Teacher Brittney

Teacher Brittney

I recently onboarded with VIP Kid to make some extra money teaching English to children in China. I had heard of it, but the push to sign up happened for two reasons: 1) we had recently looked at our budget and needed some extra money for some projects, and 2) I had a friend who signed up and she was able to explain the entire thing to me.

It was a process to get started with them.  You signed up online, did a short video and then waited. Then they invited you to do a demo class. I took an online webinar to learn more about the process (they have a very particular way of teaching their material), and then I had to try THREE TIMES to pass the demo class. But I did!

You teach classes one-on-one to kids in China. VIP Kid gives you all the materials- but you do have to set up your “classroom” area in your home, have a headset, a computer with a webcam, and then have some stuff to help teach (like a puppet and some props to go along with the lesson- which are easy because we have so many toys around our house).

I taught 7 classes my first week! It’s been mostly fun (a couple kids have seemed really disinterested, which makes me sad. Their parents make them learn English, but one girl was so busy doing homework, she wasn’t very engaged. I hated that they were so busy and pushed).

The classes happen late at night/early in the morning, since they are live, to go along with Beijing after-school time.  My prime time slots have been 4-5 a.m.

I am a morning person, so I don’t really mind it.  I hope this helps me earn some extra money for our family.


If you’re interested in signing up, use my referral code to check it out!


Halloween Festivities

Halloween Festivities

We had so much Halloween fun (which Remi would call “spooky,” her new favorite word!) that I have to split it into two posts.

For starters, we decided last minute to have an 80s Halloween Dance Fitness class. I emailed the ladies at work that come to the class, and Jenise and Becca showed up in style. It was fun to dress up in the middle of the work day and have a little extra fun!


We went on Tuesday to see our favorite baby girl, cousin Hattie! She’s getting SO big and Remi had fun playing with her. (This isn’t entirely Halloween related, other than it happened Halloween week).


At school, they hosted a Halloween party. I didn’t want her to wear her real costume, so Mimi came through with this awesome “Mr. Incredibles” dress. Remi loves watching The Incredibles. But funny girl- she saw this dress and said “I love it, but I need a Mr. Incredibles bow!” So I had my friend add an Incredibles logo to a big cheer bow.

Then we needed a mask. I had a black Zorro mask, but it was too big for her face. So then I tried cutting the elastic from it and making a soft one out of felt…but like Goldilocks, it was too small.

Thankfully, I remembered her pink superhero mask, and that did the trick.


We were able to dress up for work. We decided as a big team (of 70+ people) to do “Time Machine” and dress decades. Some people did other fun things, but here’s our work team.

I loved the people from Whoville! And then the group to the right were 70s Wheel of Fortune- so fun!

We had some 90s girls and the Village People and some cats. Love it all!


Becca and I were hippies. Peace!


After school and worked, we stopped by the nursing home to trick or treat from the residents, and Remi loved the “spooky” decorations!


Then we went home to get ready for the big event!

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

We packed a LOT into Memorial Day weekend, so I have split it into two parts.

Saturday morning started off bright and early with a 5k with some coworkers. Becca and I had matching shirts made. Since we knew we weren’t going to be the fastest- they say “I run like a 90’s slow jam”

We got lots of compliments on them! (PS. My friend who made them has them for sale here).


We also met up with our coworkers Daysi and Ashlyn. So fun to do this together (though Daysi and Ashlyn were faster than us!)


After the run and a quick shower, we went to brunch together. Remi was SO funny this day. She was adamant that she wanted a dish pictured on our table- it was pancakes with fruit and bacon. She didn’t care about the pancakes, but she wanted fruit and bacon and “sour cream” (which was whipped cream).  She and daddy also enjoyed coloring together.


And she wore her cape to breakfast, because she’s super Remi.


We stopped by the park at the dump (yes, our city dump has a fun park right outside!) and played on the equipment for a few minutes.


The park is (of course) trash and recycling themed, so you can drive a trash truck and slide down a trash can. ha!


She always LOVES the swings.


After the park, we went to a hair appointment where I chopped off my hair! 🙂 I love the new, easier to style, short do!


We spent the evening at my mom’s.  The pool water was a bit cold, but the view and the sunshine were awesome.


Sunday morning, Remi got into my makeup while I showered and she gave herself a 5 o’clock shadow. ha!


And we all matched in our red, white and blue and sunglasses. We had our friend Gabby take a picture in the nursery. Love it!


Part 2 coming tomorrow!

Playing Catch Up

Playing Catch Up

We had a busy couple of weeks, but here are the highlights of some fun inbetween.

One afternoon Remi asked to go to the park after school, so we agreed to a fun night. We stopped first for an early dinner (so we could play until it was time to go home), and Remi surprised us! She asked the server for chopsticks and USED THEM.

She amazes us every day.


Caitlyn came to visit after her graduation, and Steel Magnolias happened to be showing in the theaters for the 30th anniversary.  We LOVED seeing it on the big screen!


My work team had a fun team building day where we went to Lake Fort Smith and hiked about 6 miles on the Shepherd Springs Loop.  It was hot and mosquito-y, but it was a fun day with my coworkers.


We finally found some sunglasses that Remi likes to wear. Yes, they are little boys. No, I don’t care.


She was SO HAPPY to match daddy in her sunglasses and ride on the lawn mower with him.