Independence Day

We had big plans for the weekend. First off, we headed to Tyler’s hometown of Greenwood for Freedom Fest. He had a booth. (It rained all morning, so we didn’t get there until around 3…but we had a great afternoon).
We had BBQ, funnel cakes, and heard some great live music.
Then there were fireworks. There was so much smoke because it was so humid outside. The smoke just hung in the air. See?
Then on the actual 4th, we slept in, went shopping, and got some fireworks. Exhibit A: my pyro husband is so excited to light things on fire.
We had some beautiful fountains. There were also people all around us setting off beautiful displays. And the weather was AWESOME. It was a perfect night.
Tyler does not practice proper fireworks safety. He shoots bottle rockets from his hands.
I love sparklers. Like, I must have sparklers every 4th of July or I cry (just ask my mom about that one year….). I got some really long ones that changed colors and they were so fun!

We had a wonderful weekend being together and are so thankful for the freedoms given to us by our country and our God. We are so blessed here and I am so thankful.

{Last} Sunday Funday

Last Sunday, we loaded up the trucks and trailers with toys and headed to Ty’s grandpa’s farm in Oklahoma.

It was so fun! It was a hot, but beautiful day.

I got to drive the RZR, and I managed to get it all the way up the mountain and down without wrecking it! ha
Everybody rode along,(Ty’s uncle on the 4wheeler, his mom in the red/white, JJ his mechanic and friend closest in the green, and Ty farthest in the green. Grandpa and I were in the RZR.)

and then the boys jumped their bikes for a while. Too fun!
And to top it off, Grandpa gave me bunches of fresh goodies from his huge garden! We are stocked up on squash, green peppers, and jalepenos!

Our Proposal

Kelly’s Korner is sharing proposal stories today. I almost made it impossible for Tyler to propose to me. Ha!

We were in Dallas on my social club (sorority) outing. We had a great time during the day at Six Flags. Then he went to this cool restaurant on the water in some Dallas Suburb. It had a patio and a live band that was AWESOME!We all had a private dining area and were having a great time!

This is the whole group of girls there! So many friends!
After dinner, the group went different ways. Some people went back into Dallas to ride go karts. Some went to a club. We decided to stay there and enjoy the band and hang out and dance.
This was us on the patio.

This is where I make it impossible for Tyler to propose. He kept asking me to go for a walk on the water. I kept saying, “After this song. I love this song!” Or “I don’t want to leave my friends right now.” Or any other excuse. Once, he even said, I need some air (which was dumb…we were outside) and I let him go for a short walk alone! haha!

Then finally I agree to go for a walk during one of the band’s breaks, but I invite two of our other friends along! The other guy knew what Tyler wanted to do, so he kept trying to divert his date to give us some alone time. The best one was, Greg, the other guy, said to Ashley, his date, “Hey look at those ducks! Those are rare green ducks! Come look!” Greg is from the duck capital of Arkansas, Stuttgart, so when Greg was talking about rare ducks, I wanted to see! I followed them and Tyler’s shot was blown.

Here are the “green ducks”
Then we went back to the hotel, and I got comfy. We were all going to hang out and watch TV in our room. Well, Tyler called me and asked me to come to his room. So I went down there.

I bought his these letters for his room (in the hopes that they would someday be in our house) and they were sitting on the TV when I came in the room. Look close, the ring is on top.
He got down on one knee, said sweet things, and asked me to marry him! I said yes! I love my ring! We had gone shopping weeks before and I picked out several I liked, and this was one of them!We got engaged April 25 in Room 407 of a Hampton Inn in Dallas, TX. I was in my PJS….and it was in no way the ideal proposal that Tyler imagined. But it was perfect!


Last weekend, I did what it seems I’ve been doing every Saturday- helping my sweet Tyler at his shop. I’m not a huge help as I don’t know much about his business, but he seems to really appreciate my being there and answering phones and ringing up customers.
So I did that. Then we went to see the A-Team.
Now this movie did have some language (but not enough for my sweet Mother-in-law to even be bothered by it) but it DID have some great plot twists, exciting action, good actors, and even a little romance. It was great for me, Ty, and Nancy to all see. We all enjoyed it very much.

Then we went to Red Lobster. Oh how I love Red Lobster. I love getting yummy crab legs and those biscuits. Yum-O.

(Just to make you drool.)

Then we spent a lazy Sunday at home. We made waffles in our new waffle maker using Batter Blaster. Its the coolest product…pancake and waffle battle in a can. No clean up! We liked it!Then we cleaned the house, Nancy came over for a little visit after she looked at some furniture in Fayetteville. Then we went for some Flying Burrito and grocery shopping. It was a good weekend.

Today Mom and Gram are coming for a short visit. Mom said she needed her Brittney fix! haha. It will be a fun little time with them though!