Weekend Full of Fun

Weekend Full of Fun

When Daddy’s away…the girls will play!

Tyler went hunting for several days with some friends, and Remi and I had a fun weekend together.

I went to the bathroom for a minute and came out to her ON the counter (she used her tower step stool to climb up) and she had opened a banana and was helping herself to a bedtime snack. ha!

I bought some pom poms at Target and she has LOVED playing with them.  I gave her an ice cub tray and she made up a little game. Love her imagination!


We spent Friday evening at the mall and rode the little animals. She’s too fun!

She made me breakfast in her kitchen one morning…

And then she hung with her grandmas while I had a little fun.  While she played with Mimi, I went to a Zumba class with my friend Brandy. We both teach dance fitness, and one the instructors of this class was a former student! It was so neat to watch him teach! He was fabulous and it’s always fun to be a student again.

Then after Remi’s nap, she went to play with Gigi and I went to a coworker’s wedding! Paige was a beautiful bride!  And my coworkers Lindsey and Becca made great wedding dates. 🙂

We had a lot of fun together but we were happy when Daddy came back home.

Weekend Recap: Love, Marriage and Baby

Weekend Recap: Love, Marriage and Baby

What a wonderful weekend! I feel refreshed and ready for the week!

We started off Thursday with a little date night (I didn’t take any pictures…boo!) after our late doctor’s appointment.  Tyler took me to a movie (Sully..which was SUPER good!) and then to a fancier place than normal. We went to the Stonehouse- a newish place in town. We really enjoyed the food.  The atmosphere was a little loud for Tyler- and it was just a half full Thursday night. I’m not sure how you could hear each other on a busy Saturday!

Friday evening- we both had dates with our moms. He and his mom went to see Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian.  Mom and I went to see Snowden (another good movie) and got dinner.  I also had a massage right after work that was HEAVENLY.

Saturday morning, we were up early to go to Babyflix for one last look at Remington!

Mom and Nancy met us there, and thankfully, the people of Fort Smith weren’t being too crazy, so Tyler was able to drop by and see his baby girl!

We were just doing a quick scan to check her size and position. She is measuring a little small (36 week range when I’m 38) but she’s already like 6 pounds 11 ounces (according to the not perfect ultrasound measuring)…

Look at those toes!


And that sweet face! We were all so glad she cooperated and gave us some face shots!lee-brit2_12

I was able to squeeze into non-maternity yoga pants (for the win!) and my fave sparkly Razorback shirt for game day!

Saturday, mom and I ran around after the ultrasound- pedicure, Sam’s, lunch, visiting Dad…then I came home and napped.

After a glorious nap, Tyler came home, got ready, and went off to be a groomsman in a police friend’s wedding.

It was a sweet ceremony in their backyard, just a couple miles from our house.  Gotta love when you don’t have to travel for a wedding. 

He cleaned up well in his pearl snap and (borrowed) cowboy boots. It was a new look for him!

After the wedding, he stayed for the reception, but since it was hot and I was tired, I headed to mom’s to watch the Razorback game.

I texted Tyler that evening and told him I was stuck in bed and when he came home, if I was asleep, to help me roll out and go to the bathroom.  This is my life now:


Sunday, I was SUPER stuffy and a friend came to the rescue with some new essential oils. We did lunch and Wal-Mart, and then I took a great nap trying to kick this cold.

When I got up, I cooked Tyler’s birthday dinner so it’s all ready for tonight.

Like I said, a great weekend. I know we only have a couple left before our baby is here!

Weekend Recap: Kelsey and Brad’s Wedding

Weekend Recap: Kelsey and Brad’s Wedding

I was sick pretty much all weekend- so it was low key for me. I spent the weekend at home on the couch napping…with one exception- Tyler’s cousin Kelsey’s wedding.

They live nearby, so we spend lots of time with Kelsey and Brad. We’ve known Brad since they started dating- and we love him. We were so excited for him to be a part of the family!

The ceremony was beautiful- with a funny moment when Brad lost his train of thought reciting the vows! ha!

At the reception, they had a little photo booth set up- so we took advantage while we were waiting for food. 

Tyler’s WHOLE family was there- which was fun since we missed the reunion this past year. My mom was there too (she’s known Kelsey and Brad for years since she moved up here) and it was funny because she had never met most of Tyler’s extended family.

My forever wedding date.

The beautiful couple- all married!  

The dance floor was hopping. We got Grandpa out there some- here’s him dancing with Heather, Kelsey’s sister.

And then with Nancy, my MIL.  

And of course, with the bride!

We got in on the action at the last dance of the night, too. 

Sunday, we did make it up to Fayetteville to see Cinderella the Musical with my friend Rachel. But other than that, the weekend was me mostly trying to sleep away this crud I brought back from NYC.

Start of Vacation: Jessica’s Wedding

Start of Vacation: Jessica’s Wedding

We got back from Las Vegas on Sunday…so I’m ready to share all of our vacation details with you!  Be prepared for a couple week’s of coverage.  I took a TON of pictures!

Back when we were planning our big Vegas Vacation and looking at the calendar, I tried to make everything work.  In October, we had my friend Jessica’s wedding, a weekend in Dallas for Hanson concerts…and we wanted to fit our vacation in there too.

The best way to make it work was to go to Dallas for Jessica’s wedding and head out to Vegas from there.  So that’s what we did!

We got up early Saturday to pick up a rental car and drove to Dallas.

We got to Arlington just in time for the wedding.  Jessica was a BEAUTIFUL bride!

We were best friends in high school and we were freshman roommates at college- so I was so happy to be there to watch her get married!

Our youth minister from high school was there too- and we had a great time catching up.  Here’s me, Jessica, and Tad (our minister).


Of course, I had to take a picture with my handsome date. 🙂


I got to see some sweet friends from college, too.  LOVED hugging their necks and hearing about life.12094748_864778430753_7427873138451255109_o

And since there were 4 of us Tri Chis at the wedding, we busted out the Tri Chi wedding song!  Since we are old now, we don’t get the chance to sing it often, but we remembered it!



After the wedding, we headed to the airport, dropped off the car, and got checked in.  We had just enough time for a quick meal at TGI Fridays while we watched the Hog game.  We landed in Vegas around 10 pm and got to our hotel in time for bed!