L is for Loser!

Because Halloween passed, I changed over to my Thanksgiving plates! Yay for new holidays!
Also, yay for losing weight! The first of the month I get to do a body composition and measure at MRC….and the total this far….now 20.5 pounds….lost 4 BMI points….and a total of 27 inches! They gave me a string the length of my inches….see!? I am so motivated to keep going….and I’m feeling great! It is so exciting to find something where I am eating real food, I’m not hungry, not craving, and I’m losing!

I finally start my new job tomorrow. We have been doing paperwork and getting my acquainted with the company, and tomorrow I am actually on payroll and getting started. I’m excited! 🙂


So while I know others read this blog…it really is to keep my daily memories. And for me, I want to remember my weight loss progress.
So this is me over the summer…pre-diet- the heaviest I have ever been.
And this is me 2 months into the program…18 pounds lost! This dress isn’t form fitting or anything, but I can tell a difference in me.

It is nice to see visually the progress and know that what I am doing is working. Ready for the next steps….

Results already?

Ok, so I started a weight loss program this week. I joined the Metabolic Research Center and their Meta-Slim program. I have a professor who had success with the program, and while it is tough, it is do-able. Unlike others I have tried (Nutri-system, Weight Watchers) there is no boxed food, no counting. They give you a list of OK foods, tell you when to eat them, and you add in some supplements. Pretty simple.

I have already seen results from just my first week! I weighed in Friday and had lost 5.3 pounds! They tell me that I should expect (if I stick to the program) to lose 2-5 pounds per week. I did a LOT of exercise this week, so I think on top of their program, I just worked some of it off. But either way, I am motivated to do this.

I feel like I’ve always been on a diet. Even when I think back to my “skinny days” in Jr. High, I remember wanting to lose weight. I am tired of fighting it. And also, if you remember, I posted about finding out I have high blood sugar and am pre-diabetic. I MUST lose some of this weight because I want to be healthy. Forget about skinny. I am happy with myself and have high self-esteem now. I could care less about the physical, I am doing this for my health. I don’t want a chronic life-altering disease like Diabetes, so I’m fighting.

It will be a tough 24 weeks, but I’m going to do my best. And so far, so good. I mean, I can’t ask for much more than results my first week.