Unexpected Valentine’s Day

I had a very unexpected Valentine’s day!  
It started when Tyler got me these flowers!  He has only bought me flowers one other time in our 5+ years together (on my birthday last year)…so I was SHOCKED to get these.  SO beautiful and thoughtful!
He also got me THE CUTEST Razorback shirt.  It says “Arkansas girls dress up for first downs” and the little girl has on a black dress with cowboy boots, holding a football.  Love it!
The card on the flowers said “You are the only Hog fan I could ever love the mostest” 🙂  My sweet OU boy never thought he’d be buying Razorback gear for Valentine’s day! 🙂
We were going to wait until Friday night to go out (I had Zumba/restaurants are packed/we would have rather gone out not on a work night)….but Tyler ended up working late.  I stayed in town to help him as much as I could….so we were HUNGRY when he finished at 7:30.  Even though I had dinner waiting in the fridge at home, we decided to go out.
We tried a new Mexican place here in Fort Smith- Patron (it’s on Towson in the old Shoney’s in front of the Phoenix Expo).  And if you are from around here….you gotta go!  It was SO good! 
When you walk in the door, you smell fresh tortillas…and that is because they are making them right there!  In this funky little contraption!  Fresh corn and flour…and we tried them both. SO good.
Tyler had fajitas (they were yummy), but the stars were the salsa, queso….and this Mexican Lasagna.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I had planned on eating half of this…but I ate the whole thing (oops…and I just posted about dieting yesterday! ha! Oh well, it was my cheat meal for the week!).  It was chicken, chorizo, cheeses, and this DELICIOUS sauce.  So stinking good.
We came home and watched Suits (our favorite show at the moment)….and crashed.  
A very unexpected day, but a very good one.  I’m thankful for my Valentine everyday.  And I’m also thankful for good salsa. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day – Our Love Story

I’m linking up with The Crew Blog to share our love story this Valentine’s Day!

Our first photo of just the two of us.

Wedding day.

I’ve blogged this before, but this is a little different version.

We met at OBU.  Neither one of us wanted to be there originally. I wanted to go to Belmont University and Tyler wanted to go to OU.  But plans changed.  We knew each other, but one night, a big group of us went out and sparks flew.  I was “pursuing” Tyler more that night…flirting and basically being a giddy girl.  But he resisted.  He told me that I needed to calm down if this was going to go anywhere! ha!  Of course, he is the restrained one!  He continued to get to know me over the next few weeks, spending lots of intentional time with me.  We would go for late night walks around the Gazebo at the river on campus, and just really got to know each other’s hearts.  He pretty much told me that he wasn’t interested in dating anyone that wasn’t a forever possibility.

And then on December 1, 2007, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend.  I knew I would marry him. 🙂

We spent lots of time making memories together at OBU, had a tough semester when he graduated a semester before me and we were long distance, had some amazing summers together, and then on April 21, 2009, he asked me to be his wife.

March 13, 2010 we got married! So far, we have survived grad school, building a home, starting a business, and more!  I just love our forever love story.  It hasn’t ended…it plays out each and every day.

This is a video I made for our wedding summing it all up.  *Note: I messed up this video.  We got together in 2007, not 2008. Ooops.*

My Thoughtful Valentine

First off, I finally caught a picture of Mikey doing his Elvis lip.  Silly dog..
My thoughtful Valentine proved once again that he is too precious!  While I was at the gym (I had to teach Zumba last night and didn’t get home until around 8), he made these little notes and stuck them all over the house!  We were only exchanging cards, but once again, he found a way to one-up me by making his “card” super sweet and thoughtful!  (side note: my sweet hubby deals with dyslexia…so please excuse the spelling errors and such.  I could care less about those).  Here are a sampling of notes…
This was the first note I saw taped to the door when I got home…
This was with the Fiesta plates… ha!  He teases me about buying more plates all the time! 
On my blowdryer.
In the lunch meat drawer of the fridge…
We store our paper towels in a high cabinet and he always has to get them down.  This was on the paper towel roll on the counter (and it got splashed with water when I washed my hands…oops!)
The funniest!  This was on the lid of the crockpot!
On my spot on the couch…
In my chair at the dinner table.
And I am famous for making messes when I eat….so these were in the napkin holder on the table!
 I LOVE that sweet husband of mine!  Thank you honey for making me feel super loved yesterday.  A FB friend of mine posted this and its so true:  I love my husband today more than yesterday.  But it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day and everything to do with God’s grace.  
Hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Date

Self-timer pic in the kitchen before we left….because we haven’t taught Mikey to take our picture yet!  I curled my hair last night….what do you think?
Last night, we went out for our Valentine date!  We had a gift certificate to this nice Italian place in town, Taliano’s.  Tyler had taken me there once before, but it was years ago, and that night I thought he might propose, so I was too antsy and don’t remember much about the meal.
But last night totally left a great memory in my book!  
The restaurant is in an old historic home downtown.  It is neat to sit in one of the many dining rooms and imagine what the house was like many years ago.  
We split a spinach dip appetizer (which they served with YUMMY garlic cheesy bread).  We got soup instead of salad (you get salad everywhere….but they had chicken tortellini soup).  The soup was AMAZING.  I don’t usually love brothy soups, but I could have drank the broth straight.  So good.  Tyler got a big Italian sampler plate (with a little bit of everything: spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, etc.).  I got a delicious pasta that was their namesake.  Spaghetti Taliano.  It had ham, mushrooms, peas, in a garlicky alfredo sauce.  Delish.  And we got their homemade bread too. 
I was carb-ed out, for sure.
While I am back to the diet today, that mean was delicious.  But the sweet company of my hubby made the meal even better!
The funniest thing happened while we were eating.  An older couple came in and sat in a table behind us.  They looked at the menu, then they picked up books.  They sat in silence each reading their own book, reading until the waitress came to take their order.  They kept reading until their salads came.  They small-talked over their salads…then read until their food came out!  So funny!  But I guess they enjoy reading and each other’s company, so that is what they do!  ha!

And lastly, Rue La La asked members to write love notes a while back.  Mine made their homepage today!  ha!