To Emerald City!

To Emerald City!

I went to Seattle for a conference for work. It was an adventure.  Travel was good, weather was cruddy, the food was AMAZING (Weight Watchers, what?) and overall, it was a great trip. I’m grateful to work for a place that values education and training and sends us to conferences each year.

The flight there was HILARIOUS. A lady next to me put on a sleep mask and headphones and PASSED OUT.  She was all floppy head slinging all over. I snuck this photo.

We took the first flight out because we were arriving the day before the conference started- and we wanted time to explore. We took a gourmet food tour (THAT’S how I gained 4 lbs! ha) which I’ll make it’s own post later, in case anyone is interested in doing that when they travel to Seattle.

I traveled with Becca, a great coworker friend.

The food tour ended at Pike Place Market, so we explored. We almost got a second food tour, sampling smoked salmon, crab and produce.

We were walking and literally stumbled upon the original Starbucks. There was no line (which everyone said was a miracle and never happens).  Of course, we had to get a Pike Place roast and a souvenir.

Our last fun stop (besides meals later in the week- the rest of the time was all work) was the Space Needle.  It was under construction, which to be honest made it very underwhelming. It was all plywood and the views were blocked. But when in Rome  Seattle, right?

I was thankful for my people for holding the fort down at home. Remi was happy and hardly even missed me. Tyler did AMAZING- the house was pretty great when I got home- dishes were done, laundry was running and baby was fed. Mom and Nancy helped out a ton since Tyler worked part of the trip (and his hours are not condusive to daycare drop off).  I’m grateful.

Arm Circle Challenge

Arm Circle Challenge

So my girls at work did our squat challenge (see my results here), and we moved to upper body for Challenge #2.  We did 30 days of arm circles. (Not this exact thing, but this is close-ish)

Just like the squat challenge, it only took like 3 minutes a day (we would do one song).  We sort of got into a routine of arm pulses (palms down and up), circles (forward and backward), overhead clapping, side to side T movement, and chest presses in the songs. We would get through the entire thing twice usually.

It made a GREAT difference.  We measured and I lost an inch on each arm!  (For comparison, one coworker lost 1.5 inches, and two others lost .5 inch).

My after is above, before is below.

It’s backwards, but my after is on the left, and before is right.

My arms are smaller and firmer. Very happy with what 30 days of focus can do!

Weekend Recap: Celebrity Sighting

Weekend Recap: Celebrity Sighting

What a fun weekend! One of my coworkers, Lindsey, threw a super fun murder mystery party on Friday night…and the theme was music stars! We all came in costume for the “Rock the Boat” cruise. We were Reba McEntire and Garth Brooks!

Some of my crazy coworkers- that’s Britney Spears, Willie Nelson and Kid Rock. 🙂

And some of the best dressed!  Johnny Cash, Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Kid Rock (who was our victrim), Slash, Avril Lavigne (who was the killer), Vanilla Ice, Celine Dion, and Willie.  Being 7+ months pregnant, I didn’t feel “best dressed” so I stayed out of this picture. ha!

Saturday was mostly a low-key day. Some errands, some cleaning/organizing. Some carpet cleaning/nesting. The dogs love to hide from the carpet cleaner. It’s the only time they snuggle, really. ha!

I met Tyler for dinner in between his shifts. He worked a regular day, and then overtime at the mall.  After dinner, I ran into Hobby Lobby where I FINALLY bought a frame for my Hamilton Playbill.  I posted on IG that I never save Playbills (just not into sentimental clutter).  But this show with the full original cast was so life-changing, I wanted to keep it. And now it’s hanging by my dresser.

Sunday was fun! We did church and lunch and then me, mom and Nancy hit up the water park for some floating.  They did the slides, but pregnant ladies miss all the fun. So I floated in the pool while they did slides.  It was a great way to beat the heat.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Food and Friends

Weekend Recap: Food and Friends

I did a bunch of eating this weekend and I’m not mad about it.

We decided to get the Thanksgiving festivities started early at work with a Worksgiving lunch.  We had tons of crockpots plugged in that were smelling GOOD.  We made it until 10:15 a.m. before digging in!  We had quite the spread…

Friday night we met up with mom, dad, and Nancy and saw Mockingjay Part 2!  While they did make some changes from the book, I was happy with the movie.

Saturday, I had more food and fun.

Our women’s outdoor ministry had an outdoor cooking day at the park. It was SO fun.

I can’t express how much I love these ladies.  No matter whether we are hiking, riding in a boat, or cooking at the park, we have a great time.  Lots of laughter, learning from each other, and friendship.

And this one resulted in some GOOD food.

Renee made pizza in the dutch oven. It got crispy and delicious.

This was a blackberry cobbler cooking away.  

This is our whole group- all ages and backgrounds…but we just have a great time.

It was COLD outside, and thankfully, Brianne brought her fire pit.  So we spent our time huddled together keeping warm inbetween cooking.

I ventured out into the cold to grill my food.  I made Korean beef- bulgogi.

After our meal, we explored around the park.  It has gorgeous views.   

Saturday afternoon and evening I did some housework and watched some football. It was great. Pippin likes to sit close.

Saturday night, our friends JJ and Lauren came over and brought sweet Ryan.  Pippin LOVED Ryan.


Sunday was church, lunch, crafting with my friends, and then a ministry dinner at church.

All in all, a great weekend!