Funny Words

Funny Words

Remi is a great talker, but like any kid, some words come out funny.  Just a list to remember:


  • Buhboy- her version of “good boy” -what I say to the dogs.  She says it to the dogs when they are behaving.
  • Boosie- “boost” -what she asks for when she wants help into a chair or on the couch
  • Dishes- The song “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast
  • Fun face- a funny face. We read a book called “Where do Giggles come from?” that she calls the “fun face” book- it has a line about funny faces and we make them when reading the book.
  • I wake- I’m awake! She is happy to say this when we go in her room in the morning.
  • Icy Water- ice water, her drink of choice.  Normal water simply won’t do any more.
  • Noonles- Noodles.  One of her favorite foods. Typically it’s lo mein, but she likes all noodles.
  • Pee Pee Booty- The VeggieTales DVD “Sweet Pea Beauty”
  • Yama- Llama, as in “Llama Llama Red Pajama.”  “Momma, read yama!”
  • Yilbit- a little bit.  Often said when she goes potty and only goes “a yilbit”

More and more words are taking shape. Water is “water” now instead of “wawa” so I know these cute sayings won’t last long.

Birthday-Adjacent Weekend

Birthday-Adjacent Weekend

The weekend surrounding Remi’s birthday was just so much fun.

Saturday morning, I gave Remi an early birthday present.  Her sweet friend Connor sent her a birthday present (I work with his momma…and it was his birthday weekend, too!) and she was SO EXCITED about her new outfit.  She tried to put the pants on right away!

We were just going to hang at home, but Tyler saw a post on Facebook about our town’s Fall Festival getting set up- so we got changed and headed to town.  The park was transformed with fun booths, food trucks, inflatables, hay rides and more fun.


Remi was finally big enough to climb the inflatable by herself! She loved it!  And her little friend Lyla was there, too and they enjoyed playing together.

We went on a hayride around the park and Remi loved it.  We laughed though- the hay was poking her, and she figured out to sit on her paper fan.  (And don’t worry, we got LOTS of feedback about her. *insert eye roll*  On the hayride, she said she had to potty, and we were telling her to hold it and we would find a bathroom when we finished.  A lady commented “Isn’t she a little young for that?” Ugh. #mindyourown)

We got some snacks and food- mini donuts, shaved ice and egg rolls.  Yum.  Remi was a big fan of the donuts.

After her birthday we went back to Mimi’s house to swim. It was warm enough and my mom has a heater for the pool.  I didn’t get in, but Remi enjoyed swimming with the family.  The view out there is gorgeous.

Sunday morning, I set up all her birthday gifts. It was like Christmas.  She went between all the presents and was loving it.  She started with her princess shoes and gloves, then played basketball and built with her magnatiles.  Well rounded.

Sunday morning, we had a bit of a birthday hangover and she was SHOWING her two-year-old-ed-ness.  But she looked precious.  And after her nap she was much better.

I got some snuggles which are always great.  And it was my last Sunday afternoon snuggles with my one year old (she turned two the next morning).

The weather was beautiful, so Sunday night, she got to play in her water table.  And she happily dumped water on her head.  Silly goose.

A super fun weekend for all!

New Things Every Day

New Things Every Day

We are just constantly cracking up at all the new things Remi is picking up on.

Let’s start with these boots.  THESE BOOTS. “I got boots!”  These are actually a size up for rain boots/muck boots that I bought on Zulily (gotta stock up when the sales happen) and when they came in, she became OBSESSED. Wears them constantly.

She had her first “Remi got hurt” boo boo at school.  She’s had bumps and bruises, but busted her lip. Initially, her teacher FREAKED ME OUT telling me she busted her lip and it was bleeding, but it was pretty minor. I promptly got this pic of my smiley girl to reassure me she was ok.

It’s not her first cake, but the first time she WENT NUTS on cake. She calls it “happy cake” since we sang Happy Birthday before eating it. She didn’t move it the entire time she was eating.

And she’s OBSESSED with puzzles, and she can do this one without any help!

And I don’t have a picture, but I want to remember that all of a sudden one night she asked for a blanket.  She had been playing with a blanket at mom’s house with Caitlyn, and wanted a “banket” at bedtime. So we gave her one for the first time (yes, at 22 months. Safe sleep is important to us), and she’s asked for it at nap and nighttime ever since.

Just learning something new every day!

Branson Getaway Day 3Q

Branson Getaway Day 3Q

Another fun morning in the condo. Remi played, we made pancakes and got ready for the day.

We stopped by the marina to feed the fish and turtles one more time.

Then we got all checked out and headed to Springfield to Bass Pro.

Tyler did a bit of shopping, but we mostly went for the new big aquarium. It was a really neat experience (even if it was a little pricey).

It was a big like Ikea, with a path taking you through. Remi was sort of over it 3/4 of the way through, so that was the only downside. Otherwise, it was full of beautiful exhibits.

She loved the “ish!”

They had a ton of these tunnels up into exhibits, and this brave girl took off into the dark to explore every time.

We were thankful to have the grandmas there because she alternated running wild and wanting to be carried to see things. It was easier with 4 adults.

Jellyfish are always my favorite to watch!

Remi loved the bear exhibit. There was another little girl there and they were interacting. It was precious and I didn’t take any pictures. Oops.  But she watched the bear walk around and would say “Where bear?” with her arms up when he walked away. And then she squealed with delight when he came back into view.

She also wanted to “riiiide” on all the things in the store.

We drove back down to Branson for lunch and shopping.  We had lunch at Dannas and it was so good.  Remi wasn’t really into food, but she enjoyed playing outside and eating her oreos that came with her kids meal.

We ate BBQ and then this giant bananas foster creation.

We hit the outlet mall for like an hour and half. And Nancy kept Remi happy riding all the things. Girl loves to ride.

We had a long drive home. Remi got car sick (combo of a ton of water, watching the iPad and curvy Ozark roads) so we had to stop and take care of that. Poor girl. But then she slept most of the way home.

We can’t wait for next summer’s adventure!