31 Week Highlights

31 Week Highlights

This girl is getting SO big! It’s all happening so fast!

She got to wear this cute romper (I am in love with rompers, y’all) that her grandmas bought her. So we had to have a photo shoot in the yard.

We had lunch after church at our Chinese buffet. We love the family that owns it. We gave Remi a couple peach slices, and the owner was joking that he was gonna charge her if she ate any more! ha!

Our Hot Springs family was in town, so they got lots of Remi snuggles! Caitlyn was great and kept Remi for a while for me Saturday so I could go workout and get a pedicure. Remi loves her Cait!

I say it often, but it’s a shame this baby gets no attention. 

We took a Sunday drive to NWA so daddy could shop at Cabelas during their sale. I love watching things through her eyes. So sweet to see her take it all in!

We had sushi after, and she was SO good. She loves this spinning toy and it’s great for restaurants. Quiet fun. 

She looked SO cute in her little romper and bib one day last week at daycare. 

And I LOVE this onesie. Actually, two different people got us one (in two different sizes) and she wore it one day last week. It says “I’m fixin to cry ya’ll”

Lastly, Remi came to my work Friday, and my boss is known for taking great pics when people’s kids come by. We were no exception! LOVED seeing my girl during the day!

I can’t believe how quickly time flies. They do say the days are long but the years are short. So true!

Healthy Delicious Food without Grocery Shopping

Healthy Delicious Food without Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping with a baby is tough.

The car seat sits in the cart, so there just isn’t room for a full cart of groceries. I’ve been doing some grocery pickup, but it can be tough to meal plan and remember to add everything to your order.

Enter Hello Fresh.

I got a free box to review, but all of these opinions are 100% my own.

The box came delivered right to our door step. It had 3 meals for 4 people….so 12 servings of food inside. Sometimes after watching Remi all day our moms will stay for dinner, so this was perfect for feeding all of us.

It was all cold and had cool packs in it so everything was fresh, even though it sat on my doorstep all day until I got from work.

We got three recipes: poblano beef chili, chicken peanut noodles, and Parmesan crusted cod.

They were all ready in 30 minutes or less. And to be honest, it was WAY more than 4 servings for each box! The recipe cards included nutrition info so I could track it in MyFitnessPal!

All of the “extras” like the sour cream and cheese for the chili were included.

It was SUPER easy to cook and follow the recipe cards. And since everything was perfectly portioned out, it was fast. No digging through the pantry, dirtying measuring bowls. SUPER simple.

And it was DELICIOUS.

The chili had a little kick (if I were making it for kids I would have left the poblanos out) but it was hearty and so yummy. Mom ate this meal with us and she loved it, and she doesn’t love spicy food. I also took the chili leftovers for lunch and they were perfect reheated.

I had never made fresh fish before, only frozen. It was so simple, delicious and light. Things like fresh garlic that I normally don’t buy made this so fresh tasting. This came with a side of potatoes and carrots and were delicious. Nancy ate this meal with us and she loved it. 

We scarfed down the noodles before I took a picture. ha!

If you’re busy, don’t have time/energy to grocery shop, or just want to try some new foods…I highly recommend Hello Fresh.

You can use the code BRITNEYL30 for $30 off your first box!

Week 16 Highlights

Week 16 Highlights

We didn’t have a lot going on, and I’m trying to NOT be so attached to my phone at home, so pics this week are fewer. This week is the middle of a developmental leap, according to our Wonder Weeks book/app. She’s been a bit fussier, but still good. Just a little crankier and clingier at night some.

We are dealing with some sleep regression- she’s been up twice in the night instead of her normal once. But I can deal with that. Here are some of the highlights…

Tummy time with pony. Dad has named pony Jumping Bean.

Remi and Mom met me for lunch and we snapped this adorable pic. I love how she’s hugging me!

She also is GOING TO TOWN on some teethers. I can feel nubs under her gums, but no idea if that’s teething or just teeth living under there (#firsttimemomprobs). Either way, she is drooly and chewing on ALL THE THINGS. I love this little lolly pop looking teether.

We went to my friend Rachel’s wedding and used the excuse to dress Remi up in a fancy dress we had. I love it! Sweet girl! 

And for bath time this week we did the neck ring swimming. She wore herself out and was just precious afterwards. 

Here’s to getting more sleep (hopefully soon!) and this girl meeting those developmental leaps like a champ!

Meet the Ladies of LuLaRoe

Meet the Ladies of LuLaRoe

After my short first outfit post last week, I got a couple questions from friends wondering what all styles are available through LuLaRoe (and how things fit). Well, I’m happy to go over those for you!

I don’t have a piece in all of the styles, but I’ve tried on a lot, so hopefully I can help. If you have any additional questions, come join our FB group and let my friend Laura (a LLR consultant) answer them. She’s the expert!

30 days of

*Just a disclaimer that I’m NOT going to cover ALL of the styles. There are some men’s shirts and kids clothes that I can’t speak to since I’ve never seen them in person.*

All images are from LuLaRoe.

And remember, all of these pieces come in COUNTLESS prints and colors, so it’s not like you say “I want a polka dot Amelia, I’m going to order that!” Instead, a consultant gets a random assortment of prints and you shop from those. If you have a print you love, you might have to make friends with a few different consultants to find it.

Let’s start with the classics.

First up is leggings.  Leggings come in two adult sizes- OS (one size) and TC (tall and curvy).  OS is like 2-12 size and TC is 12-22.  I can wear both at a curvy 12-14, but prefer TC.  TC are also longer. They are SO soft like butter.


Next up is the Irma. A dolman style that’s longer in the back (great with leggings!). They are sized generously, so most people size down a size or two. I wear a large, but can also wear a medium if I want it more fitted or an XL if I want it big.


Everyone’s favorite is the Carly.  It’s a loose T-shirt style dress (usually with a chest pocket, but I’ve seen some without). It’s longer in the back, but nice and long length in front to be modest and work appropriate. Most people size down 1-2 sizes depending on how they want it to fit. There’s like 20 ways to wear this! I’ll be showing several of them this month. I wear a large, but can go from medium to XL in this. carly

This is a classic T. It’s a scoop neck and looser fit. True to size. Size up if you want it looser. I wear a L or XL.


This is a Perfect T. It’s looser than a Classic T. It  has two little slits on the side that you can tie up all cute.  Most people can size down one size in this if they want. I’m a L in a Perfect T. perfect t

This is a Randy, a baseball-style T. It’s a little more fitted so I size up. I wear an XL or even XXL if I want it loose.


This dress is an Amelia. She’s got a zipper in the back, sleeves, a defined waist, and cute box pleated skirt. The length is AWESOME. No wardrobe malfunctions here. I have both a L and XL in Amelia.  Some women who breastfeed wear it backwards so they can unzip the front and feed!


This is Nicole. She just slips on, has a waist and a loose, flowy skirt. I have a L in Nicole but could also wear an XL. Shoutout to the longer sleeves on this dress. Very flattering.


This is Ana. She’s one of my faves! Like a Nicole, but full length. A defined waist, so very flattering, but a little longer sleeves and a flowy maxi skirt. I wear an XL in Ana, but could probably also do a L.


This is Jill.  She’s a midi-length pleated skirt.  SO flattering.  I love wearing Jill with a T-shirt tucked in. Instant polish! I bought my first one pregnant, so I bought an XL, but I could totally also wear a L. She’s got a big stretchy waistband.jill

This is the LuLaRoe maxi skirt. I don’t have one, but I’ve tried them on. I would size down in a M or L. It has a forgiving yoga-style waistband and can be pulled up higher if you’re a little shorter or worn on the hips if you’re tall.


This is Julia. She’s a more fitted dress. Most people size up in this. I don’t have one, but would wear an XL or XXL. I’ve also seen people tuck this under into a tunic length with leggings!


This is a Cassie. She’s a stretchy pencil skirt and is MAGIC. So comfortable with a thicker (not tight) waistband. Cute with something tucked in, but also cute with a flowy top. Also can be worn as an infinity scarf – so if you find a print you love that isn’t your size, grab it and scarf it!cassie

This is an Azure skirt. It’s flowy with a yoga-style waist, sort of like a midi-length of the maxi. You could easily size down in this. asure

Madison is a box-pleated skirt.Kind of like the Amelia dress, but just the bottom. VERY flattering, especially for us with wider hips.madison

This is Lucy. A maxi-length with the thicker waistband. Most Lucy skirts have a chiffon top over a liner.


Lola is like a shorter Lucy. Most are topped with lace or chiffon.lola

Now on to toppers.

This is a Lindsay cardigan. Flowy, easy to wear. I size down in this, wearing a M. lindsay

This is a Monroe. She’s a flowy cardigan with fringe. You could also size down in this. monroe

Meet Joy. She’s a long vest. Most I’ve seen are lace, but there are other fabrics as well.joy

This is Sarah, a long, long-sleeve cardigan. Depending on the fabric, they fit pretty true to size, or you can size down one. I wear a large.sarah

This is Jordan, a long athletic pant. I have a pair. They are wicking fabric and aren’t super stretchy, but have more of a compression quality. I wear a L.jordan

And lastly, this is Jade, a capri legnth workout pant. Also wicking fabric. I liked the fit of these a bit better than Jordan.  I also wear a L. jade

So those are the LuLaRoe ladies (or the styles!). Come shop with us on February 4 and find some new friends! Join our FB group to learn more about the sale!