Hummus is Yummus!

Tyler and I took a date night to a Greek place here in town…Kosmos Cafe. It was sooo yummy! We give it a B+. The food was pretty good, but it took a little bit to get our food and we had to ask to have our appetizers first. Also, the beverage/condiment/cutlery area is really crowded and hard to get too.

We had roasted red pepper hummus…
Chicken souvlaki (greek seasoned chicken kabobs with pita bread and taziki sauce) and a falafel pita (a chickpea mixture that is fried and put on a pita with lettuce and taziki sauce. Taziki sauce is greek yogurt, cucumber and spices….dill for sure, I think. You could get it with tomato and onion, but we opted out.)

We saw a Greek diner last night on “Diner’s, Driveins, and Dives” on the Food Network and decided to try some of the food today. It was yummy. When we go out to eat and get stuff we both like, we eat half of it, then trade. So we get to try different stuff and share. We like to go out and eat and try new things. We both have an adventurous palette. We have never had Indian, Vietnamese, or Thai food….and all of those are options we could try locally. What kind of food should we try next?

Playing House

So I have a three day weekend because of MLK Jr. Day. When I have free days, Tyler really likes for me to come to the shop with him. I can’t really do too much at a motorcycle shop, but I can talk to people and I think he likes the company. And I like to show him I support his business and will do anything to help.

However, I DO have some things I must get done. Life is going to get busy soon (I have two wedding showers the next two weekends, and school is most definitely in full swing already). The laundry is already piled up and my apartment is in need of a good cleaning. I’m pretty bad at keeping a neat and tidy place, but I’m trying. So I stayed home today (even though he REALLY wanted me to go with him) to clean and do homework.

So I’ve got America’s Next Top Model marathon on tv, along with the hum of the washer, the buzz of the dryer, the gushing of the dishwasher, and the zipping around of the Roomba vaccum. I’m going to attempt to read the 6 chapters of stuff I have for this week, but with all this noise, I’m not sure how productive I can be!

New Year

So its 2010. I get married this year! 🙂 I know this year will be full of changes. I will get married, we will move, I may start up a small business this summer, and I’m sure many more “firsts”. I am excited for all this year has in store.

We spent NYE at the movies seeing Avatar, then came home for a great House marathon. Tyler took three days off to spend with me (a sort of quality time Christmas present) and its been fabulous. We have just watched tv together, cooked some meals together, and laughed alot. I sure do love that man.

Tomorrow is the Liberty Bowl. Go Hogs go! Hope they win! Woo Pig Sooie!

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer….

Well after we spent alllllllll day doing housework in my tiny one bedroom apartment (what ever will we do in a bigger house??), we sat down to watch Elf. Its my second favorite Christmas movie (second to White Christmas…but Tyler semi-refuses to watch White Christmas b/c the cover makes it look old and boring). As we were watching Elf, I got the HUGE urge to go look at Christmas lights. So we went to the Lights of the Ozarks on the Square. They were great! I’m such in a Christmas mood now! Only one day until I head home for break!