONE MONTH!), came to see me tonight. We exchanged gifts…

Tyler got an automatic soap dispenser. He LOVES these and really wanted one for his shop. He was very excited.He got me a LOAD of Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path stuff. He said it was every item they had in the scent. He knows how much I love it and never buy that stuff for myself.
Then we went back to Kobe for sushi. These two rolls (a firecracker roll and fried eel roll) were wonderful. We got another roll (called a Tiger’s Eye) that wasn’t so great. It was wrapped in calamari…which was really chewy. It tasted good, but the chewiness was gross. Here are the two yummy rolls…
Then we just came home to chill and watch the Olympics. Go Apolo! We liked watching the speed skating! Apolo won a silver medal….giving him 6 I think for all time? It was some sort of record for short course skaters and a big deal.

(And this is random…but I went shopping today…and I’m modeling here my two favorite items from today…a new black satin bow barrette and some zebra shades, both from Forever 21. I LOVE bows! I have lots of bow headbands…but this was my first barrette. I’m a fan. What do you think? Excuse my leopard snuggie….)

Valentine’s Memories

Well, Tyler and I have been together for two Valentine’s days before and they have both been so memorable. But, last year’s was particularly memorable for me.

I thought that sometime in my last semester at OBU (last Jan-May) we would get engaged. We had talked about getting married, looked a rings a couple times, and I just knew it had to be coming.

We were doing the long distance thing, and so weekends were special, and I knew Valentine’s would be just as special.

Tyler kept telling me to bring a fancy dress and be ready for an exciting night. I got so excited.

I got my hair cut, I got my nails done. I freaked out about dresses. I went shopping at the few stores little Arkadelphia has, only to get a dress from home.

I went to Fort Smith and was just so excited about whatever our plans might be. He kept them secret.

We got ready Saturday night, and went to a nice restaurant. I was so thrilled. We had great laughs and talks while we waited, had a great dinner, then we went out on the patio to look at the river and the lights. “This is it” I kept thinking. WRONG. We watched the lights, then we went to a movie. Night over.

It was a great night. Great food, great laughs, great movie (we saw Confessions of a Shopaholic…he bought the tickets in advance so I could see it!). But I went home with a naked ring finger.

He got my hopes up several times before we actually got engaged, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m such a secret-spoiler that I’m glad I didn’t guess when it was happening. But when I left for V-day last year, I would have bet you good money I was coming home with a ring!

Us last Valentine’s Day…

This year, I’m not sure what we are doing. Our superbowl bet was that the loser got to plan and pay for V-day…and he lost. If I had to guess it would involve that delicious sushi we had last weekend. But I’ll let you know!