Weekend Recap: all fun, no photos

Before I get to my lovely weekend, I just want to throw this out there and see who else is having issues., In wordpress, I can type, but as I’m typing, I can’t see what I’m typing. (Does that make sense?) So I’m typing blind here, kiddos.
Anyway, because I can’t see what I’m typing, this will be a short post.

On Friday, we had a little date night to see The Gambler. It was slow, but interesting. I also made pizza at home. And not to brag, but I’m pretty baller at making homemade pizza. It was red pepper alfredo pizza topped with yumminess and pesto.

Then on Saturday, we slept in, I hit up Zumba (it’s beena LONG two weeks without it!), and then had lunch with the parents. Tyler and I just chilled in the afternoon, getting stuff done around the house. Then Saturday night, we went over to my parents’ house for dinner and games with my MIL Nancy. It was a fun low-key evening.

Sunday was just church, lujnch, home to nap (hallelujah!), and then I took dinner to some friends with a new baby. (again, let’s turn up the temp on the baby fever! ha!). That evening, Tyler went hunting while I put away laundry and watched TV. When we hot home, I made a delish dinner of some deer steaks and potatoes.

All in all, it was a nice, low-key weekend.

I’m looking forward to next weekend. I’m taking mom to see Garth Brooks in Tulsa on Friday! Woop! Can’t wait for that!

Anyway, tonight I’m starting my first quilt of 2015 tonight! I’m excited to get started on my goal of creating 4 quilts this year!

So how was YOUR weekend? Do you ever make pizza at home? What’s your favorite topping?

Long Lost Engagement Pics

Our wonderful photographer also found our engagement pics (see long lost bridals here!).  Again, he gave us a gallery to look at…but we never had the images until now.  So here they are!

We took our engagement pictures in downtown Fort Smith.  This is like behind the post office.

We did an impromptu shoot on a motorcycle in the Expo center parking lot!

And we found a field just across the border in Oklahoma.  Beautiful tall grass.  It was pretty itchy, though.

We brought our hats to show our family divided between OU and Arkansas.

Long Lost Bridals

First off, thank you all for your words and support yesterday.  It was a post I needed to write to get the emotions out…and I’m feeling a bit better.  Thanks for listening and being there! Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

So I’m working on a gallery wall for our house.

Family photos, wedding photos, and more.  I wanted some bridals and engagement pics, too.  Our awesome photographer Braeden has been searching for the archived images for me…and we have found some long lost bridals.

I haven’t posted many of these because I never had files of them! Originally, our photog showed me my gallery of images to order pics for the wedding, but that was that. So here are some long-lost bridal photos.

Oh what a difference 45 pounds makes! ha!  But I still think I was a beautiful bride, if not a bit chubby. 🙂

*I also have some hair remorse from the bridals/wedding.  My SIL Penny did exactly what I wanted, but I’m not sure it was the best hairstyle for me looking back.  Oh well. Ya live, ya learn.*

My dress was Maggie Sottero “Rio”…and these photos were taken in downtown Hot Springs, AR by Braeden of Ambient 11 Photography.

I once was a bride…

My pink Stuart Weitzman heels! 🙂

Two Years Ago I was a Bride…

Two years ago was the most fun, best day of my life.  I have posted details about that day here and here
Wedding day, just after our first look!  (hello 35 pound heavier Brittney!  You were a happy, beautiful bride….but ya could have laid off the fast food! ha!)
Our wedding was everything I ever wanted, but much, much more than that…being married to Tyler is more than everything I ever wanted.
I have to admit, we have had two pretty great years.  They were no problem free.  We married my second semester of grad school.  He was patient as I spent nights and weekends in the library writing papers, working on my thesis, and reading.  He put up with lots of bring home dinners when I got out of class at 8 p.m. a couple nights a week.  He worked in Fort Smith while we lived in Fayetteville…and the stress of an hour commute both ways really wore him down.  I had to learn (quickly) how to encourage and lift up my husband as he was pretty defeated from driving, working all day, and then driving home.  
Exited the church in a sea of friends, family and bubbles!
But these two years have been overwhelmingly great.  We were blessed to get into a cheap but bigger apartment June after we got married.  It was only $15 a month more than our tiny one bedroom, but had a better location and more room.  We were blessed to buy our 20 acres before our first anniversary and start building our dream home.  We were blessed that Tyler’s business is strong (the economy has affected business, but it is still successful and making money).  We were blessed that before I even graduated from grad school I had a great job.  We were blessed for our house to be completed just as our lease in Fayetteville was up…so we didn’t have to store our stuff or live out of my MIL’s house. 
We were blessed to get our Mikey, the most fun dog we could ever want!  We are blessed for this new job of mine and the opportunity it brings.
Walking down the aisle as husband and wife after the ceremony.  Walking to our future together!
We have learned so much about each other, about living together, about serving one another.  We are most blessed to have one another.

Tyler, thank you for asking me to be your bride.  Thank you for loving me unconditionally (even when I make messes, carelessly step on your feet, or burn dinner).  Thank you for supporting me, encouraging me, and always listening to me.  I can’t wait to see what the next years hold for us!  I am so thankful and blessed to be your wife!  Happy 2nd anniversary!