Weekend in New Orleans: Part 1

Our trip started late Thursday evening.  After I taught Zumba, I hopped in the gym showers, put on some pjs, and we hit the road. We drove about 6 hours (stopping only for Taco Bell and one gas stop!) getting to Vicksburg, MS about 2 a.m.  We stayed at a crummy hotel there, but we were only there for like 6 hours, so it wasn’t too bad (except they messed up my reservation and gave us a smoking room.  I felt like I spent the night in an ashtray…but for $50 a night I couldn’t complain too much). 
We hit the road the next morning and stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

I got a Diet Orange Cream soda for the road- my favorite!

We got to New Orleans around 1 and drove straight to the French Quarter.  We had lunch at Johnny’s Po Boys (recommended to us by some friends).  We had a GREAT meal!
I had a classic muffeletta (ham, salami, olive spread) 
and Tyler had a seafood muffeletta- which was basically a GIANT po-boy.  Po Boys are sandwiches, usually stuffed with fried seafood.  Well, his seafood muffeletta was just double the size of a po boy!  Stuffed with fried oysters, shrimp, and fish…it was SO good!
 We also got a dessert there in their ice cream shop up stairs.  I don’t remember what it was called…but it was heavenly.  Caramel, white chocolate, gooeyness.

We walked around a bit seeing Jackson Square and the French Quarter.  
In Jackson Square…

On the Riverfront

And in Jackson Square again enjoying the art.

We were pretty tired from driving all night (and getting crummy sleep in the ashtray hotel) and walking around so we came back to the room and rested.  We were going to go out for dinner, but OU was playing in the Cotton Bowl…and Tyler is a big OU fan.  So we decided to just order pizza and watch the game.  It was nice to rest a bit.

We had a great first afternoon in NoLa! And we got some rest so we could party all day long on Saturday! Part 2 coming tomorrow!

WILW: Anticipation

I’m loving that….

We booked our cruise for next January!  Yes, I know its a long way away.  And yes, I was a bit bummed that the deal was AWESOME online…but then once we added taxes and trip insurance…it wasn’t quite as great…but we are going on a 7 day cruise for $700 a person with all the taxes, fees, tips, and insurance.  So all in all, a GREAT deal…just not the $399 rate quoted online.  (and I DID splurge extra  for the room with a window.  I just don’t think I can go 7 days without having a window to look out of!)  So…in January of 2013 we are headed to Key West, and Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas!  Our cruise leaves out of New Orleans…so we are hoping to play there for a day or two as well!

Nassau, Bahamas from here.  Can’t wait to play there!

I’m loving that….Monday we are going out for a Valentine’s day date!  I teach Zumba on Tuesday on actual V-Day….but the restaurants are so packed then anyway.  We have reservations to a great Italian place in town, Taliano’s!  Yum!! (and we have a gift certificate to use!)

I’m loving that…..in just over a month we will celebrate our 2nd anniversary in Eureka Springs!  A MUCH needed little getaway! 

So I’m in anticipation about some great things to come with my sweetheart!  So only fitting that I’m loving him too today! 🙂

Be blessed!

Cruise Recap

We sailed on the Carnival Ecstacy leaving from Galveston, TX to Progresso and Cozumel Mexico. We had 2 sea days and two days in the ports. This was the first night’s sunset.
JJ got to play a game on board and won a trophy! Mom won $750 Bingo! This was her winning card.

This was all of us at formal night. JJ, Nancy, Ty, Me and Mom.

At our first port, we got room service breakfast. This morning was also our 9 month anniversary.

We all took a Jeep tour to see some Mayan ruins….and our Jeep broke down about 10 minutes in!

Once we got going again, we saw the beautiful Yucatan swamp.

Then we made it to the Xcambo Mayan ruins. They are cool rock structures you can climb.

The next day in Cozumel, we were supposed to go snorkeling, but our tour was canceled because of the windy weather. So we shopped and explored around instead. This is all of us again with the boat behind us.

We took sunset pics that night. This is my favorite picture from the whole cruise.

Me and mom. Pretty sure the most heard phrase was “are you sisters?” Mom looks great!

This was the cloudline in the sunset. Our God is a master artist.

Tyler got some sushi one night on the way to dinner. The boys loved all the food on board!

The guys karaoked the last night. They sang Britney Spear’s Hit Me Baby One More Time. It was so funny and so great! And this is me and mom singing Old Time Rock and Roll. Too fun!

It was a great trip despite everything not going to plan. Fun times with family and friends and a nice getaway.

Flying South for the Winter

…Or rather…cruising south! If you need me…I will be here on the Carnival Ecstacy. We’ve been on this boat once before (actually on this same cruise to these same places…but I am excited about going again!). This boat is a smaller one in the Carnival fleet, but its recently been remodled and its good as new!
We are going to Cozumel, Mexico…hopefully to do some snorkeling. I LOVE to snorkel and Tyler found out last cruise and on our Honeymoon that it is one of his favorite activities too!
And we are also going to Progresso, Mexico down in the Yucatan Peninsula. This is a smaller, less touristy area. Progresso is located centrally to many Mayan ruins, and we will probably go see some. Also, Progresso is home to the world’s longest pier! The boat docks at one end, then you take a bus ride down the pier into town. See the long pier…

Me, Ty, both of our moms, and Ty’s best friend/coworker/mechanic JJ are all going. We leave town tomorrow and head to Texas then Saturday we get on board!

Bon Voyage!