Weekend Recap: Celebrity Sighting

Weekend Recap: Celebrity Sighting

What a fun weekend! One of my coworkers, Lindsey, threw a super fun murder mystery party on Friday night…and the theme was music stars! We all came in costume for the “Rock the Boat” cruise. We were Reba McEntire and Garth Brooks!

Some of my crazy coworkers- that’s Britney Spears, Willie Nelson and Kid Rock. 🙂

And some of the best dressed!  Johnny Cash, Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Kid Rock (who was our victrim), Slash, Avril Lavigne (who was the killer), Vanilla Ice, Celine Dion, and Willie.  Being 7+ months pregnant, I didn’t feel “best dressed” so I stayed out of this picture. ha!

Saturday was mostly a low-key day. Some errands, some cleaning/organizing. Some carpet cleaning/nesting. The dogs love to hide from the carpet cleaner. It’s the only time they snuggle, really. ha!

I met Tyler for dinner in between his shifts. He worked a regular day, and then overtime at the mall.  After dinner, I ran into Hobby Lobby where I FINALLY bought a frame for my Hamilton Playbill.  I posted on IG that I never save Playbills (just not into sentimental clutter).  But this show with the full original cast was so life-changing, I wanted to keep it. And now it’s hanging by my dresser.

Sunday was fun! We did church and lunch and then me, mom and Nancy hit up the water park for some floating.  They did the slides, but pregnant ladies miss all the fun. So I floated in the pool while they did slides.  It was a great way to beat the heat.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Food and Friends

Weekend Recap: Food and Friends

I did a bunch of eating this weekend and I’m not mad about it.

We decided to get the Thanksgiving festivities started early at work with a Worksgiving lunch.  We had tons of crockpots plugged in that were smelling GOOD.  We made it until 10:15 a.m. before digging in!  We had quite the spread…

Friday night we met up with mom, dad, and Nancy and saw Mockingjay Part 2!  While they did make some changes from the book, I was happy with the movie.

Saturday, I had more food and fun.

Our women’s outdoor ministry had an outdoor cooking day at the park. It was SO fun.

I can’t express how much I love these ladies.  No matter whether we are hiking, riding in a boat, or cooking at the park, we have a great time.  Lots of laughter, learning from each other, and friendship.

And this one resulted in some GOOD food.

Renee made pizza in the dutch oven. It got crispy and delicious.

This was a blackberry cobbler cooking away.  

This is our whole group- all ages and backgrounds…but we just have a great time.

It was COLD outside, and thankfully, Brianne brought her fire pit.  So we spent our time huddled together keeping warm inbetween cooking.

I ventured out into the cold to grill my food.  I made Korean beef- bulgogi.

After our meal, we explored around the park.  It has gorgeous views.   

Saturday afternoon and evening I did some housework and watched some football. It was great. Pippin likes to sit close.

Saturday night, our friends JJ and Lauren came over and brought sweet Ryan.  Pippin LOVED Ryan.


Sunday was church, lunch, crafting with my friends, and then a ministry dinner at church.

All in all, a great weekend!

Cleveland Highlights

Cleveland Highlights

Today we’re returning home from Cleveland. I went for a work trip to attend Content Marketing World (a great conference for those who do content marketing!).  While we had a quick trip, it was a great trip.  The conference was full of wonderful insight into our industry, and Cleveland was a great host. 

Over 3,200 marketers from all over the world (54 countries!) descended upon Cleveland….so they decked out the town in the conference’s signature orange.  There were tons of signs up at the airport welcoming us to the content capitol of the world. 

Allow me to back up and highlight a few things from our travels. In the Dallas airport, there was a Benefit Cosmetics vending machine. Y’all.  A VENDING MACHINE THAT SELLS MAKEUP.  It was glorious and pink and SOLD MAKEUP FROM A VENDING MACHINE.  I didn’t buy anything because I’m trying to save my money for Vegas next month…but it was perfect. 

And then in the Cleveland airport, there was a flower vending machine.  Because nothing says  “I love you” like airport vending machine flowers.   

Cleveland is an interesting city.  It’s not particularly fancy, but there are neat things around every corner.  I’ll post some fun sights next week. One awesome thing we saw was a great double rainbow on our way to the conference Wednesday morning. 

Some of the higlights of the actual conference were the big keynote speakers.  We heard from John Cleese and Nick Offerman, and they both had fantastic things to say about creativity. 

I ate some great food (more food next week about my visit to Lola), but a highlight of the trip was this Lady Godiva (a chocolate mousse wrapped in chocolate) from The Chocolate Bar.  It was OMG THIS IS THE BEST DESSERT EVER good.  

There are some neat sights to see as you walk around, including this fun plaza.  #History   

One of the BIGGEST highlights of this conference’s fun was the Barenaked Ladies concert.  It was free for attendees, and it was an awesome time.  We jammed out to One Week, the theme song to the Big Bang Theory, and If I had a Million Dollars.  They even sang some covers, including Let It Go.  Yes that Let It Go.  We took our picture with the band…or a cutout of the band. :/ 

The Cleveland Public Auditorium was BEAUTIFUL.  The ceiling was goreous.  I would like to know more of its history.   

I’m glad to be headed home, and to have the weekend to reconnect. But it was a great trip to Cleveland.  I love to travel and explore and learn, and I’m thankful for a job that sends me to places to do all of those things. 

Weekend Recap: 80s, Cops, and Dogs

Weekend Recap: 80s, Cops, and Dogs

Oh man, do I have a lot to show you today!  This weekend was GREAT. (I apologize if you’ve seen most of this on Instagram…but now you get, as Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story.)

It started with a super fun celebration on Friday. It was my manager Becky’s 40th birthday, so we threw an 80s bash.

Look at these ADORABLE cookies!  They are her favorite 80s band (Chicago), toy (Monchichi), and movie (The Karate Kid). Local friends, they are from Wild Flour Sweet Shop!


We all dressed up for the day, and Autumnn and I wore Saved By the Bell shirts! 🙂 (PS.  Check out how the Whole30 is treating my figure!  Hey flatter tummy!)

And y’all.  I can’t even with this group pic.  This is my department.  The people I spend 40 hours a week with.  They are like family.  And they are too much.  I love them.  

Later in the day, I tried on my boss’ mullet wig! ha!!!!

Friday night, we chilled at home.  Cooked dinner, walked the dogs, watched a movie…it was great.  We also went to bed early because I was riding with Tyler the next day.

So Saturday we were up and out the door by 4:15 a.m. for my ride along.  It was an interesting day. It was my 3rd ride along, but the first time we made an arrest while I was with Tyler- so my first trip into the jail!  We had some drunk people, some fights, a couple people running from another officer that we tried to find….an exciting day for sure.  


Saturday night was another low key night.  Dinner and hanging out on the porch watching the sunset.  I love this view and my dogs in my lap. 🙂



Sunday, we had a guest pastor at church that was AWESOME.  I came home and decided to clean the guest bedroom (it was overrun with “throw this in here for now” stuff.  I had to laugh at Pippin.  He LOVES to be close to me, and when I knelt down to clean, he found a spot on top of me anyway. ha! 

I went back to church Sunday night for a leader training, which was also GREAT.

When I got home, Tyler was already in bed…so I stayed up cooking and cleaning until bedtime.


A fun, productive weekend- the best kind!


How was your weekend?