Weekend Recap: Friends and Animals

Weekend Recap: Friends and Animals

Another good weekend in the books. Let’s be honest, few weekends are bad.

Anytime off work with time to rest and enjoy life is a good time.

Tyler worked overtime Friday night, so I had a night with mom. She cooked dinner for us and then I did some sewing. We were going to attempt a movie together, but we were pretty tired, so I headed home early.  I’m working on a quilt and got some of the rows done.

Saturday morning, Pippin and I headed out for a walk. It was BEAUTIFUL outside. Little 7 pound pup wanted to take on all of these cows. He was barking something FIERCE at them.

I spent Saturday cleaning out our office (with the help of mom) and then headed out for the evening.

I stopped by to see Dad. For an update, he is doing well at the nursing/rehab home. I stopped by after dinner expecting him to be in his room for bed. But he was out in the lobby talking and laughing with a group of others. He is really thriving there. He has learned how to navigate around in his chair and is doing great. We’re not sure what lies ahead of him, but we are so thankful he is doing well there. He held my hand the entire time we visited.

When I left dad, I headed to my friend Cece’s birthday dinner. Our friend Candyce made her a Boston cupcake cake. Cece has like 6 Boston’s. It was so cute!

The whole gang. A fun night out. After dinner they headed to roller skate, but this klutz decided no broken bones, and went home.

Sunday we had church, lunch, and then we went over to Oklahoma for Tyler’s cousin’s wedding shower. They are getting married in a couple weeks. It was great to celebrate them!

When we got back, we did some grocery shopping, made dinner and caught up on some TV shows.

All around great.


How was your weekend?

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Showers

I am not super experienced with throwing showers, but I have had three of my own! They were all so special…so I wanted to share some of what made it special- because after all…if you are throwing a shower, your goal is (or it should be!) to make the guest of honor feel special!

My favorite thing from my wedding shower at my home church was the cake! I LOVE Barbies…I collect holiday Barbies and they were my favorite toy growing up. So we got a Barbie cake! We even took the bakery a picture of my wedding dress, and they made it look like mine! (For some reason the Barbie looks black here, but she was not…the flash just didn’t go off!)

So the moral of this tip: A nice, traditional cake is good…but something that really touches the guest of honor is AWESOME! Go beyond a nicely decorated cake and do something special!

We also had amazing food at all my showers…including more sweets….the BEST petit fors from Rick’s Bakery! But what made the food so great was the presentation!

So be sure you present everything in a beautiful way! It is your chance to use all that servingware you have!

This was also really special at my home shower….they laid out cards and notes with pens on each table and just asked people to write me or me and Tyler notes. Some were funny (especially the ones from my friends!) and others were heartfelt advice from wise ladies at my church. I kept these cards and love them! So special!

Do something that can be a keepsake and heartfelt for the guest of honor. The actual day is a bit of a blur, so give her something to take home and remember and cherish after the shower.

The shower I had at Tyler’s home church was so special too! I was registered for Fiestaware, so they asked hosts to bring Fiestaware to serve the food in! It was AMAZING to see all this vintage Fiesta on the table! So honored that the hosts would share their Fiesta with me!

Another cool idea would be to buy some of the serving pieces the bride is registered for and use those at the shower…and then tell her that everything on the table is hers! I was hoping they would do that with the Fiestaware! ha! But sadly, everyone wanted to take their Fiesta home with them after the shower!

At my lingerie shower (which I can’t find any pictures of?) My Maid of Honor did such a great job hosting. She stretched out a clothes line and hung up all my goodies as I opened them! And she really did a great job of making it a fun atmosphere where we were all laughing.

And this is my last tip: Great gifts! 🙂 haha…just kidding, kind of! I received the MOST amazing gift at one of my showers from the hosts….My KitchenAid mixer!

I would say find out what the one thing is the guest of honor REALLY wants, and split with the hosts or other guests to get the big gift. I was so excited, I am pretty sure I teared up a bit that they got this for me. It meant so much. Make the guest of honor happy by getting them their most wanted present. After all, showers ARE about gifts! 🙂

Now go shower someone with love and blessings!

Shower #2…Greenwood Fun

So I had a second shower at Ty’s church today. The weather wasn’t totally on our side (it snowed so much just days ago) so there weren’t as many ladies there as they had planned, but I had so much fun getting to meet some wonderful ladies that are Nancy’s friends, and we had such a great time!

The shower was in this great room in their church gym/fellowship hall. They call it the multipurpose room…but it had awesome stained concrete floors and pretty chandelier lights. Its perfect for a shower.

These are the family ladies that were there: My mom, my cousin Caitlyn (my mini me!), grandma Elle (Nene), Grandma Gloria (Gram), Me, Nancy (FMIL), and Tyler’s cousins Heather and Kelsey. My family drove in from Hot Springs and I’m so glad all these ladies were there with me today!

These were all the hostesses! There are 10 in this picture, but there were 13 total! THIRTEEN! Nancy, Ty’s mom, is very sweet and so popular, so lots of ladies wanted to help. It was wonderful.

This picture is of the most wonderful, magical food ever…these bacon covered, brown sugar glazed little smokies. They were A-MAZ-ING. I ate so many. And it shows up close some of their antique Fiesta ware that they used to hold the food. Since I am starting my Fiesta collection, they all gathered their Fiesta stuff and used it. That yellow bowl holding the amazingness is a family heirloom of one of the hostesses. She said its been passed down. I was so honored that they used all of this stuff for me today.

One lady made these yummy sweet cupcakes with little Ls on them! L for Lee…my soon to be last name!

This picture is a little blurry, but its the food table….look at all those goodies! See the homemade fruit bouquet! One of the ladies made that! It was too pretty to eat! Tons of cookies, cupcakes, bars, dips, cheeseballs, and two yummy types of punch.This was the most wonderful gift today….a KITCHENAID MIXER! It was the gift from all the hostesses, and I couldn’t be more happy! I am so blessed! When I opened it, I said “No way!” and teared up a little bit. I couldn’t believe it!

It was a fantastic day! So wonderful! Next on the wedding fun…bachelorette party in a few weeks! Woohoo!

I’ve Been Showered with So Many Blessings!

Wow what a day! I had an AMAZING shower and was just so blessed! I didn’t take a ton of pics with my camera (I was too busy talking and laughing and opening gifts…so more pics to come later) but here is what I can show you…

So many presents! 2 tables full! I got 7 of our 10 Fiesta place settings, lots of kitchen goodies (a blender, a waffle maker, punch bowls, pyrex…so much!), towels, and so much!
The chocolate fountain station…

The tables… a friend of the family who goes to church with us did all the decorating!
These little cards with our pictures on them were for people to leave us sweet words of wisdom…

Petit fours from Rick’s! I brought them all the way from Fayetteville to Hot Springs!

Ok, this cake looks like a black Barbie. She was really tan (probably a latino Barbie…because we asked for a brunette…but she lookes REALLY dark in this picture). Her dress looks JUST like my dress…

The day was so great! Then I got to hang out with these girls…some pledge sisters who came in for my shower! We went shopping and had dinner! So fun!

Tomorrow is my bridal portaits! Hope the rain stops!