Merry Christmas (card) from Us!

Merry Christmas (card) from Us!

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!


Halloween Potluck

Halloween Potluck

We gathered our friends for a little Halloween potluck. We made easy snack foods for dinner and let the kids play- bouncy house, football, swing set.

And of course, we had to dress up!  We are the Paw Patrol (Skye, Marshall and Chase)


With Rubble and Rocky! (Caitlyn will join us for actual Halloween, too!)


The kids painted pumpkins….


And bobbed for apples (which isn’t as fun or easy as it was when I was a kid! ha!)


Remi’s masterpiece!


We wanted to do smores but didn’t want to make a big bonfire, so we had a food-safe roasting log on our grill (our fire pit got a hole in it). Staci was an expert marshmallow roaster for the kids.


We played until dark and ended the night with 4-wheeler rides around the yard. So much fun!

Made to Worship

Made to Worship

I recently sang a “special” at church. (For those not familiar, that’s a song in the service that isn’t by the choir…it’s a solo done during a special portion of the service, like during the offering).

I had been practicing my song in the car quite a bit (that’s the only time I have!) and when it was time to rehearse, Remi was adamant that she was coming on stage with me. Initially she said “I’ve got moves, mom!” so I wasn’t sure what she would do on the stage.

But then she wanted a microphone. And then she was mad that I didn’t turn it on. So I did.

And then, my baby girl worshipped with me.

It was so sweet and special and brought happy tears to my eyes. If she can learn anything from me, I hope it’s who God is and how to worship Him! (For when I look back at this some day, the extra flowers were from a visitation that had just occurred).


Celebrating Friends is FUN

Celebrating Friends is FUN

We had THE MOST fun celebrating our friend Amelia’s 3rd birthday!  Amelia is the daughter of my friend Tara, so I got to spend time with my girls at the party!

Gotta love when we have more fun than the kids!

(Side note: Tara did an AMAZING job with the decorations!)


There were balloons, which the kids LOVED. I love how simple they are- yay balloons! 


Look at these cute decorations in her kitchen!


More balloon joy!


They have a bearded dragon, and Heath got it out for the kids to pet. Remi LOVED it.  After he put it back, she asked to “pet the dinosaur” again.  I died.  She was so brave touching it. 


These cupcakes were SO good.  


The kids sat at a cute little table to eat. Remi kept going back to eat more.  She was serious about her party treats!


It was so sweet to see everyone playing as Amelia opened her toys.  This is three of our friend’s girls- it just makes me happy to imagine that they will become good friends, too!  (Our 4th friend, Rebecca, only has older boys.)


Remi is quickly learning that birthdays, even if they aren’t her own, are VERY fun.