Spiffed Up My Office

My office at the dealership is really pretty much an old closet with a desk! The walls are white, the space is kind of cramped…but it will do.

We will be moving in about a year to a new space we are building….so I have always seen it as kind of temporary.

I did find some cool poster prints online today that I printed with the color printer at work and taped up above my computer at work. A little color, a little humor!

(I work doing Digital Marketing and social media…so that is why some of these are funny…I work in Facebook, Twitter and the Internet all day!)

Gotta have my favorite little saying/reminder…

And a funny Facebook poster…

LOVE this! “We are all ignorant on some subjects. What is yours? Social Media: making geniuses, one conversation at a time”

I also maintain two blogs for work…so this blogging graphic is funny to me

Another funny blogging thing…

These mock WW2 propaganda posters are the BEST! “Facebook: Join the Cause! Your friends’ farms need you!” “Twitter: Be brief! The enemy might be listening in!” and “Google+: All must be shared to win the war!”

A nice reminder to sit up straight!

And a little inspiration…

So there is some insight into my humor at work: social media and interwebs humor. I’m the “tech” girl at work. Had to poke fun at it!

Weekend Recap

So I had a very busy weekend with the family! (MANY pictures to follow!)

It started Friday afternoon when my mom and cousins (Caitlyn, Gavin and Luke) got back from Branson! They met me after work and we ran to one of my fave boutiques, Solemates, and shopped for just a bit. I hated to drag the kids there, but they were having a 20% sale and I couldn’t miss it!

Then we ran to the mall to buy me some more ProActive (the best stuff!) and look in the Razorback store! The kids and myself all got some cool new Hog shirts!

Next we headed to their favorite: Chuck E. Cheese! We ate pizza and played games and had so much fun!

The boys are really becoming great buddies, which is so sweet!

Me and Princess Caitlyn got to put all our tickets in the ticket counter (my favorite machine!) (PS. Please excuse my end-of-the-day-nasty-makeup look)
After Chuck E. Cheese we went to Nancy’s (my MIL) to let the kids pet and ride her horse Dundee.

Dundee did so great being led with the kids on her! Caitlyn was so brave to go first! She had never been on a horse before and was quite nervous.
Next little man Luke (who turned 4 yesterday!) also rode. He loved it and made Nancy walk him 2-3 times around the field.
Gavin didn’t want to ride Dundee, but he did want to ride the 4-wheeler, so Nancy got that out and took all the kids for rides around the pasture.

We slept great, and then I made homemade donuts for breakfast!

I made these cake donuts with my mini-donut pan…and made a bunch of different icings and spread out toppings, so everyone could have what they wanted!

Chocolate icing, coconut icing, vanilla icing, and butter….and chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, coconut and cinnamon sugar. The best ones were dipped in the butter and cinnamon sugar…with the coconut icing and coconut being a close second!

This little boy was excited!
Then we headed out to explore! We started in the Greenwood square at the little museum. The museum is in the old jail. The kids liked looking at the old Civil War stuff. (Its the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, so that’s what the exhibits were on!). They also have an old log cabin all set up, as well as an old barn. This is the log cabin.
They also have a little one room school house. The kids couldn’t believe people actually went to school like that with little benches to sit on, and everyone had little chalkboards, not paper! It was fun and educational!
We went next door to the antique store and I got some Fiestaware1 (I’ll show you that later). Then we headed to El Palenque for lunch.

This crazy boy would close his eyes as he ate, like he was savoring his food!
Then we trekked to Fort Smith to have ice cream at an old fashioned soda fountain at the Museum of History…and we also walked next door to the Historic Site and saw the old Fort Smith jail and courthouse, as well as infamous Judge Parker’s gallows. He was the hanging judge, and it was neat because they only put the noose out at the gallows on the anniversary of a hanging…and they had them out on Saturday. So we got to explain the history to the kids. Really neat.

Then we came home and rested for a bit before heading to my work’s summer family party!

There were inflatables (which one little boy LOVED!)
There was also a video game truck (from Games 2U) and mom and I danced with the Micheal Jackson Wii game.
And all the boys played a football game inside.
And they had a photo booth! Here is our photo! (Don’t know why its cropped funny like that?)
Such a fun weekend with the family! They left Sunday morning and Tyler and I tried out a Life Group (Sunday School class) at church. It was good. We are going to try it out for a few more weeks and see if it is a good fit for us.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ya’ll, I have spent half of my day crying at my desk on the phone.

Yesterday I had a mini-meltdown because of some insurance stuff. The new chiropractor I had been seeing had been billing me my copay, but for some reason told me that my insurance deductible hadn’t been met and I owed him $260! On top of the $100 copay I had already paid! I freaked out! Its not that we don’t have the money, but I’ve been trying to live by a budget, and hadn’t planned for that (not to mention wouldn’t have let him do x-rays on me and other things to raise my bill!). But that was an easy fix to try and get them to adjust it and do what I needed to. While I did tear up on the way to work because of this news, I was fine.

But today, I had another insurance fiasco. Turns out, I have two insurance plans, one at work and one individual. Well, I didn’t mean to have two. There were a bunch of random circumstances that all came together at once, and I ended up with two policies from the same company. One policy I don’t even have a card or ID number for, so I’ve never used it! But my one at work had been deducted from my check and I hadn’t been keeping super close tabs on my deductions, so I didn’t realize I was double paying.

So today when I find all this out, I call the insurance company. I try to be very nice and polite, but I kept getting transferred and explaining my 5 minute long story to each person. FINALLY they transferred me to the “regional supervisor.” I was hoping she would be able to finally settle it and help me get a refund for the policy I didn’t even know existed. Well, I wish I had never spoken with her. She was SO.RUDE. Like, made me cry rude. Like, when I think of our conversation I start to tear up again. She called me ignorant for not keeping up with where my money was going, called me stupid for not knowing the parameters of a group insurance policy (like they wouldn’t ask for medical records….well lady, this is my first job with benefits, so I’ve never HAD group insurance…how would I know?). Anyway, she was so ugly to me. When I tried to stop her on the ugly train by politely saying, “Excuse me, what you are saying hurts my feelings. I think you are being rude” she got even worse and almost started yelling at me! She was talking over me (Real Housewives style…when one person talks and the other person talks over them to try and gain control). It was terrible.

We got it semi-settled. I am getting back the second payment (when I was double covered) but there were two months I was covered by the group and didn’t know it that I’m not getting back ($170!!). But its ok, at least I’m not out everything. But all I know is that lady sure did try and steal my joy today. The ladies at work were SO sweet when I was upset. They really made me feel better. I’m so glad to be making friends with them, and that I am finally feeling a part of the group at work.

And I’m just super looking forward to Zumba tonight to get all this stress out!