Weekend Recap: Zumbathon, Shopping, and Sunshine

Friday after work, we got all set up and hosted a Zumbathon!  The event was benefiting a friend of mine, Lora, who was hospitalized over 100 days with H1N1 complications.  We had 15 Zumba instructors there who taught! A GREAT turnout!

I had a blast teaching!  A make crazy faces when I teach…but thankfully, my friend Brandy got a couple good pics of me teaching.
We had over 60 people there….and we raised over $1000!
 I even got to teach with Brandy.  We never really get to teach together.  It was SO fun!
My friend Kacee came and danced the whole time!  I LOVE this picture she got of us after the Zumbathon!

Saturday, we slept in, got breakfast at the Egg and I, and headed to A to Z.  It’s a HUGE complex of multiple stores…and they all have great deals.  They have a sporting goods store, furniture, tools, gifts, clothing, jewelry, and antiques.  We hit most of the stores (not clothing or antiques)…but we spent a TON of time in the sporting goods store while Tyler browsed. 🙂

We also found a new (and MUCH less ugly) loveseat.  We will hopefully be buying it this week.
Sunday after church, Tyler went and played Ultimate Frisbee, and I sat outside in the sunshine (and 90 degree weather!) reading and watching the hummingbirds.  It was a great day. 

Did you have a good weekend? Any guesses on how many hummingbirds I saw at once at our feeder?  It’s a hot spot!

San Diego in iPhone Pics

San Diego in iPhone Pics

I spent the week in San Diego for a conference.  I attended Social Media Marketing World.  I spent two days in the conference learning great things, connecting with my peers, and honing my “craft.”  And we also had a couple days of fun (with it being Spring Break, we had difficulty getting flights on the conference days, so we arrived a day early and left a day late.).
This was the view out of my room.  The harbor and the Coronado bridge.

Baja mexican meal.  Fish taco, mexican corn, and fresh salsa.  YUM.

I met Captain Hashtag! ha!  Too funny!

I met a guy with Google glass, and he let me try them on.  Seriously geeking out here.

I won a shirt from the conference.

I ate chocolate ice cream (with TONS of whipped cream) from Ghiradelli.  Oh my yum.

We explored downtown, including the Gaslamp District.

I took a fun networking cruise in the bay.  Too fun.

I met up with my internet friend, Angela.  She took me to a Zumba class.

Friends who sweat together stay together. 🙂

Then Angela and I met up with another friend, Kara for dinner at D Bar.  OMG.  I got an appetizer sampler: manchego cheese and almonds stuffed in dates wrapped in bacon and a maple glaze – fries covered in mac and cheese sauce and bacon and homemade ranch – crispy brussels sprouts with macadmia nuts and srirachi honey glaze. SO much good food.

This is Kara, Angela and me.  Before Angela and I got trapped in the parking garage stairwell for about 10 minutes. 🙂

Tomorrow will be all my camera pics!

Weekend Recap: Date, Zumba, Shooting

This was an eclectic weekend full of lots of interesting things.

For starters, we had our first 5k training run!  Mom, Tyler and I ran together…and we all did great!

After our run, Tyler and I went to do a little furniture shopping and had dinner at R. Landry’s (cajun food).  I know that the console love seat was unpopular on the blog (and I don’t love it AT ALL) but after sitting in this one, I might be sold.  OMG. It’s the most comfortable couch/chair I’ve ever sat in. We didn’t buy it….but probably will.  It’s bulky and ugly, but whatever.  My house isn’t a showroom, it’s for using.  And watching Bravo marathons just got better with this comfortable loveseat.

Saturday, mom and I did some shopping and went to my friend Brandy’s Zumba class.  She was my student, then became one of my best friends…and is an instructor now.  SO fun to take her class.  When I’m in town, I’ll definitely be there.  (If you’re local…the class is Saturdays at 11 at the Eagles club behind Pier 1.  It’s just $5. and there is PLENTY of space for your kids to sit and use their iPads while you dance).

It was great because there were lots of friends there.  This is a (blurry) pic of me, Brandy, Sheila, Brianne, and Mary.  All of us (except Brandy) had lunch afterwards.

Sunday after church, Tyler was doing an indoor bow shoot.  It lasted longer than they expected, so I was there most of the day.  But he had a great time.  They had 5 animals that would pop up for you to shoot.  Then they would score your shots.  He qualified for the main event, but lost in his first pairing. 


They also had a silent auction and Ty got some GREAT deals on outdoor stuff (a deer feeder, wildlife camera, and a new bow signed by the Duck Dynasty crew!). 
We also won ALL this stuff in door prizes.  It’s LOTS of fishing stuff, a target stand, a wildlife cutting board, a tailgate grill, and other fun stuff.
After the bow shoot, he repaid me for sitting there all day by taking me to Mexican.  The boy knows the way to my heart: chips, salsa, and queso. 🙂

I went to bed pretty early last night to recover from Daylight Savings Time and a long weekend. 

How was your weekend? 

New Zumba Dance Shoes! Compare the Styles

New Zumba Dance Shoes! Compare the Styles

One of the most popular posts on my blog is about shoes for Zumba.  It’s actually pretty tough to find the proper shoes- shoes with adequate support, but not a lot of tread (to allow for the lateral twisting in Zumba). In that post, I covered some shoes I like…but since I wrote it, many have been discontinued. So let’s look at some of the new Zumba dance shoes.
See, shoes for Zumba should have minimal tread…like this.
I was wearing Zumba’s shoes (which I got for a great deal at convention)…but yesterday I ordered some new shoes.  Zumba came out with more technologically advanced shoes- and a wider offering.
They have the Zumba Flex Classic shoe- this is great if you are used to dance sneakers.  The split sole is great for comfort and flexibility, and it features the Z-Slide so you can glide across the floor.  They also say this shoe features the Z-Arch offering maximum support and balance.
Zumba Flex Classic shoe
The Zumba Flex Edge Shoe- is very similar to the Flex Classic with the same offerings (the Z-Slide and Z-arch) along with a split sole.  This one just looks, and likely performs, a bit more like an athletic shoe with a bit more support and cushion.
Zumba Flex Edge Shoe
The Zumba Flex Classic High shoe- is the same as the Flex Classic in a high top.
Zumba Flex High shoe
The Zumba Impact Max shoe (what I ordered)- says it is great for impact and cushion.  I’ve struggled with stress fractures in the past, so the features of Z-Compress, Z-Brace, and the Z-Slide sound great to me.  Z-Compress says it will reduce impact and compress the foot to return it to its original form.  And the Z-Brace will hold your foot securely for high energy moves (which I do a lot of!)
Zumba Impact Max shoe
The Zumba Energy Push shoe- This shoe seems the most like Zumba’s previous Z1 shoe- lightweight and easy to move in.  It features a mesh upper and the Z-Slide.
and the Zumba Energy Push High shoe, which is the same as the Energy Push in a high top.
I should also note that while Zumba makes shoes with a great sole for Zumba…I still have to wear my inserts from the podiatrist to offer the proper arch support that I need.  Don’t be afraid to add an insert to your shoe to make it right. 🙂
If you order any of these shoes from Zumba, use the code BLEE1 to get 10% off!