Snow Day

Snow Day

They were calling for a little snow in our area, but the forecast looked like most of it would miss us. In fact, the night before, I told Tyler’s cousin if they got snow at their house, we would drive over so Remi could play in it!

So imagine my surprise when Saturday morning, the sound of sleet on our windows let up and got quiet.  I ran to the kitchen window and GIANT snowflakes were falling fast.

It quickly accumulated. I wasn’t sure how long it would last, so I bundled Remi up before breakfast to go outside. She wasn’t impressed, but she kept wanting to go outside every 20-30 minutes. We don’t get much snow, so I happily took her outside time and time again to look at it.


She finally agreed it wasn’t all bad.


A snow day weekend was AWESOME.  We didn’t have any plans, but having it be a mandatory snow day meant we just played and said yes to everything.  Hot dog for breakfast? Ok! Painting?  YES.  Movies, playing, an hour long bath, spaghetti for dinner. We did it all.


After nap, we bundled up and went out to really play.  It was pretty frigid and windy, so it wasn’t her favorite thing. But we finally got to use her sled in the snow (it’s only been pulled around the yard on the grass!)


She mostly wanted to jump on her trampoline. Daddy had to brush the snow/ice off with a broom, but then she happily jumped!


I also had bought these snowball makers.  The snow was really too dry to pack, but we had fun digging in the snow with the snowball maker.


And on Sunday, the road was still a little icy, so we stayed home from church.  She and I made banana bread together. It was a sweet time of her scooping ingredients and counting things like eggs and scoops.  She kept playing with the flour long after I mixed it up and put it in the oven. But man, it was yummy!


We had another great day at home together, and then the snow melted as fast as it came down.  It was mostly all gone by Monday.

Turkey Day 2018!

Turkey Day 2018!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remi had a bit of a bug all week, but inbetween some bouts of not feeling great, she was a happy, easy kid.

Our family came up from Hot Springs Wednesday evening, so we got lots of time with our people. (Sadly, Tyler’s grandpa was in the hospital, so Nancy was gone for most of it).

Remi got LOTS of cousin play time. She loves her KK, Gavvy and Luke! They colored, played Play Doh, and watched movies.


This year, I decided to try something new with the turkey. I used Alton Brown’s roast turkey brine and roasting method and it was GOOD. Everyone loved it- and I think I’m the new turkey cook.


Remi liked watching them carve the turkey and the was ready to EAT EAT.


We had a great meal and then Carl (my Nene’s boyfriend) made us balloon animals. Remi is still talking about all the dogs and swords Carl made for her!


She’s a lucky little girl to have her great grandma in her life!


After the meal, our family headed back to Hot Springs (well, Nene and Carl stayed the night) and we helped put up Mimi’s Christmas tree!

We are so thankful for all of our blessings! For God’s love, for family, for our health, our jobs, our home, our friends, for great teachers for Remi- it was a season of thankfulness for sure!

Chill Weekend

Chill Weekend

We’ve been busy lately, and sweet Remi girl has been asking for more playtime at home….so we took a low-key weekend and did just that.

Saturday morning, she was SUPER excited to color and play.

I LOVE how happy she is coloring right now.

We did get out a little to run the dogs to the groomer’s and run into a kid’s clothing shop in town. She LOVES to play in their play house- and she made us lunch there. 🙂

She was SO GOOD, leaving without a fuss when I told her the time was up (side note: she does great when I sort of give her a countdown “You have 5 minutes.”  “3 more minutes before we leave” “Time to go!”  I know she doesn’t fully understand “minutes” but she gets “more time” and I think she does better knowing things are coming to an end.)

Saturday evening, we put our Christmas tree. #sorrynotsorry  Remi LOVED it.  She was mostly interested in climbing the step ladder, but she says “Oooh” every time she sees the tree!

Sunday was an early start- Tyler got up early to hunt and Remi woke up at 6. Thankfully, she wanted to snuggle, so we spent some time in momma’s big bed. I love her sweetness!

After church, we tried a new Mexican restaurant. There was a bit of a wait for the food, so Remi went in deep for her queso. ha! LOVE THAT GIRL.

After a good, long nap, we had dinner and then bundled up to head to town for Veteran’s Day fireworks! Remi LOVED the show. It was a little cold, but we were ok in our double layers and jackets and hats. It was a great 15 minute show, and she loved every one.

I’m so thankful for a slow weekend at home. It was wonderful!

Funny Words

Funny Words

Remi is a great talker, but like any kid, some words come out funny.  Just a list to remember:


  • Buhboy- her version of “good boy” -what I say to the dogs.  She says it to the dogs when they are behaving.
  • Boosie- “boost” -what she asks for when she wants help into a chair or on the couch
  • Dishes- The song “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast
  • Fun face- a funny face. We read a book called “Where do Giggles come from?” that she calls the “fun face” book- it has a line about funny faces and we make them when reading the book.
  • I wake- I’m awake! She is happy to say this when we go in her room in the morning.
  • Icy Water- ice water, her drink of choice.  Normal water simply won’t do any more.
  • Noonles- Noodles.  One of her favorite foods. Typically it’s lo mein, but she likes all noodles.
  • Pee Pee Booty- The VeggieTales DVD “Sweet Pea Beauty”
  • Yama- Llama, as in “Llama Llama Red Pajama.”  “Momma, read yama!”
  • Yilbit- a little bit.  Often said when she goes potty and only goes “a yilbit”

More and more words are taking shape. Water is “water” now instead of “wawa” so I know these cute sayings won’t last long.