More Memories

More Memories

Some fun memories to document…

I did TWO rounds of birthday burpees. First, I did 32 burpees on my birthday, and then two days later I did 30 with my coworker/friend Stephanie for HER birthday. Woo.  I definitely earned my birthday treats!


My mom bought this GIANT slide thing for her pool for Remi and she’s LOVING it. She’s asking to go swim and slide a lot.


Just minutes after the above photo, it got dark and POURED. It’s been raining SO MUCH.  But once we knew it wasn’t going to be severe, we got in and swam in the rain. Remi thought that was so fun.


She also just decided to swim “by myself”. She’s wearing a life jacket, and we are always within arms reach, but it’s nice to see her have some confidence in the water. Hopefully we can work to lose the life jacket (at least sometimes) this summer.


Arm Circle Challenge

Arm Circle Challenge

So my girls at work did our squat challenge (see my results here), and we moved to upper body for Challenge #2.  We did 30 days of arm circles. (Not this exact thing, but this is close-ish)

Just like the squat challenge, it only took like 3 minutes a day (we would do one song).  We sort of got into a routine of arm pulses (palms down and up), circles (forward and backward), overhead clapping, side to side T movement, and chest presses in the songs. We would get through the entire thing twice usually.

It made a GREAT difference.  We measured and I lost an inch on each arm!  (For comparison, one coworker lost 1.5 inches, and two others lost .5 inch).

My after is above, before is below.

It’s backwards, but my after is on the left, and before is right.

My arms are smaller and firmer. Very happy with what 30 days of focus can do!

100 Squats for 30 Days

100 Squats for 30 Days

A little over a month ago, a coworker mentioned that she had seen a Buzzfeed video about people who did 100 squats a day.

It wasn’t a big change, but they saw noticeable differences. So we decided to do it!  Instead of taking breaks to the vending machine, we would go into a conference room and squat.  At first we could only do like 25 at a time, but we worked up to doing all 100 at once.  It took like 3 minutes total.

And it made a difference!  We didn’t measure, but I can tell you that my cellulite decreased substantially, my quads are more shapely and my rear end is lifted and more “round”.

The orange shirt on the left is “before, and the right is “after.”

We are on to an arm challenge.  So I’ll let you know when that’s over and how a few small minutes could make a difference there.

Resolution Revolution

Resolution Revolution

I know so many people set New Year’s Resolutions – and I usually do.  But the end of the year sort of snuck up on me and I didn’t set any goals on January 1.

Instead, I have sort of decided to look at some mini goals and tackle those, one after another.

For me, smaller goal chunks is sort of a revolutionary idea. It’s been refreshing to focus on smaller things. To be honest, most of my goals are revolving around health, fitness and wellness.  It’s just where my mind and motivation are now, so I’m focusing there.

My first goal was to hit my 100th workout at 9Round in January.  Did that.  It was sort of uneventful. ha!  It was an EARLY Friday morning. I got my free T-Shirt, signed the wall and had my blurry photo taken. And now on to the next 100 workouts.


Another goal was a weight loss goal to be in the next “decade.”  I did gain a little over the holiday break (who didn’t?!) and was able to lose that plus some in January, seeing a new decade on the scale.  Again, onward to the next one!

A goal I’m working on right now is a 30 day challenge with some coworkers. We are doing 100 squats a day on top of our regular workouts. I’m in the first week, but I can see us finishing this! We took before pics, so hopefully there’s a great after. Stay tuned!

Lastly, my other main goal at the moment is to get back on my low carb/keto eating on Saturday.  I got off-plan when I was sick last week and decided to take a week off for some travel. But I don’t want to linger. I want to finish February with no cheats starting Saturday when I get back on plan.

Some goals that are on the horizon once these are off my plate and completed: hit 200 workouts at 9Round (I’m working on it, but until it’s closer, it’s not in focus), hit the next decade of weight, no cheat March (will tackle after no-cheat-end-of-February), and completing another 30 day challenge (I think we may do tricep dips next?).


What goals are you focusing on right now?