Zumba Hip Hop Songs

Zumba Hip Hop Songs

I used to regularly post about Zumba on Thursdays.  While I don’t devote every Thursday to Zumba-related stuff….I’m taking time today to give you some fun music that we are LOVING in Zumba right now.

According to the Zumba formula, latin/international music is supposed to make up 70% of class.  But that other 30% can be whatever you want- country, pop, hip hop,  or whatever.  My class likes to get crunk (ha! Silly white girl using hip hoppy words!) and they LOVE the hip hop music.

Whether you like to do Zumba or not, these are some fun songs to work out to (just be sure you download the edited versions when available.)  Several folks in my class have asked for these songs, so it’s just easier to write a post about it.

Here are my class’s favorite Zumba Hip Hop Songs (some are even Latin hip hop!).

Get great hip hop songs to dance or workout to!
  • Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo (download his version from the Tattoos EP…it’s cleaner.  Still not kid appropriate!)
  • Stanky Legg- GS Boyz
  • Bang Bang- Knaan featuring Adam Levine
  • Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore
  • Danza Kuduro- Don Omar
  • Mas de Ti – Notch
  • Prrrum – Cosculleula
  • Don’t Stop the Party – Pitbull
  • Down on Me- Jeremiah and 50 Cent
  • Timber- Kesha and Pitbull
  •  Get Low (merengue mix) – Lil John
  • Fireball – Pitbull
  • Timber – Kesha
  • Fancy – Iggy Azeala
  • Booty Work- Dorm Parties (this is the version I use from iTunes)

So there you have it!  Fun hip hop songs to use when you Zumba or workout.  If you want some dances to these, just hit up Youtube and type in the song name+ “Zumba” or “Dance Fitness” and you’ll find lots of routines out there.

Get your sweat on!


New Zumba Dance Shoes! Compare the Styles

New Zumba Dance Shoes! Compare the Styles

One of the most popular posts on my blog is about shoes for Zumba.  It’s actually pretty tough to find the proper shoes- shoes with adequate support, but not a lot of tread (to allow for the lateral twisting in Zumba). In that post, I covered some shoes I like…but since I wrote it, many have been discontinued. So let’s look at some of the new Zumba dance shoes.
See, shoes for Zumba should have minimal tread…like this.
I was wearing Zumba’s shoes (which I got for a great deal at convention)…but yesterday I ordered some new shoes.  Zumba came out with more technologically advanced shoes- and a wider offering.
They have the Zumba Flex Classic shoe- this is great if you are used to dance sneakers.  The split sole is great for comfort and flexibility, and it features the Z-Slide so you can glide across the floor.  They also say this shoe features the Z-Arch offering maximum support and balance.
Zumba Flex Classic shoe
The Zumba Flex Edge Shoe- is very similar to the Flex Classic with the same offerings (the Z-Slide and Z-arch) along with a split sole.  This one just looks, and likely performs, a bit more like an athletic shoe with a bit more support and cushion.
Zumba Flex Edge Shoe
The Zumba Flex Classic High shoe- is the same as the Flex Classic in a high top.
Zumba Flex High shoe
The Zumba Impact Max shoe (what I ordered)- says it is great for impact and cushion.  I’ve struggled with stress fractures in the past, so the features of Z-Compress, Z-Brace, and the Z-Slide sound great to me.  Z-Compress says it will reduce impact and compress the foot to return it to its original form.  And the Z-Brace will hold your foot securely for high energy moves (which I do a lot of!)
Zumba Impact Max shoe
The Zumba Energy Push shoe- This shoe seems the most like Zumba’s previous Z1 shoe- lightweight and easy to move in.  It features a mesh upper and the Z-Slide.
and the Zumba Energy Push High shoe, which is the same as the Energy Push in a high top.
I should also note that while Zumba makes shoes with a great sole for Zumba…I still have to wear my inserts from the podiatrist to offer the proper arch support that I need.  Don’t be afraid to add an insert to your shoe to make it right. 🙂
If you order any of these shoes from Zumba, use the code BLEE1 to get 10% off! 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Zumba Class

 I get so many questions about Zumba, that I wanted to take the time to answer all of them here…so that when people keep asking me, I can just send them the blog post! ha! So this is the last Thursday Zumba post for now. 

Today’s question is: How do I get the most out of Zumba class? Let me tell you!

That is a GREAT question. I mean, no one wants to come to the gym and do a workout halfway. We want to get a good return on our time and energy investment.

The first way to get the most out of your Zumba class is to stand close to the instructor.  I used to be a back row girl.  I was scared. I was intimidated. I felt comfortable back there. Eventually, I moved to the middle…and I noticed I was dancing bigger and with more effort. Then I got brave and stood in the row right behind the instructor. Let me tell you – it is the best spot.  Not only are you front row for the technique stuff (and the easier you can see the dances…the better you can do them!), but you have a little pressure of “people watching you”  Now, most people are watching the instructor, and not you…but you will FEEL like they are watching, so you will give it your all.

The next way to get the most out of Zumba is to work it.  You can dance halfway. Take this video for example. It is a Zumba Toning class.  There is a younger girl in a green shirt.  She is doing the dance.  She knows it fairly well, but she isn’t giving it her all.  Look at her compared to other people in the class.  Yes, the younger girl is getting a workout.  She is probably sweating. But she isn’t reaching her potential for the class. It isn’t about her dancing ability.  I have a lady in my class who has NO rhythm and isn’t super coordinated…but she gives it 100%.  If we are jumping, she is jumping the highest.  If we are shaking, she is shaking her whole body.  She may not do it just like I do, but she is giving it her all.

My last advice for getting the most out of your Zumba workout is to wear the proper clothes.  Wear shoes with little to no tread, like the ones I talk about here.  I have a girl who comes to my class wearing flats.  REALLY?  Who can work out like that?  Another lady shows up in jeans…what? Wear workout clothes and correct shoes. Find out more about what to wear to Zumba here.

Any other tips you can think of for getting the most out of your Zumba workout? 

New Reebok Dance Gear!

Reebok came out with some new dance gear…including some AWESOME new shoes that would be PERFECT for Zumba!
Check them out!
They are called the Reebok UR Lead sneaker.  So cute!  They have a flat sole with a pivot point- perfect for dancing…including Zumba! (You can click the pictures to take you to the online store to buy them!)
I am totally in love with these cute hightops!
They also have a dance sneaker with a split sole.  I am partial to these as I need a little more support.  
I know I have talked before about the best shoes for Zumba, and all that info still applies…but these shoes would be GREAT for Zumba because they are made for dancing!

Here is a review about them from some Zumba instructors.

So, get you some Reebok dance shoes!