Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Sunday after naptime, we headed south to a horse camp where Tyler’s family was camped out.  My MIL Nancy goes down there with her brother, niece and some friends…and we went for the afternoon and dinner.

It was basically a nice RV park, but with horse stalls.  They ride trails during the day and cookout and enjoy RV life in the evenings.

Remi had to ride Rex, Gigi’s horse, and she waved to everyone around the camp.


We also made friends with two younger kids there who were VERY excited to share their horse with Remi. They let her feed the horse a popsicle (miniature horses are known for eating just about anything…I had one growing up!).


And then she rode it bareback with a little help from daddy! She’s so brave!


Monday we headed over to my mom’s for breakfast with our Hot Springs family who was in town. Remi LOVES Luke, so wherever he was, that’s where she wanted to be!


After breakfast we swam. The water was SO nice.


Remi isn’t a normal kid- she complains about the water being too cold, so Nene helped her bundle up. I love that she knows her great grandma!


We all walked down to the lake to feed the fish. Well, we walked. Remi rode her 4 wheeler down (and Gavin carried it back).


I think Remi ate as much bread as she gave the fish!


We all ate lunch together (while she entertained us with gymnastics) and then the family headed home (and we headed home to nap!).


While Remi napped, I set up our hammock on the back porch and started a new book.  This one is a bit “racy” in some parts, but it’s kept me interested so far!


Tyler had to work a VERY long day. Over Memorial Day weekend we got crazy flooding in our area- the Arkansas River went beyond the 500-year floodplain.  But he’s such a good daddy.  He came home and helped put Remi to bed.  This is her version of “snuggling”- we just lay halfway in her bed while she pats us on the head.


(I wrote this on June 5, and at this point, Tyler is in his second week of working 12 hours every day because of the flooding.  I feel for the people whose homes were demolished, and I’m glad he’s called to help…but we miss him!)

Fun Day in NWA

Fun Day in NWA

The idea of fun day trips is still new to us! We had no fun Labor Day plans, so we decided to go to NWA and hit up the Amazeum.

I was worried Remi would be too small, but she was totally into it! (There were lots of more advanced things for bigger kids, but plenty to keep the attention of a toddler.  I’ve had a few friends ask, and I think kids need to be walking and be able to climb onto chairs and such to do their own thing before heading to the Amazeum. They do have “baby” areas for those under 2, but they are mostly just carpeted safe spaces for crawling with some stuffed animals.  The real fun is for 2 and up.

We did LOTS of exploring.  Magnetic blocks, these fun tiles to make shapes with (or rather, to dump and sort)

She LOOOOOOVED this big lite-brite looking contraption. We wanted to explore as much as possible, so we sort of moved her through the exhibits, but next time, I think we will spend a ton of time here.

There were slides and tunnels- all made of SCOTCH TAPE!  She loved crawling and sliding and jumping around.

This picture is blurry but it’s special. It’s just a family on a normal day out. But y’all….we’ve prayed for YEARS for Tyler’s schedule to allow him to be with us on the weekends.  And God answered that prayer!

Northwest Arkansas in Walmart country, so no surprise, they had sponsored a play Walmart area. She liked filling the basket, stocking the shelves and working in the bakery.  She put that oven mitt on and started cooking.  (Little eyes are always watching us, huh mommas?)

We all got in on the fun, climbing up in the treehouse and playing on the bridges.


One room was all water stuff.  We had heard to bring a change of clothes, so we let her go wild and get soaked.  She loved this, of course.

We went outside to play and dry off, and they had a fun water painting station on some slate tiles.

Such a fun place and a fun day together.

img_5822We dried off and headed to lunch at the Flying Fish (where this hungry girl DEVOURED her fish and fries).

Then we got ice cream at the Walmart museum…and she had fun riding their old truck. (Tip: go inside the store and they will give you dimes for the machine. Free rides? YES PLEASE.)

Sweet girl conked out on the drive home, sleeping the entire almost two-hour way.


SUCH a fun day, and for sure, we will be back!

Weekend Recap: O-Fish-Ally a Good One

Weekend Recap: O-Fish-Ally a Good One

We have fully embraced Tyler’s new hobby this weekend- fishing. We did a lot of it!

But it was a busy weekend. I’m surprised I’m not totally wiped out because I really didn’t get much napping or resting in!

Before I start the weekend recap, here was a highlight from last week- buying milk that’s good past my due date! I’m due October 2! What?!

Friday at work we had a fun baby shower for my coworker, Lyndsay. We celebrated her and her sweet baby girl and then I met up with mom to hit Sam’s and Kohl’s.

While we shopped, Tyler got the boat ready and we all met up and hit the water around 6 p.m. Tyler traded our golf cart for a fishing boat. It’s pretty nice! Two fish finders, the main motor and a foot-operated trolling motor, spaces for 7 to sit.

He’s into bass fishing now. I was fishing for catfish, but didn’t catch any! He wanted to bring these home to stock our pond, but his water tank wasn’t pumping in any water. He’ll have to check on that soon.

Saturday was his family reunion. He had to work, which originally I was pretty sad about. Going without him isn’t the same.

However, I saw the PD post this on FB and was so proud of him. Saturday there was a police-loving little girl who had a birthday party and Tyler and this other officer showed up. The PD posted the picture of them with the kids….and then this guy left a comment about Tyler. I’m so proud that he embraced his calling and does his job well.

Saturday after the reunion, I came home and hit my PJs and the yoga ball.  The poor dogs HATE the yoga ball since they can’t sit in my lap! ha!

Pippin was relieved when I finally hit the couch and he could crawl all over me.

Sunday morning, we spent some time out on the porch before church. It was the first feeling of fall and it was GLORIOUS.

After church, we waited for Ty to get off work then headed to Grandpa’s for Tyler’s birthday celebration. Our friends Lauren and JJ came and brought their little boy, Ryan. He loves Tyler. They were playing with grandpa’s weights here.

While we ate dinner, some rain blew in…but then it was cool and perfect outside. So we headed to the pond to fish!

A beautiful rainbow greeted us.

Tyler caught several little bass and 3 big ones! Brad, Kelsey and JJ did some fishing, but they didn’t catch much. Tyler attributes his catches to his “Purple Power” lure! He LOVES that thing! ha! Too bad he lost it at the end with a too-big-to-catch catfish. The fish got away with his lure!

We got home after 9 and hit the hay pretty quickly.

Now we just anxiously await the arrival of this baby any day now!

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Dixie Chicks and Bunco

Weekend Recap: Dixie Chicks and Bunco

This was a busy busy weekend. Mostly, everyone was worried I would go into labor while I was 3 hours away in Little Rock! ha!  But Remi is still cooking…so no worries there.

On Friday, we were thrown for a bit of a loop when dad had to be transferred to the hospital for a short term stay. Alzheimer’s is tough, ya’ll.  It made for a stressful day, and I had to rearrange my plans. Mom was going to go to Little Rock with me, but stayed behind for dad.

So Tyler’s cousin Kelsey met me after work and we headed to Little Rock.

We had a great drive just talking and we stopped toe at at Stoby’s (yay cheese dip!).

We met up with Haley and Alden at Verizon Arena where we were all seeing the Dixie Chicks!

The concert was good, but not great. Wah wah. I should have known, but they were super political with the videos behind them. It felt too much like a political rally and not as much of a concert. And they didn’t play all our old faves. I’m glad I went, but it wasn’t AMAZING.

Saturday, I was really wanting to go to the Megaphone Conference (formerly AR Women Bloggers conference), however, I stayed here to go see dad during visiting hours with mom.

When we left her house, we spotted two deer! Not sure if you can see them….but they are there!

Saturday evening, mom hosted her bunco girls. They needed a sub, so I stepped in. It was so fun! It was a pajama party theme, so we were all comfy in our PJS eating breakfast. LOVED it. And I won for losing the most rounds and won $5! ha!

Tyler worked a long day on Saturday, so Sunday after work he was TIRED.  He came home and snuggled up in bed with me and Pippin. GOSH that dog is SO snuggly and sweet.

I did a little housework Sunday evening and then celebrated when Miss Arkansas WON MISS AMERICA!  Yay Savvy!

So that was our weekend! How was yours?