Beach trip!

Beach trip!

We spent a very fun week in Orange Beach. Remington is a great traveler. She loved new sights, did great eating meals out, was flexible with her nap/sleep schedule and was a happy girl. I’m excited to take more trips with her!

Here are the highlights of our trip (sorry not sorry for a ton of pics!)

We had dinner when we arrived at The Shrimp Basket. It was SO GOOD. Remi got to try crackers for the first time and was a big fan.

When we got down to the beach the next morning, she HATED THE SAND. Like HATED IT. I was thinking “What have I done?” and I thought we were about to spend our vacation at the pool.

Daddy tried making her happy in the shade, but she was just staring at that scary sand. 

I had brought a kiddie pool, but was only planning on using it if the surf was rough. Thankfully, our moms walked to get it blown up and keep her sand-free…and she was MUCH happier there.

She loved the water. (except for the jellyfish that got us both…but thankfully it was a moon jellyfish and not a bad sting). This was her first time in the ocean!

We did manage some beach snuggle naps, which was nice to enjoy the sound of the waves while she slept.

We got ice cream one afternoon, and she didn’t love my cold ice cream, but she LOVED the cookie I gave her! My sundae had a key lime oreo on top, and she ate the whole thing!

We explored the pier, and enjoyed the view. Remi liked watching the boats go under the bridge!

One night after dinner, the grandmas put Remi to bed and Tyler and I went and did some crab hunting. We didn’t catch any, but had fun running from them.

Remi is in a “push everything around” phase which started at the beach. She loved pushing her pool out on the patio. 

She also played hide and seek with the curtains. Sweet sleepy bedhead!

One morning, mom and I walked to get donuts while Tyler and Nancy fished. It was a little warm (hence her sweaty head), but the donuts were GOOD.  Sister enjoyed a blueberry donut, and gave me this look when I told her half was all she could eat.

The second beach day was MUCH better. She was happy the whole time since we controlled for the sand.

More beach snuggles. 🙂

And such a happy water baby!

We celebrated Tyler’s birthday at the beach with a delicious cake from Publix!

The birthday boy requested sushi, which funny enough, is hard to find at the beach. There was a sushi place at the outlet mall- convenient since I wanted to shop! ha! It was rock and roll themed, and the menus were old albums.

Remi helped herself to Grammy’s fried rice! ha!

I went with Tyler and Nancy night fishing (well they fished, I watched) and this blue heron followed us around.

We enjoyed lunch on the beach at The Gulf one day. Remi loved all the birds that were gathered waiting for her to drop food.

And we also stopped by The Yard for milkshakes. It was an hour wait, but totally worth it! She was a trooper after beach pictures waiting for our milkshakes.

Our last beach day was picture perfect- great weather, calm ocean, and happy everyone!

Remi LOVED the hermit crabs that Tyler and I found. She wanted to play with them all.

Since the water was so calm and clear, we bought snorkels to explore the rock jetty. Saw LOTS of crabs and fish!

Our condo faced the sunrise, which was beautiful every morning. Our last morning it was particularly clear and lovely.

We had a great trip. The trip home was rough.  11 hour drive turned into 16 hours with car trouble and traffic. And me and Remi were both sick (ear infections) and were pretty miserable. We were pretty happy to get home!

Weekend Recap: Babymoon!

Weekend Recap: Babymoon!

This past weekend we had a little getaway to the Branson area for our “babymoon.”  We didn’t want to do anything too long to extravagant. Babies need lots of things (read: we’re spending a lot!) and I’m saving most of my vacation time for maternity leave…but we could swing a few days in Branson.

Tyler is off W, TH, and F right now, so I took off Thursday and Friday and he took off Saturday and Sunday so we would have 4 days together.

We left home early Thursday and headed to Branson. We got to town a little before 11, so we drove up to the Chateau to enjoy the view.

Then we headed down to the Showboat Branson Belle for a lunch cruise and show.

We love the Showboat. We went several times when we were dating and enjoy the eating, sightseeing, and the show.

It was a bright, sunny day.

The water was beautiful! We had a great lunch and then had time to walk around the boat before the show. We enjoyed the breeze from the shade.

After the show, we headed into Branson and checked into our hotel. We were staying one night at the Hilton Branson Landing. I had won a free night at the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference, and we were just now able to use it.

The room was HUGE and so comfortable. And the best part? It was so quiet- we never heard anyone there. 

The view overlooked the shops at the Branson Landing. So after we got checked in, we did some walking around and had dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack.Before we did too much shopping, Tyler wanted a snack – so we stopped in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop for a chocolate covered brownie. He was happy!

We spent the night, got up, had a yummy late breakfast at the Belgium Pancake and Waffle House, then we did some shopping at the outlet mall. We spent the afternoon at the Sight and Sound theater seeing their “Moses” show. It was incredible. What they can do with special effects is unreal.

After the show, we headed down to get checked into our room at Big Cedar. We bought a timeshare room from Craigslist for the weekend and it was GREAT.

We got all settled in and then we drove up to Top of the Rock for dinner at Arnie’s Barn.  It’s an old barn from Pennsylvania that was moved down to the Ozarks. The view and the sunset are spectacular!

We had a great meal of Mexican food (with AMAZING bacon guacamole!! yum!!) and then settled into our cabin for the night.

The next morning, we got up and played a round of putt putt at Big Cedar and then hit the pool/lazy river.

We got pretty sunburnt and came back for a nap. A glorious nap.  Naps are my love language.

That evening, we trekked back into Branson to meet our fishing guides for a bowfishing tour. I booked it through the Big Cedar marina, but the guide said fishing was better on Bull Shoals just outside of Branson….so that’s where we went.

You bowfish at night, so it was getting dark as we hit the water.

Tyler takes quickly to anything, and this was no exception. He jumped right in.  I opted to just sit and watch. Too many moving parts to go wrong for me. I didn’t want to break a bow or injure anyone! ha!

The sunset on the water was beautiful!

The moon started coming up. The guys said if we were regularly fishing, a full moon isn’t great because the fish don’t bite. But we weren’t waiting for them to bite. We were hunting them!

It didn’t take long to spot a sizeable gar in the water.

Tyler shot and hit it! 

We didn’t see a TON of fish, but a good amount. He got a big 25+ pound buffalo carp and two gars. He was proud of himself. 

It was a late night back to the cabin, but we slept in Sunday morning and then were back at Top of the Rock for brunch.

Before brunch, we took a good look at their sinkhole, which happened just over a year ago.  They are excavating hoping to find the cave.

We had a gorgeous view for brunch and enjoyed some wonderful food- prime rib, french toast, a great salad bar…but the dessert was the best! I got pretty much all the fruity stuff, and Tyler got everything chocolate. We were STUFFED.

After brunch, we drove up to the College of the Ozarks for a walk around their Father’s Day car show. It was neat to see all the old cars. Tyler was in heaven!

We had planned on returning to Top of the Rock for their golf cart cave tours, but it was pretty hot and we were tired, so we just headed back home.

A great weekend! We were greeted at home with a clean house thanks to my MIL- which was a wonderful surprise!

Now to do the laundry and get unpacked. 🙂

Making Plans – My Favorite

Making Plans – My Favorite

Tyler laughs at me sometimes. I enjoy planning and looking forward to things almost as much as I enjoy the thing.

I like having something on my calendar to look forward to – big or small. Well yesterday, two BIG things earned a spot on my calendar. I’m giddy with excitement.

First off, I RSVPed for Hanson Day.  I don’t know all the details yet. My normal Hanson Day pals (Kristin and Taylor) can’t go.  Their husbands are graduating from med school.  But I’ve talked to a couple of friends who are interested in going…so I RSVPed.  I don’t know if I’ll go for the whole weekend like before or just the concert, or the concert and Hop Jam…but I’ll be there for some or all of it!

2016-01-12 RSVP Confirmation - - Gmail

And then last night, we booked a cruise! Yes, I know. We just went on a big save-for-two-years vacation to Vegas…but we got a GREAT deal on a cruise from Carnival and it was too good to pass up.  Tyler works SO hard, taking every overtime job he can…and we decided to splurge since we can totally make it work.  This season of life won’t last forever – when we can just up and go…so we are taking full advantage of it!

So, as of last night and the helpful assistance of a sweet woman working at Carnival, we are booked on a cruise to Cozumel, Honduras, and Belize in April! Wooohoo!

2016-01-12 07_26_05-Brittney _ Bkg 9C0SZ4 _ Lee - - Gmail

I can’t wait to plan, be excited, and then enjoy these fun things!


What’s on your “looking forward to” list?

Start of Vacation: Jessica’s Wedding

Start of Vacation: Jessica’s Wedding

We got back from Las Vegas on Sunday…so I’m ready to share all of our vacation details with you!  Be prepared for a couple week’s of coverage.  I took a TON of pictures!

Back when we were planning our big Vegas Vacation and looking at the calendar, I tried to make everything work.  In October, we had my friend Jessica’s wedding, a weekend in Dallas for Hanson concerts…and we wanted to fit our vacation in there too.

The best way to make it work was to go to Dallas for Jessica’s wedding and head out to Vegas from there.  So that’s what we did!

We got up early Saturday to pick up a rental car and drove to Dallas.

We got to Arlington just in time for the wedding.  Jessica was a BEAUTIFUL bride!

We were best friends in high school and we were freshman roommates at college- so I was so happy to be there to watch her get married!

Our youth minister from high school was there too- and we had a great time catching up.  Here’s me, Jessica, and Tad (our minister).


Of course, I had to take a picture with my handsome date. 🙂


I got to see some sweet friends from college, too.  LOVED hugging their necks and hearing about life.12094748_864778430753_7427873138451255109_o

And since there were 4 of us Tri Chis at the wedding, we busted out the Tri Chi wedding song!  Since we are old now, we don’t get the chance to sing it often, but we remembered it!



After the wedding, we headed to the airport, dropped off the car, and got checked in.  We had just enough time for a quick meal at TGI Fridays while we watched the Hog game.  We landed in Vegas around 10 pm and got to our hotel in time for bed!