Licensed to Shimmy!

Saturday, I traveled to Harrison, AR to attend a Zumba certification workshop. Harrison is about 2 hours away, but since the workshop started bright and early at 8, there was no way I was leaving my house at 6 to get there in time. So I stayed with my Aunt Bobby and Uncle Jerry. They live just 30 minutes from Harrison. Aunt Bobby is so sweet and generous. Usually when we go there, we bring things to embroider with her fancy machine, but I didn’t this time. It just drove her crazy for me to leave empty handed….so she started showing me her cookbooks, her fabric collections….and I ended up with 6 cookbooks, 2 bolts of christmas fabric, a sewing pattern, and a set of homemade placemats that she made! ha!
I got to the workshop and immeadiately felt the fun and friendship. Most people were very friendly and the energy was high. We did a master class that was a bit over an hour that included every Zumba move we would be learning at the workshop. Then we alternated between dancing and learning techniques and sitting and learning how to market ourselves, teach and other things.
I joined the Zumba Instructor Network in order to stay connected with other instructors and continue my education. Now I am a part of the Zumba family!
This was me after our master class with my new instructor manual!

And at the end of a very long day….8-5 with 3-4 hours of that being dancing….. I am now a licensed Zumba instructor!

For now, until we move in May, I won’t really be teaching anywhere. But I’m hoping to find somewhere to teach 2-3 times a week once we move. I also might be able to teach at our church in Greenwood, as they have a workout room in their recreational facility. We will see what opportunities arise.
But I’m so glad I did this! For years, I have loved Zumba…and I really feel like I excelled at the training. In fact, a few people even asked if I was getting re-certified because I was so comfortable with the moves. ha! But I guess that’s what 7 years of Zumba will do for you!
I’m excited to see where this part of my life with take me!

Breaking Ground!

Today, my dad is digging on the land, breaking ground! So construction is officially underway! Woohoo!
I’ll tell you, I’ve never made more phone calls in my life. Insurance, electric company, planning commission… many phone calls! And we don’t even have a house yet!
Oh well, its worth it! I am so excited about this process and am praying it goes smoothly!
On another note, I am LOVING my new Zumba class. I don’t have a schedule that allows me to Zumba at the school gym this semester, so I started going to En Fuego in Fayetteville. I have been twice and had classes with both the teachers, and they are so fun. Zumba is always a party, but when I left class last night, my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much! And I’m sore today. I haven’t been sore from just Zumba in a long time. Usually to feel muscle soreness, I have to do weights or a more toning-style class. But today, I’m feeling it. And it feels good. 🙂

Dirt Bikes and Dancing

Here are some pics from the Zumba Party in Pink three hour Zumbathon! This is me, Laveda, and Anna. They are two other TAs with me. We had a blast! Anna is from Brazil and she was awesome at the latin dances! She is also a mother of 3?4? (multiple children) and a full time Ph.D. student. Doesn’t she look great?
This was the whole gym. There were so many women (and one man!) dancing the night away! I heard we raised over $2000 for Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
Saturday we celebrated Tyler’s birthday at the shop (with some AMAZING chocolate cake…and yes, I had a few bites), and then me, Tyler and his mom Nancy went to look at some land. We found some we absolutely love. It was beautiful, relatively flat and ready to build on, was on a slight hill, and had a gorgeous sunset view. Now we are just waiting on the price. Hope its affordable!

We spent Saturday at Nancy’s and went Sunday to ride dirt bikes. Well, they went to ride, I went to watch. The track was awesome. It was at this random house near some land we looked at, and Tyler just went and knocked on the door and talked to the guy. He invited us out to come ride. He didn’t charge anything. And it was so nice and so fun! The track was race quality for sure, and the boys said it was actually a quite difficult track. But by the end of the day, they were doing great on it!

This is Tyler on his four wheeler…

And this is JJ on the Beta dirt bike.
And this woman never ceases to amaze me. Tyler’s mom on her dirt bike riding the track. She even tried a few jumps at the end of the day.

It was a fun weekend and Tyler had a great birthday!

A new day

So tomorrow basically was awful. But I’m over it.

Today was a new day, and it was good. I colored my hair this morning and picked up the sewing machine. It works! And they fixed it for free!

I sewed on it all afternoon. I made several Christmas presents. Then I decided to wash and dry them to make sure they were ok….and good thing I did….a few things fell apart! ha! Oh well, you live and learn. I am learned about sewing as I go. And I will try again.

I am heading out to a Zumbathon fundraiser for the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation….3 hours of Zumba! It should be fun/exhausting!

Happy weekend! Have any big plans?