Why I’m Ending The Whole30 3 Days Early

Why I’m Ending The Whole30 3 Days Early

So Friday will be my last day of the Whole30.

That’s 3 days early.  So I’ve done the Whole27.

And I’m ok with that.

Let me explain.

I’ve LOVED the Whole30. I’ve eaten real, good food for 27 days, and it’s made me feel great.  It’s honestly the first time in a LONG time that I haven’t been obsessed with food, and still lost weight. I’ve eaten when I want, I eat the amount I want, and I eat what I want (as long as it’s compliant).  And I’ve still managed to lose 8 pounds (and counting!  I may be down more before Friday!)!

For me, 8 pounds over 27 days is AWESOME.  I’m proud of that.

And I plan on implementing a lot of this on a regular basis. I haven’t done the full reintroduction yet, but here’s what I’ve figured out so far.  I found out that corn doesn’t agree with me (ate a tortilla on Saturday- which yes, “broke the rules” but was my only option at the time), so I’ll be limiting it.  There will be exceptions for the occasional chips and queso. Duh.

I also realized I’m eating WAY too much dairy.  While I may not have a sensitivity to it, per se, I was dependent on it for flavor…and I don’t always need it. I can have healthier meals without cheese on top of everything.

I also think I have a slight gluten sensitivity, so I’ll be cutting back on that.  I don’t think I need to totally cut it out, but not eat as much.

I totally consider this round of Whole30 a success because I learned a lot about food, myself, and how the two interact.

So why am I quitting 3 days early?  Well, for special things.

See, I’m headed to Hot Springs for AWBU, and while it’s possible that with some packed snacks, I could stay compliant.

However, I grew up in Hot Springs.  When we return to visit family for the day, it’s eating pizza or cheap food with the family.  I don’t get to go to the places I love and miss.

This is a special trip. I’m going by myself- so I get to choose where I eat (I mean, I’ll meet up with other bloggers there…but I’m not at the mercy of anyone else).

I’m not gonna go crazy. But I’m out of food control for a few meals when the conference food is served to me.  I plan on making conscious choices as to what to eat and what to avoid.

But I’m planning a few special things.  I want to lunch at my FAVORITE place- Cafe1217.  I know that the food is healthy (I get a mixed salads and soup there.  Always)…but I might splurge if they have my favorite pie.  I haven’t eaten there since grad school when I would go home to visit mom. So by golly, I’m eating lunch there Friday.

I am also planning on eating brunch at the Arlington.  Which will have TONS of compliant foods (meats, salads, fruit)….but I’m planning on a splurge of a homemade donut there.  They are the delicious things of my childhood memory, and by golly, I want one.

I may be up a couple pounds after the weekend (which will likely be water weight from eating out every meal) but I’ll be ok.

I’ll return to eating healthily, and avoiding things my body doesn’t love.  Then I’ll go to Cleveland in a week and have a splurge at the Iron Chef place…and when I get back I’m gonna do another round of strict Whole30 eating.  Another round that’s actually Whole27 too….because there will be 27 days between Cleveland and Vegas.  So I guess 27 is my lucky number. 🙂

I’ve LOVED this time of Whole30.  I’m definitely carrying over many of the things I learned. And I’ll be back for another round very soon.

But for now, I’m going to celebrate being in Hot Springs with friends. 🙂MjAxMy1jNWFlYmY5ZWJmZWEzYTZl


Halfway Through the Whole30- What I’ve Learned

Halfway Through the Whole30- What I’ve Learned

To be honest, I can’t believe I’ve stuck with the Whole30 this long.  It’s day 17.

It’s restrictive.  I’ve been saying “no” a lot. I think the determining factor in my success is staying accountable to my Whole30 buddy, Rachel.

I’m able to text her when there are treats at work – or when I’m feeling good.  It’s been the only reason I’m sticking with it.

I’m learning several things while on the Whole30 so far.

First, my body likes this.  I’ve lost weight.  My belly bloat is down.  I feel good.  I have energy in the mornings and the evenings (I’m usually out like a light at night!).  This is a good thing for me.

Also, there is crap food EVERYWHERE.  Until now, I didn’t fully realize that at just about every meal, I’m faced with choosing crap.  I could eat the healthy breakfast I packed or eat a donut that a coworker brought.  At lunch, I could eat the salmon and veggies or a burger.  At the pizza place, I could get a salad or pizza and ice cream.  I typically choose good stuff about 1/2 to 3/4 of the time…but it’s the crap the rest of the time that’s gotten me to where I was – overweight, unhappy, tired, and sad.  But it’s amazing how choosing good food at every meal for 17 days has turned that around.  I mean, I’m still overweight….but I’ve lost some.

I’ve also learned that food prep doesn’t have to be hard.  Yes, cooking protein requires some work.  Having good food on hand means I have to go to the grocery store.  But this morning, I took some of my precooked meatballs for breakfast, threw in some fruit, made a quick salad for lunch (because I had everything on hand), and spiraled a squash for my veggie.  I was done in 5 minutes because I had prepared. Thinking ahead is key.

I’m also learning that some people won’t understand. Friends will wonder why in the heck I’m doing this instead of eating my “usual.”  Coworkers will wonder why I won’t eat the healthy muffins they brought. It’s hard explaining yourself.  First off, the Whole30 is a bit complicated and restrictive….but it’s also a mindset about health instead of “diet.”  And I think that’s hard for most of us to really grasp.


So here I am.  Day 17.  Making good choices.  Being more active than usual (I did some weights at home this morning!).  Seeing some results.  Wondering what will happen on September 2 when I am not longer “Whole30.”  Here’s my plan….finish this round of Whole30.  Do the reintroduction phase to see what (if anything) is bothersome to my system.  I have 6 days to full do a reintroduction phase before a work trip to Cleveland.  I plan on making good choices on the trip (with a little wiggle room because of a visit to Lola- Iron Chef Michael Symon’s restaurant!)….and returning for another round of Whole30 before Vegas.  I can do like 27 days between Cleveland and Vegas….and since my body is a fan of eating this way…I’m pretty certain I’m gonna do it.

And while I’m not gonna care AT ALL what I eat in Vegas, I will probably do another round when I get back before Thanksgiving.

I know those are pie in the sky goals…but I’m serious when I say I’m feeling good and want this feeling to continue.  Sure, the weight loss is GREAT (and this is the least I’ve had to actively think about weight loss/calorie counting/”eating to lose weight” and still lose weight)…but I’m loving the way I feel.

Whole 30 Update: First Week

Whole 30 Update: First Week

I’ve made it through the first week of the Whole30.

It wasn’t terrible.  The hardest part was staying strong at social events where food was the centerpiece. But I did it.

I have been strict with the food I’m cooking myself…and a little more lenient when eating out (not asking 10000 questions about the cooking oil or whether they used butter).  I just made compliant choices, and if there was a little butter on the veggies it’s ok. I know myself and obsessing is never a healthy option for me.

I didn’t take pictures of every meal, but here are some things I ate:

For starters, coffee is doctored up with coconut milk.  No sugar, no creamer.

A favorite snack I ate a few times last week was berries with unsweetened coconut and nuts.

One night for dinner to-go from the gym to the theater, I packed a snack pack (removed the cheese and ranch dressing) that had almonds and carrots (the broccoli smelled AWFUL and I didn’t eat it) along with some frozen mango I let thaw out.


Saturday morning, I had sauteed spinach (sauteed in coconut oil) and steak. Yum!


Now, they tell you not to weigh on the Whole30, but I can’t help it.  For starters, I keep a rolling average of my weight in the True Weight app- so I like weighing every day or every other day to keep an average.  Second, I know I’m doing well, and it’s motivating.

So how did I do on the first 8 days? I’ve lost 5 pounds so far!  I know some of that is water weight, but I’m feeling good. And I’m looking for more results as I keep going. 🙂  I may do a Whole45 to stretch this out before our vacation.


I’m Doing the Whole 30

I’m Doing the Whole 30

So a few months ago, my good friend Rachel did the Whole30.  She was really open about it- when she struggled and wanted bread or a Coke.  However, she lost 11 pounds in her 30 days.  She felt great.

I’ve been doing not-so-great with the food choices lately.  Between Gram’s hospital stay (grabbing whatever we could eat whenever we could eat), funeral food (yay for Southern Baptist pies!), and being at the theater every night and eating crap for dinner….I’m feeling it. Not only the few extra pounds, but also sluggish from eating badly.

Well, I reached out to Rachel to learn more about the Whole30, and we decided to start yesterday.  Our 30 days will end September 1.


Yes, I will have the AWBU conference during then (I can stay strong!). Yes, our cast party will be then.  I’m gonna bring a veggie tray.

I’m hoping to lose some weight, but I’m also hoping to ditch some bad food habits and feel better.

We made it through Day 1. 🙂  I’m logging some food choices on Instagram using the hashtag #rachandbritdothewhole30

And I know I can make it through the 30 days.  Starting next week (when the show is over) I’m gonna add back in the 21 Day Fix workouts 5 days a week too.  That will help with the weight loss part of the goals.

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Whole30, it’s eating clean (which unlike what my husband thought…doesn’t mean Biblically clean. ha!  He was confused why I was cooking pork!).  It’s eating protein, veggies and fruit.  No dairy, no grains, no legumes, no sugar.

There is tons of info online at their website.